Designing A Cure For Cancer

DesignLove is a labor of love, a collaboration between Luminaire, Intramuros and the Design world in our fight against cancer. It is a tribute to friends, families and strangers alike. For all those, taken away from us too young, those fighting for their lives and those who fought and survived.

In memory of all our loved ones who lost their heroic battles and who left such gaping holes in our hearts and whose loss will always remain the driving force to fulfill our promise not to ever forget them, not for a single moment.

To honor the courage of all those who are fighting so valiantly and who look forward to every tomorrow that may bring some progress and for the deep gratitude we owe so many for so much who made it possible for us to survive and who through their generosity gave us the gift of a life almost taken away.

Will you, our beloved clients and friends help us? Can we all together progress to define our own success by making the world a better place for all human beings everywhere?

With our profound and sincere appreciation, for your unending support...

Nargis and Nasir Kassamali

The DesignLove Collection