Gifting for Her
Gifting for Her
These highly personal gifts for women combine bold design and original ideas. Ranging from limited edition vessels to avant-garde, conceptually focused bracelets and necklaces, each object demonstrates Luminaire's founding philosophy that good design can affect lives.

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/images/products/thumbs/1371.jpg The narrow, cylindrical Acropora Vase, available in two sizes, is inspired by coral and reflects the contrasting strength and fragility of the natural world in its form, material and colors. The porcelain vase features a solid base transitioning to a more ephemeral upper body, with a dark exterior and light interior. Acropora Vase Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/1409.jpg The innovative Africa Stacking Vessel is much more than the sum of its parts: glass and soapstone bowls and a wooden topper add up to an elegant and unusual object that when assembled is a sculptural vessel that can be a keepsake holder, or can separate into two individual bowls and the wooden decorative piece. The piece is a creation of the sibling duo Pia and Moritz Wusterberg's design company Utopia & Utility. Africa Stacking Vessel Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/1178.jpg Designed by Susanna Sent for Arcade, the Aria Glass Vase is handmade in Murano by the glassblower Master Andrea Zilio. Aria Glass Vase Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/1241.jpg The Arty Smarty Bowl designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims is an elegant vessel reminiscent of pop art. A unique objet d'art, the mouth blown crystal glass vessel has a sandblasted black exterior with vivid, pure interior color. Arty Smarty Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/960.jpg Industrial yet chic, Bangle No. 5 by Gunter Wermekes is a minimal bracelet for women. With a clean design and expert craftsmanship, the stainless steel bracelet is complemented with a subtle diamond giving the piece just the right amount of luxe. Bangle No. 5 Gunter Wermekes
/images/products/thumbs/1360.jpg The Bark Bracelet's complex texture and saturated colors belie its modest origins; designer Ana Hagopian fashions her intricate handmade jewelry from paper. The Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based Hagopian cites nature as her inspiration. Her sculptural paper jewelry - and the people who wear it - certainly benefit from Hagopian's connection to nature and "its infinite creations, its limitless colors, its surprising textures." Bark Bracelet Ana Hagopian
/images/products/thumbs/1361.jpg The Bougainvillea Necklace, by Barcelona-based jewelry designer Ana Hagopian, celebrates the glory of nature. That it does so using paper as its medium is testament to this virtuoso designer's fluency with material and form. The Bougainvillea Necklace cascades from throat to torso in a gorgeous flurry of finely crafted paper petals. Bougainvillea Necklace Ana Hagopian
/images/products/thumbs/1372.jpg Inspired by Russian Matryoshka dolls, the Bougies Russes Hurricane Candle Holders decrease in size and can be placed next or inside each other. Designed by Stephan Lanez and manufactured in the Chzech Republic by Verreum, they are ideal for a centerpiece or outdoor patio decorations. Bougies Russes Hurricane Candle Holder Set Stephan Lanez
/images/products/thumbs/1297.jpg Poetic and sculptural, the Branch Bowl pairs hand-blown glass with a single wooden branch. Fitted into the hot glass, the branch becomes the lid of the bowl, resulting in a gentle form and charring the wood in the process. Branch Bowl Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/869.jpg Designed by Kate Hume, the Caillou vases are three small pebble-like vessels ideal as a center piece or decoration. Presented as a set of 3 and arranged in groups, the Caillou vases create a playful dynamism of curves and colors. Caillou Vases - Set Of Three Kate Hume
/images/products/thumbs/1264.jpg Inspired by the sculptures of Alexander Calder and Joan MirĂ³, the Cassiopepia Diamond Dust Necklace is characterized by hand finished black-tinted concrete inlaid with diamond dust and brushed stainless steel. The minimal form, unique surface texture and unorthodox materials make this necklace the perfect statement piece for someone with ultimate style. Cassiopeia Diamond Dust Necklace Karen Konzuk
/images/products/thumbs/904.jpg Industrial metal springs meet exotic sophistication in the Chic Bracelet designed by Tiziana Redavid. Taking an ethereal quality, the bracelet is wrapped in thin metal lines creating a cohesive stretchy bangle. Chic Bracelet Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/357.jpg Softly glowing, the delightful Cloud Silver Rain table lamp by Tokyo-based designer Tadao Shimizu for Abovo features a three-dimensional washi-paper cloud shade which is supported by rows of thin metal rods resembling falling rain. Cloud Silver Rain Table Lamp Tadao Shimizu
/images/products/thumbs/1233.jpg Belgian glass artist Anna Torfs translates centuries old Bohemian glass into extraordinary timeless objects. Utilizing unconventional glass cutting techniques to reveal how the object is made the Double Bubble Solo has a sanded outer 'skin' with a vibrant contrasting center. Double Bubble Solo Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/1311.jpg Made of double-walled borosilicate glass, the unique teapot design incorporates negative space between the inner and outer layer, placing emphasis on the ritual of pouring. Brewed tea appears to float within creating a dynamic visual experience, resulting in an elegant object with a timeless aesthetic and flawless function. Emma Thermal Teapot Corrado Dotti
/images/products/thumbs/1080.jpg The Ultimate XXL Amber Candle is an exceptional sculpture, providing long lasting pleasure and infusing the atmosphere with fragrance and bliss. Ex Voto Paris Ultimate Amber XXL Candle Nathalie Paillarse
/images/products/thumbs/1185.jpg French designer Sam Baron is eager to provide cultural dimension to his creations. This appropriation is present in the baroque inspired Futiles Glass Fruit Pot produced in collaboration with Rome-based gallery Secondome. Futiles Glass Fruit Pot Sam Baron
/images/products/thumbs/1013.jpg Designed by Jim Rokos, the Gauge Glass Vase is a distinctive and playful piece that takes on the behavior of the flower. Gauge Crystal Glass Vase Jim Rokos
/images/products/thumbs/1071.jpg Handmade by the innovative Israeli design studio of Noam Dover and Michael Cederbaum, the Hacking the Mould Vase No.4 is a sculptural piece with a poetic metaphor. The object evokes a discourse of our current system that controls knowledge and production worldwide by bringing to light the juxtaposition between maker and hacker culture. Hacking The Mould Vase No. 4 Noam Dover
/images/products/thumbs/1149.jpg Characterized for its sleek wood shell made of solid beech wood grown in sustainably managed French forests, the Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle in Wood Container enhances your atmosphere by diffusing sophisticated aromas in your interiors. Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle In Wood Container Antoine Phelouzat
/images/products/thumbs/827.jpg Blending Utilitarianism and human warmth, Paris based Isaac Reina presents his new under-the radar collection with the functional Corner 24 Hours Bag. His leather goods recall geometric and monochromatic aesthetics evident from his architecture background, which he studied in his native Barcelona. Isaac Reina Corner 24 Hours Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/376.jpg As much a desirable item of sculpture as it is a practical accessory, Louise Christ's Jewelry Tree for Menu is a sophisticated way to enjoy jewelry even when not wearing it. Jewelry Tree Louise Christ
/images/products/thumbs/308.jpg With this innovative design, half of a pair of spectacles becomes a magnifying glass. Maison Martin Margiela's La Lunette Magnifying Glass is a whimsical and avant-garde approach to the common object. La Lunette Magnifying Glass Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/717.jpg A whimsical and poetic object, L'Atelier d'exercices Studio's Lampe Nid resembles a bird's nest delicately resting on a branch. The painted metal wire is randomly spun and woven together to form the nest which rests on a slightly flexible steel rod. Lampe Nid Table Lamp L'Atelier d'exercices Studio
/images/products/thumbs/891.jpg Made in Paris, the Life Lines Bottle designed by Fanny Richard from yfNA ceramics communicates the poetry and magic of clay work. Handmade with porcelain then glazed inside, the objects resemble old wine bottles with cracks and lines that give them texture and life. Life Lines Bottle Fanny Richard
/images/products/thumbs/1188.jpg The Limited Edition Oval Tray is handcrafted in Studio Piet Stockmans workshop in Genk, Belgium. The object is made from white porcelain slip, glazed with a deep cobalt blue, a trademark of the designer. Limited Edition Oval Tray Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/973.jpg The Lucellino LED Table Lamp is a member of the iconic Birds family and is one of many pieces from Ingo Maurer that pays homage to and demonstrates his love of the Edison light bulb. Lucellino LED Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1373.jpg Landscape, topography, place. The Makom Round Centerpiece, a collaboration between designers Noam Dover and Yoav Reches, references our geography in both form and name - "makom" means "a place" in Hebrew. The multiple layers of this ceramic bowl are a mesmerizing three-dimensional representation of a topographic map, which we are accustomed to seeing in two dimensions. Makom Round Centerpiece Noam Dover
/images/products/thumbs/1383.jpg Exploring and exploiting the possibilities of porcelain, ceramic artist Marik Korus creates ethereal sculptures that take inspiration from the creatures of the sea. Each of the coral-like Markik Korus Ceramic Sculptures consists of assemblages of delicate porcelain pieces arranged in sinuous patterns which capture the fantasy of nature. Marik Korus Ceramic Sculptures Marik Korus
/images/products/thumbs/1062.jpg Designed by world-renowned French chef Michel Bras, the Scissor 1 & T-shaped Peeler is an ideal gift for the design driven cook. Michel BRAS Scissors 1 & T-shaped Peeler Gift Package Michel Bras
/images/products/thumbs/1407.jpg To create these unique Mirrored Containers, which can function as lidded keepsake jars or vases, liquid silver is injected into the glass under pressure. The double-walled result, with the mirrored exterior, is striking and singular; each of the handblown glass containers is unique. Award-winning German designer Sebastian Herkner designed these for the German design company Pulpo. Mirror Containers Sebastian Herkner
/images/products/thumbs/440.jpg Fragrance and light unite to create a sense of sensuality and romance in Opossum design's Opos C diffuser. Inspired by the shape of a perfume bottle, Opos C is a homage to one of the best selling fragrances created by Ernest Beaux and placed on the market in 1921. It is still one of the 10 most sold fragrances in the world. Opos C Aroma Light Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/203.jpg For Ora Lattea, Denis Guidone uses two dots to represent the hands; the larger dot represents the hour while the smaller dot represents the minute. Featuring unique design cues and inventive ways of signaling what the time is, this wristwatch combines clean, essential lines with irony to form a unique version of minimalism. Ora Lattea Wristwatch Denis Guidone
/images/products/thumbs/1270.jpg A culmination of three years of experimentation, the Orbis Concrete Spheres Pendant are wearable pieces of art. A beautiful study in the color gray, the collection pairs designer Karen Konzuk's architectural sensibility with industrial materials. Orbis Concrete Spheres Pendant Karen Konzuk
/images/products/thumbs/572.jpg A playful design from the intricacies of Murano glass transforms into gentle pieces of exquisite, colorful jewelry from Marina and Susanna Sent. The handmade Paletto earrings emerge in rich color and shape, its spheres reflecting the vibrancy of red, green and black, which alter by delicate lines of contrast eminent to the eye. Paletto Glass Earrings Marina and Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/1363.jpg The Petals Necklace by internationally renowned paper jewelry designer Ana Hagopian is a stunning statement piece. The necklace's abundant red petals celebrate nature, Hagopian's prime source of inspiration, and in so doing, they also celebrate the body they adorn so boldly. Petals Necklace Ana Hagopian
/images/products/thumbs/1374.jpg The Petite Marble Vase is a sophisticated amalgam derived from the most basic levels of form, function and material. Here, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden corrals the simple geometry of a pure cylinder into this straightforward vase that is-perhaps unexpectedly-composed of solid marble. Petite Marble Vase Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/1405.jpg The PLAT-EAU Stone Trays comprise a selection of five imaginative trays that each creatively explores and celebrates the varied textures, surfaces and qualities of natural stone, augmented at times with materials such as hand-finished brass and colorful glass. The trays are configured in geometric, collage-like artistic arrangements and are a study in shape and form. PLAT-EAU Stone Trays Silvia Fanticelli
/images/products/thumbs/1176.jpg Designed by Japanese indigo artist Tokiko Kajimoto, the Plump Silk Scarf features an applied caustic print grid, a nod to the folding technique used in origami. Plump Silk Scarf Tokiko Kajimoto
/images/products/thumbs/477.jpg A large, translucent sphere of Murano glass rests on three strands of individual glass rings that are strung together making a solid, cylindrical form in Marina and Susanna Sent's Polly necklace. With grace, intrigue, and a dash of whimsy, the Polly necklace is an attention-grabbing piece for any chosen setting. Polly Necklace Marina and Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/718.jpg Treasure your memories with Porfolio, piKs Design's keepsake book for photos, drawings and other mementos. Featuring a long and thick paper accordion enclosed between two plates of solid oak, the portfolio is held together by a thick rubber band. Portfolio piKs Design
/images/products/thumbs/990.jpg Taking you back to childhood, the Profumo D'estate Table Light is a witty and minimal piece inspired by a firefly in a can. The innovative piece simulates the movement of fireflies chasing around making you feel relaxed with a hypnotic effect and sound. Profumo D'estate Table Light Davide Groppi & Michele Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/1274.jpg Made in Belgium to exacting standards, the luxury fragranced handmade Rhombus Candles are the final touch to complete your interior. The exclusive scents are created by a master perfumer in Grasse, France, considered the world's capital of fragrance. Rhombus Candle ONNO
/images/products/thumbs/1398.jpg Expressing the designer's grand passion for Murano glass, Ivan Baj's Rio Vase is a stunningly modern art piece that pays homage to the history and craft of traditional glass-making. In the limited edition series, the vessel is created by joining two mouth-blown cylinders of different colors resulting in a stunning play of color and transparency. Rio Vase Ivan Baj
/images/products/thumbs/1365.jpg Designer Ana Hagopian's Rosary Necklace is an elegant example of the sculptural works of art created by this maestro of paper design. The Barcelona-based designer has described her process as intuitive, explaining that through her hands she contacts the material, and it is the material itself that guides her towards the final form. Rosary Necklace Ana Hagopian
/images/products/thumbs/941.jpg The Second Life Bracelet by Moissue celebrates the beauty of raw materials by breathing new-found life into discarded wood shavings. Recycled and found wood shavings are compressed into simple bands that highlight the contrasts of colors and grains. Second Life Bracelet Moissue
/images/products/thumbs/475.jpg An elegant constellation of glass spheres grace one's neckline with the Soap Glass Necklace. Glistening with reflected light, translucent and delicate, Soap is just one of the many remarkable creations of Marina and Susanna Sent. Soap Glass Necklace Marina and Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/906.jpg Pureness of form and uniqueness of materials combine to create an attractive earring. Crafted from stainless steel springs, Tiziana Redavid's Stick Earrings is a continuation of the Italian designer's jewelry design that appear as sculptures to be worn. Stick Earrings Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/1349.jpg Embodying an equilibrium of uniqueness and consistency, the Studio Round Wood Bowls have a story to tell - both in their materiality and skillful production. Each bowl by Stinson Studios is imbued with the family tradition of transforming locally sourced wood into stunningly sculptural functional objects, each refreshingly unique. Studio Round Wood Bowls Stinson Studios
/images/products/thumbs/715.jpg A stunning work of textile design, Japanese based artist Keiko Kuroishi's Tanabata Origami Scarf is crafted from a single piece of fabric. The signature scarf is delicate and organic, but creates a whole new dimension when unfolded, exposing the unique geometric feature. Tanabata Origami Scarf Keiko Kuroishi
/images/products/thumbs/872.jpg Best described as a French sculptor and writer Emmanuelle Piquart's Clay People are small hand molded clay busts placed at the end of metal rods that each portrays a different state of mind. The Clay People Emmanuelle Piquart
/images/products/thumbs/1381.jpg The Pairs Sculptures are charming and evocative pieces by French designer Laurent Trebout. Each of the four sculptures explores the landscape of love with various configurations of porcelain figures perched (bravely, one imagines) on wooden blocks. The Pairs Sculptures Laurent Trebout
/images/products/thumbs/1379.jpg Violaine Ulmer's Three Rings Necklace is a pure, clean and simple design. The silver rings are strung on a generous length of black silk thread, resulting in a flattering and elegant accessory that has the versatility to pair with anything from t-shirts to formal dresses with ease. The interlocking silver rings, three in all, of the Three Rings Necklace point to the symbolism of the circle and the triad. Three Rings Necklace Violaine Ulmer
/images/products/thumbs/512.jpg Dancing gracefully between the imaginative and the industrial, the Tiziana Bracelet 1 embraces the wrist with a luminous string of loops. Even though it presents a texture and lightness evocative of fine silk, this elegant bracelet is surprisingly not made of soft fabric but rather several stainless steel springs. Tiziana Bracelet 1 Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/809.jpg Comprised of 80 individual springs, Tiziana Redavid's bracelet is the sum of its parts. The unconventional, industrial material takes on an ethereal quality and resembles of fine fiber like silk. Originally inspired by her friend's industrial stainless steel springs factory, the designer reimagined the common item as a material for jewelry. Tiziana Bracelet 80 Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/511.jpg Inspired by African ornaments with a delicate balance of simplicity and vibrancy, the Tiziana necklace 1 radiates a texture and lightness evocative of fine silk. Unique in material, this elegant necklace is surprisingly not made of soft fabric but rather of stainless steel springs. Tiziana Necklace 1 Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/907.jpg Comprised of ten individual rings made of stainless steel springs, Tiziana Redavid's Tiziana Ring is a sum of its parts. The unconventional, industrial material takes on an ethereal quality and resembles fine fiber like silk. Tiziana Ring Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/181.jpg In Charles Marks' Triadic Bracelet, the concept behind the design takes center stage as he invigorates the jewelry tradition with a minimalist, three-dimensional construction of intersecting, flexible lines. Triadic Bracelet Charles Marks
/images/products/thumbs/1336.jpg Marble, known for its hardness and density, is exploited in a dramatic fashion to appear soft and malleable in Underbowl S Bowl by Nendo. The bowl consists of a round vessel fixed on a flat and smooth square pedestal. Cleverly, the pedestal appears to softly emerge through the surface of the vessel giving a presence to the pedestal that would otherwise be hidden underneath. Underbowl S Bowl Nendo - Oki Sato
/images/products/thumbs/1175.jpg The distinctive blue color of indigo is amongst the oldest and best known natural dyeing methods in the world. The graceful hue of the Windin' Blue Stripe Silk Scarf designed by Japanese indigo artist Tokiko Kajimoto employs traditional and naturally derived dye. Windin' Blue Stripe Silk Scarf Tokiko Kajimoto
/images/products/thumbs/1380.jpg The You & Me Sculpture is a whimsical and touching piece by French designer Laurent Trebout. The sculpture depicts a pair of small porcelain birds perched rather precariously on the edge of a large tree formed of wire. The birds-lovebirds, perhaps?-exude joy and a palpable contentment with each other. You & Me Sculpture Laurent Trebout