Candle Lights
Candle Lights
Create an inviting and emotionally charged interior environment by adding the soft glow of a natural flame from Luminaire's unique collection of candle holders and oil lamps. Inventive and refined, these objects add interest to their surrounding environment, whether in the artful craftsmanship of Opossum Design's KonfuziLUX Oil Lamp or in the elegant movement expressed by Mikaela Dörfel in her Double Candle Holder.
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/images/products/thumbs/556.jpg Inspired by the iconic forms of glass bottles, designer Peter van de Water's utilizes a graphic outline alone to create a three-dimensional object. The Bottle Candle Holder suggests the gesture of a classic bottle with its graphic form in cut 4mm thick, black-coated steel. Bottle Candle Holder Peter van de Water
/images/products/thumbs/823.jpg Inspired by Russian Matryoshka dolls, the Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps decrease in size and can be placed next or inside each other. Designed by Stephan Lanez and manufactured by Paris based brand Marcel By, they are ideal for a centerpiece or outdoor patio decorations. Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamp Stephan Lanez
/images/products/thumbs/193.jpg A blending of tradition and technology, designer Paul Loeback used a 3D rendering program to distort a traditional candlestick. The resulting object was then rapid prototyped and cast in a marble resin composite for use as a candlestick holder. Distortion Candlestick Paul Loebach
/images/products/thumbs/362.jpg Inspired by the elegance of dance and movement, Mikaela Dorfel's Double Candle Holder for Menu features two straight, robust bodies that take hold of one another in a dance-like embrace. Double Candle Holder Mikaela Dorfel
/images/products/thumbs/843.jpg Purity and luxury are the understated values of EX VOTO candles, merging simplicity and sophistication by combining sleek design and scents. Created in the South of France, each candle from the black edition transports those who indulge in discrete luxury into relaxation by conveying unique mysterious scents. Ex Voto Paris Black Edition Candle Nathalie Paillarse
/images/products/thumbs/217.jpg A new take on the traditional candlestick holder, Norway Says' Gloria Candlestick Holder allows the user to create their own composition of candlesticks by placing candles anywhere around the ring. Gloria Candlestick Holder Norway Says
/images/products/thumbs/548.jpg Studio Macura's Kap Glass Candle Holder revisits classic glass blowing techniques to produce a contemporary domestic object. The pure candle holder- for tea lights or taper candles- features a sinuous form that resembles a drop of liquid silver, creates a stunning visual effect when placed on the table with lit candles. Kap Glass Candle Holder Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/400.jpg A juxtaposition between old and new, the KonfuziLUX takes the form of the modern light bulb and uses it as an oil lamp. A blown glass form rests in a brushed aluminum stand and provides warm and inviting light. KonfuziLUX Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/401.jpg A juxtaposition between old and new, the LampADA takes the form of the modern light bulb and uses it as an oil lamp. The sculptural lamp features two mouth-blown glass bulbs that seemingly dance at the ends of two steel poles. LampADA Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/530.jpg Poetic yet whimsical, Maison Martin Margiela's Le Bougeoir Candle Holder is a homogeneous object that utilizes wax to create a candle holder. With seven white candles included, the ethereal object morphs and enlarges as time passes and the candles melt. Le Bougeoir Candle Holder Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/853.jpg Using geometric forms and elemental materials, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden creates objects of sublime beauty and remarkable spiritual power evident in his Lighthouse Candle Holder. Evoking transcendence in simplicity, the Lighthouse Candle Holder is reduced to its most basic form and made of natural materials such as white marble or wood. Lighthouse Candle Holder Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/419.jpg Inspired by the concept of purifying and re-interpreting the aesthetic beauty found in everyday objects, designer Catherine Lovatt's candlestick holder subtracts from the archetypal form creating a functional object with a unique design language. Lovatt Candle Holder Catherine Lovatt
/images/products/thumbs/577.jpg The Notte Glass Candle Holder depicts a natural, enigmatic representation of the traditional candle holder that enkindles the Blueside 2013 collection. The unique emission of 16 candles results in a romantic altar from the different heights of each handmade holder. Notte Glass Candle Holder Francesco Paretti
/images/products/thumbs/389.jpg Inspired by the sight of an island peacefully rising from the ocean, Danny Vanlet's mouth-blown, molded Oilo glass dish features an integrated candle holder that gracefully rises from the object. Oilo Glass Dish Danny Vanlet
/images/products/thumbs/440.jpg Fragrance and light unite to create a sense of sensuality and romance in Opossum design's Opos C diffuser. Inspired by the shape of a perfume bottle, Opos C is a homage to one of the best selling fragrances created by Ernest Beaux and placed on the market in 1921. It is still one of the 10 most sold fragrances in the world. Opos C Aroma Light Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/701.jpg Hanging from the ceiling, Herve Gambs' braided iron Photophore Sphere Candle Holder casts dynamic shadows. The glow of the candle light passes through the sphere's scribble-like surface and radiates warmth. Photophore Sphere Candle Holder Herve Gambs
/images/products/thumbs/880.jpg The Porcelain Conical Tealight Holder has a flat base resembling a cup or a cone without the vertex creating the ideal cozy ambiance. Porcelain Conical Tealight Holder Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/881.jpg The Porcelain Cylinder Tealight Holder is the ideal candle holder to create a cozy ambiance. Porcelain Cylinder Tealight Holder Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/879.jpg Designed by Roos Van der Velde, the Rologo Porcelain tealight holder connotes the ephemeral trait of nature. The piece symbolizes innovation and the delicate porcelain resembles paper or a dried and curled leaf that is cut asymmetrically creating a flaw that becomes the main attribute. Rologo Porcelain Tealight Holder Roos van de Velde
/images/products/thumbs/822.jpg Traditional meets edgy in Maison Martin Margiela's Travel Candlestick. A simple sheet of polished stainless steel is flat-packed then folded into a reflective triptych that can be placed or hung. Made of mirrored stainless steel, this innovative accessory plays with your senses creating three reflections of the same image. Travel Candlestick Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/602.jpg Formed from a single length of solid metal tubing, Minimalux's U Candleholder has been reduced to its most essential form resulting in an elegant yet simple object for the home. Bent at 180 degrees and available in stainless steel or copper, the candleholder is supported at its base by a turned metal disc, all of which has been mirror polished by hand. U Candleholder Minimalux