Successful at dramatically enhancing interior spaces, floor lamps transform indirect light and highlight architectural details or illuminate large areas of a room. Containing the best from the likes of prolific German designer Ingo Maurer, who poetically combines the latest in technology with ethereal form, to British design savant Jasper Morrison's iconic minimalism, Luminaire's floor lamp collection proves that form and function, joined together harmoniously, create stunning results.

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/images/products/thumbs/346.jpg A dream team collaboration between prolific designers Ron Arad and Ingo Maurer resulted the unique aR ingo floor lamp that features an aluminum and steel honeycomb structure, rising and splayed to create diffused light. aR ingo Floor Lamp Ron Arad and Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1196.jpg The smart and imaginative Balad Garden Lamp is the brainchild of designer Tristan Lohner. The lamp is the perfect accompaniment to evenings outdoors and features a white LED light that is both economical and instant. Balad Garden Lamp Tristan Lohner
/images/products/thumbs/1032.jpg Designed by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet, Balloons is a lamp based on a transparent, nearly invisible eclectic balloon. A hovering light reflector around the bulb looks as if the light is floating within a glass shell. Balloons Lamp Lucie Koldova & Dan Yeffet
/images/products/thumbs/454.jpg Ethereal and uncluttered, Paolo Rizzatto's Costanza floor lamp fits naturally into any setting. Ingeniously, the lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod close to the light, which has only to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off intensity through four levels of brightness. Costanza Floor Lamp Paolo Rizzatto
/images/products/thumbs/1025.jpg After 18 months of research and development, British engineer Jake Dyson developed the most advanced LED Light available, the CSYS LED Floor Lamp. After recognizing that a cooler LED means a longer life, Dyson employed heat pipe technology like that used in satellites to cool microprocessors which makes it five times more efficient than a halogen bulb. CSYS LED Floor Lamp Jake Dyson
/images/products/thumbs/349.jpg Reduced to it's most essential elements, designer Torsten Neeland has created for Anta the Cut Floor Lamp, an elegant, minimal lamp that contemporizes the archetypal lamp shade by the use of unconventional materials and a shift in scale. Cut Floor Lamp Torsten Neeland
/images/products/thumbs/588.jpg By folding flat, geometrically-patterned steel into spherical forms, Nendo creates lighting elements that have a sense of motion. The Dancing Squares lamps appear to roll about but are stable, thanks to their planes, and cast light in different directions with their unique pattern of solids and voids. Dancing Squares Lamps Nendo
/images/products/thumbs/347.jpg The round, cylindrical form of Ella's light source combines delicately with the strong linear body of the lamp's stem to produce an elegant, minimal lighting solution in Jorg Zeidler's floor lamp for Anta. Ella Floor Lamp Jorg Zeidler
/images/products/thumbs/470.jpg Reduced to its most essential elements with a technically sophisticated use of materials, Franco Raggi's Flute floor lamp unites aesthetically sound design with advanced craftsmanship and innovative use of glass. Rather than conceal the workings of the lamp, the designer consciously chose borosilicate transparent glass for the form presenting an honest and stunning lamp. Flute Floor Lamp Franco Raggi
/images/products/thumbs/829.jpg The design of the Fold F1 Floor Lamp derives its name from the production process where a metal sheet is subjected to multiple folding. Fold F1 Floor Lamp Alexander Taylor
/images/products/thumbs/451.jpg Designed in 1907, Mariano Fortuny's striking Fortuny floor lamp is a timeless classic, remaining relevant for over a century. A discretely elegant but utterly modern use of materials, it underlines its inherent, honest form of the design. Fortuny expresses the early modernist emphasis on industrial materials, functional style and the spatial role of objects. Fortuny Floor Lamp Mariano Fortuny
/images/products/thumbs/992.jpg Referencing Alexander Calder's kinetic pieces, the Fosbury LED Floor and Suspension Lamp illuminates a room meanwhile offers a distinctive sculptural quality. Fosbury LED Floor/Suspension Lamp Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/450.jpg With a harmonious, well balanced design, Enrico Franzolini's Gilda Floor lamp features a prominent shade that is mounted to an extendable die-cast aluminum base. Resulting in a distinct and unique light, Gilda is perfectly suited for any environment. The adjustable telescopic base allows the height of the lamp to be adjusted, placing the light at the perfect height for its surrounding. Gilda Floor Lamp Enrico Franzolini
/images/products/thumbs/452.jpg One of the most talented and influential designers working today, Jasper Morrison has pioneered a new purity in design. His Glo-Ball Floor Lamps represent the purity of design he creates, eschewing the superfluous in favor of creating objects with almost universal appeal. Glo-Ball Floor Lamp Jasper Morrison
/images/products/thumbs/453.jpg A juxtaposition between traditional shape and innovative engineering, Susanne Philippson's Guardian of Light appears as a classic lampshade until you interact with it and realize the way the light is turned on. The shade is a cloak that wraps around itself, keeping the magic of the light secret. When the cloak is opened, by means of the protruding flap, the lamp gently releases its light, which goes out again when the cloak is closed. Guardian of Light Floor Lamp Susanne Philippson
/images/products/thumbs/967.jpg Elegant and classic, the Hase Floor Lamp designed by J.T. Kalmar uses simple metal tubing and a basic bending process made with superb materials such as brass and silk. Hase Floor Lamp J.T. Kalmar
/images/products/thumbs/348.jpg Scientists ponder - is light a particle or a wave. According to Ingo Maurer's Ilios floor lamp, it is surely both. A discrete, round glass shade hangs suspended between two micro-thin flexible wires until moved. When it vibrates, it throws intriguing patterns of light against the wall. Ilios Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1067.jpg With a chic industrial edge, the Istanbul Floor Lamp recalls the mysteries of the Orient. Designed by Maurizio Peregalli, the floor lamp is a minimal version of the adorned lamps of old Constantinople. Istanbul Floor Lamp Maurizio Peregalli
/images/products/thumbs/969.jpg The Kilo Floor Lamp derives its name from the milled cylinder that comprises its highly stable base. Yet the character of the design owes entirely to its asymmetrical pairing of that pure mass to a large shade. Kilo Floor Lamp J.T. Kalmar
/images/products/thumbs/356.jpg A novelty within Ingo Maurer's boundary-pushing lighting collection, the Knueller floor lamp, designed in partnership with Bernhard Dessecker, features a spherical head composed of thin steel wires that holds a dream-like assortment of crumpled tissue paper which acts as a diffuser of light. Knueller Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/166.jpg Designed as an elegant reading lamp by Jorg Zeidler, Lee's dramatic form is crafted from a bent square bar of satin finished aluminum. Discreetly placed at the base of the lamp is a mechanism to adjust its height by 10 cm. Lee Floor Lamp Jorg Zeidler
/images/products/thumbs/165.jpg The cube-formed Lotek Lamp by Dutch designer Benno Premsela is a standout example of the simplicity and humor of Dutch Design. Supplied directly to the consumer as a simple, easy to assemble do it yourself lighting fixture kit, the lamp uses minimal materials and has a basic geometric shape. Lotek Lamp Benno Premsela
/images/products/thumbs/469.jpg Designed nearly 80 years ago, Pietro Chiesa's Luminator floor lamp remains a classic icon of design providing indirect lighting for a variety of environments. Designed in 1933, the lamp is made in nickel-plated brass with a reduced, minimal form that is reminiscent of the Deco period in which it was designed. Luminator Floor Lamp Pietro Chiesa
/images/products/thumbs/803.jpg Pure in form, Neweba's Lunghetto Floor Lamp is a circular tower that provides 360 degrees of diffused light. Eschewing ornamentation, the minimal light brightens the room without distracting from your environment. Lunghetto Floor Lamp Neweba
/images/products/thumbs/462.jpg William Pianta's Mahari Floor Lamp harmoniously blends form and function together to produce a stunning floor lamp devoid of ornamentation. Mahari Floor Lamp's most striking feature is its small arm that sublimely references the movement of a dancer. Mahari Floor Lamp William Pianta
/images/products/thumbs/464.jpg Like it's pared down, minimal sibling floor lamp Mahari, William Pianta's Mahari Joy Floor Lamp is the result of a constant search a harmonious relationship of parts, quality and symmetry. The source of light, carefully adorned with a stunningly simple shade allows the user to modulate the light which can create a new visual order of space. Mahari Joy Floor Lamp William Pianta
/images/products/thumbs/1130.jpg The timeless Manaar Floor Lamp resembles sculptures of classical age with its brass stem. Its square linen shade gives the lamp a formal and clear-cut design. Simple and classic, the lamp is designed by William Pianta and made by highly skilled artisans in Italy. Manaar Floor Lamp William Pianta
/images/products/thumbs/860.jpg Designed by Konstantin Gric, the OK Lamp floor to ceiling lamp is composed of an ultra-flat LED light emitting disk hung from a wire resembling a hanging sun. Composed of a flat circular shape with a wire that works like a rail and runs from ceiling to floor, the pendant is directable over 360 degrees balanced by a cone shaped counterweight. OK Lamp Konstantin Grcic
/images/products/thumbs/982.jpg Resembling a concrete bucket that radiates light from within, the On Outdoor Floor Lamp has an organic design that seamlessly becomes part of your natural surroundings. On Outdoor Floor Lamp Marco Merendi
/images/products/thumbs/471.jpg Endlessly adjustable, Sergio Calatroni's intricate Papiro floor lamp allows the user to creatively bend and twist the long arm of the light in sculptural poses. The long, slender shape of the lamp provides a slinky, casual element that enhances the interior with its unique, organic form. Papiro Floor Lamp Sergio Calatroni
/images/products/thumbs/331.jpg Inspired by a sketch drawn by Pio Manz├╣ and designed in tandem with Achille Castiglioni in 1970, the Parentesi Lamp from Flos fixture represents a culmination of the modernist manifesto: form following function, subtraction of ornamentation, and the composition of a product that draws beauty from its form. Parentesi Lamp Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manz├╣
/images/products/thumbs/1103.jpg Designed by Nendo as both a table and floor lamp, the Press Lamps are hand-blown glass tubes that have been pressed as though they were pinched. Press Lamp Nendo
/images/products/thumbs/167.jpg Made of natural concrete, Davide Groppi's Q, a play on the word cube, provides an up light which is at home on the table, shelf or floor. The minimalist form houses a 75 watt halogen bulb. Q Lamp Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/805.jpg Organic, mouth blown Murano glass is formed into a sinuous, glowing lamp. Providing warm, diffused light, Neweba's Roccia lamp can rest on the floor or large table and adds a dramatic, monolithic element to any room. Roccia Lamp Neweba
/images/products/thumbs/455.jpg Airy and light in form, Philippe Starck's Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp features a loose drape of lightweight polyester fabric acting as the shade, set atop a delicate aluminum tripod base in a grey finish. Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp Philippe Starck
/images/products/thumbs/1128.jpg The Severine Floor lamp is a handmade lamp characterized for its oval shaped linen shade and minimal base made of burnished brass. Simple and classic, the lamp is designed by William Pianta and made by highly skilled artisans in Italy. Severine Floor Lamp William Pianta
/images/products/thumbs/544.jpg Named in reference to the legendary Italian painter Giotto di Bondone who drew a perfect freehand circle in the late Middle Ages, Sorry Giotto 3 Floor Lamp elevates the circle to a new level that blends sculpture with functionality. Sorry Giotto 3 Floor Lamp Catellani&Smith
/images/products/thumbs/465.jpg Designer Sebastian Wrong reduces the form of the archetypal lamp to its most essential lines in the Spun Floor Lamp, resulting in a bold and sleek design. Emphasizing simplicity and fluidity in form, the lamp is made from machined aluminum and spun into shape. Spun Floor Lamp Sebastian Wrong
/images/products/thumbs/986.jpg Designed by Bernhard Dessecker and Ingo Maurer, the Stand Up For Your Light Floor Lamp unites art and function. The designers developed an object that blurs the boundaries between its raw materiality and innovative functions. Stand Up For Your Light Floor Lamp Bernhard Dessecker
/images/products/thumbs/1066.jpg Characterized by its shape, the Star Cube Floor Lamp is a minimal piece that exudes simplicity and geometric sensibilities. Star Cube Floor Lamp Maurizio Peregalli
/images/products/thumbs/509.jpg Strikingly unique and visually captivating, Rux design studio's Bang series of StickBulb lighting is an innovative update to the traditional floor lamp that playful yet simple. For this unique piece, wooden scraps of maple, walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine or reclaimed ipe wood from the coney island boardwalk are paired with a strip of LEDs which have been seamlessly embedded into the wood. Stickbulb LED Bang Floor Lamp RUX
/images/products/thumbs/508.jpg Innovative, playful and strikingly simple, the StickBulb Floor Torch by Rux is both captivating and carefully-executed. For this unique floor lamp, wooden scraps of maple, walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine or reclaimed ipe wood from the Coney Island boardwalk are paired with a strip of LEDs which have been seamlessly embedded into the wood. Stickbulb LED Floor Torch Lamp RUX
/images/products/thumbs/457.jpg A modern lighting fixture that is both simple and functional, Barber Osgerby's Tab F1 floor lamp references the designer's signature style though the form's combination of angles and subtle radiuses. A ceramic reflector gives a pure and controllable light. Tab F1 LED Floor Lamp Barber Osgerby
/images/products/thumbs/361.jpg With a form reduced to its most essential elements, designer Neil Poulton's Talak LED Floor Lamp for Artemide combines a striking minimal form with optimum lighting performance. Talak LED Floor Lamp Neil Poulton
/images/products/thumbs/773.jpg Providing diffused light from its unique and mesmerizing screen, Patricia Urquiola's Tatou Floor Lamp was inspired by the strength of ancient Japanese armor. From the unlikely inspiration, Urquiola sought to join traditional dome style lights with the creative language of a screen to filter light. Tatou Floor Lamp Patricia Urquiola
/images/products/thumbs/317.jpg The extendable Toio Floor Lamp, designed by the prolific designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, was part of a series of ready-made products that borrowed from the philosophies of the Dada art movement. Inspired by a car headlight, the designers used found objects as the basis for the floor lamp. Toio Floor Lamp Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/279.jpg A highly technical object, a task lamp must combine several necessary parts into a design which that is both functional and easy to use. For Wastberg, Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune have melded a floor lamp with a task lamp in the w081f1 LED Floor Lamp, creating a minimal, practical design. w081f LED Floor Lamp Claesson Koivisto Rune
/images/products/thumbs/277.jpg Maarten Van Severen's w111f LED floor lamp is refined, pure and honest; characterized by its simplicity. In his designs, the Belgian designer aimed to achieve optimal perfection in form, detail and execution. w111f LED Floor Lamp Maarten Van Severen
/images/products/thumbs/154.jpg Naoto Fukasawa's Wan lamp, meaning bowl in Japanese, sits on a floor and when placed at an arbitrary angle emits a vague ring of light like a snow lantern. Wan Lamp Naoto Fukasawa
/images/products/thumbs/911.jpg The Wanda Outdoor Floor Light designed by Leonard Palden is inspired by a minimal fishing rod. The thin neck of the light blurs with the outdoor landscape. Wanda Outdoor Floor Light Leonard Palden
/images/products/thumbs/979.jpg Inspired by the renowned architect and designer Isamu Noguchi, the Wo-Tum-Bu Floor lamp by Dagmar Mombach and Ingo Maurer uses paper in an avant-garde manner. Wo-Tum-Bu Floor Lamp Dagmar Mombach and Ingo Maurer