Gifting for Him
Gifting for Him
Accessories for the special man in your life demonstrate a stunning culmination of technology and function with poetic form and insightful design. Combining legendary design icons from the 20th century with technologically advanced products that are forward thinking, these objects are sure to delight.

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/images/products/thumbs/416.jpg Abstracted to their most essential and defining elements, designer Jean-Sebastien Poncet's Animali Domesticki is a series of minimal, decorative wood animals. Animali Domesticki Jean-Sebastien Poncet
/images/products/thumbs/917.jpg The Blok Marble Tablet Stand designed by Dutch Studio Macura resembles a minimal geometric sculpture. Studio Macura's approach to design is honest and original, capturing a paradox of something that is very distinct and appealing, yet still inherently familiar to people. Blok Marble Tablet Stand Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/326.jpg A legendary icon for the wrist by prolific industrial designer Dieter Rams, the Braun Wristwatch BN2BKBKG is a striking combination of functionalism and good design which adheres the to the Rams' famous "10 Principles of Good Design." Braun Wristwatch Dieter Rams & Dietrich Lubs
/images/products/thumbs/730.jpg Designed to look appealing both individually and as a set, DesignWright's Buro desk accessories give a coherent look to the most necessary office tools. Able to be neatly aligned or stacked in any orientation, the functional pieces in the Buro family elevate desk accessories form mundane to chic and interesting. Buro Desk Accessories Set DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/445.jpg Playful and engaging, Claudio Colucci's Carafe Un Verre offers a unique take on the classic wine jug. As if placed by magic inside the container, a wine glass rises from the base to create an interesting sight. Depending on how you fill it, the carafe's inner glass may look as if it is full or, make it fuller and watch the glass become submerged. Carafe Un Verre Claudio Colucci
/images/products/thumbs/575.jpg The flair of drinking whiskey or presenting elegant foods takes on a new style with Charlies Glass Tablet Set from the Blueside 2013 collection. Designer R&D Blueside combines quality and quantity to offer a tranquil piece that fits perfectly with the creative gourmets or casual conversationalists. Charlies Glass Tablet Set R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/1049.jpg Designed by Ionna Vautrin, the Clover Hanging LED Light is a rechargeable and fun nomad lantern. Characterized for its versatile nature, it can be hung from a multitude of objects such as tree branches, hooks, bikes, or bags creating a cheerful presence. Clover Hanging LED Light Ionna Vautrin
/images/products/thumbs/1153.jpg Designed as a kit and made from sturdy, yet humble materials, the Corkscrew by Moritz Wenz is an honest object that forces you to slow down and appreciate the small details you'd normally overlook. Corkscrew Moritz Wenz
/images/products/thumbs/1299.jpg The elegant patented Decanting Pourer And Vacuum Stopper makes wine more enjoyable. The decanting pourer oxygenates, filters and splits the wine enhancing the aroma and flavor in a single pour. The vacuum stopper removes air from open bottles allowing you to enjoy a glass of wine later. Decanting Pourer And Vacuum Stopper Torben Flanbaum
/images/products/thumbs/959.jpg Luxurious yet edgy, Gunter Wermekes Diamond Cuff Links are timeless pieces that combine the beauty of diamonds with the minimalism of stainless steel. Diamond Cuff Links Gunter Wermekes
/images/products/thumbs/1076.jpg The Diamond Tie Pin by Gunter Wermekes' exudes sophisticated minimalism. The stainless steel pin is inlaid with a small .12 ct diamond. Diamond Tie Pin Gunter Wermekes
/images/products/thumbs/1211.jpg Life can sometimes feel like one big balancing act. Designed and made by Javier Bermejo in collaboration with the Spanish workshop Pico Pao, El Funambulista is a figure in beech and MDF where the tight-rope walker helps you find balance over the thinnest of threads. El Funambulista Javier Bermejo
/images/products/thumbs/739.jpg The most commonly used knife in the kitchen, the Chef's Knife, gets a makeover that fuses design and technology. The revolutionary, geometric knife is a culmination of TB's unique ambition to blend technological and creative excellence into one. Evercut Furtif Chef's Knife TB Group
/images/products/thumbs/199.jpg Offering a fresh and original take on traditional fireplace tools, Arik Levy's Fire Tools is a set of cast-aluminum accessories that come complete with a cast-aluminum bucket for storage. Fire Tools Arik Levy
/images/products/thumbs/183.jpg Sebastian Wrong has combined twelve different fonts to create the Font Clock, with a wink to the British 24 hour design icon. Available in three sizes, Font clock seemingly displays the fonts randomly, only to have them all run together for 5 minutes at one time per day. Font Clock Sebastian Wrong
/images/products/thumbs/579.jpg A thrilling emotional design from the Blueside 2013 collection, the Genio Spirit Glass, named after the popular Disney movie Aladdin, enriches the process of consuming spirits by combining ingenuity and innovation in this delightful drinking piece that's held intimately on the palm of the hand. Genio Spirit Glass Leonardo Borra
/images/products/thumbs/711.jpg Featuring eight useful knives for a variety of tasks, Cutipol's Gourmet Line Knife Set combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. With meticulous attention paid to each detail, each knife features the highest quality of materials designed for practicality and functionality. Gourmet Line Knife Set Cutipol
/images/products/thumbs/757.jpg Jan Philip Holler's Haus Paperweight is a playful object reminiscent of architectural building blocks. Offered in a warm, oiled walnut, the object is inspired by the archetypal imagery of houses and each version is distinguished by its respective roofs - pitched, hip or shed. Haus Paperweight Jan Philip Holler
/images/products/thumbs/1043.jpg The I Ricchi Poveri - A Monument For A Bulb is a witty piece that looks like a small maquette for a large scale monument. Eight miniature human figures are standing on a dark metal plate around the monument - a horizontal frosted bulb that hovers propped up by simple brass. I Ricchi Poveri - Monument For A Bulb Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1084.jpg The innovative Icicle Ice Bucket is characterized for the inverted funnel shaped structure within the cylinder bucket that cleverly separates the ice in the upper half of the elegant glass vessel from the slowly accumulating pool of water below. Icicle Ice Bucket Rodolfo Dordoni
/images/products/thumbs/1068.jpg Understated sophistication characterizes Paris Based Isaac Reina's Bond Weekend Bag. The simple and functional bag is an ideal travel piece for long weekend escapades. Isaac Reina Bond Weekend Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1369.jpg The Small Magic Satchel, designed by Paris-based Isaac Reina, is a zip-around satchel that can be worn on the shoulder or held by hand, thanks to a detachable and adjustable strap. This versatile bag features a main compartment and three interior slip pockets, and can be turned into a small suitcase when fully opened. Isaac Reina Small Magic Satchel Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1384.jpg The Knife Block from Zone, the Danish design company, is an innovative, stylish way to have knives near at hand and artfully displayed. The Knife Block is typical of Zone's ability to blend user-friendly functionality with elegant form, all the while keeping the consumer's needs at the forefront. Knife Block Zone Denmark
/images/products/thumbs/1047.jpg The witty Knowledge in the Brain Bookends by renowned designer Karim Rashid are eclectic and humorous. Knowledge In The Brain Bookends Karim Rashid
/images/products/thumbs/400.jpg A juxtaposition between old and new, the KonfuziLUX takes the form of the modern light bulb and uses it as an oil lamp. A blown glass form rests in a brushed aluminum stand and provides warm and inviting light. KonfuziLUX Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/617.jpg Uncork bottles quickly and easily with L'Atelier du Vin's elegant corkscrew. L'Artiste Vertical Lever Corkscrew's organic shape recalls the smooth pebbles of the Graves terrain in Bordeaux. L'Artiste Corkscrew L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1168.jpg Designed in London, the LED Calendar Wall Clock is a minimal art object and functional digital calendar/clock made of aluminum, LED lights and ABS glass. LED Calendar Wall Clock
/images/products/thumbs/1236.jpg Knives are cradled securely inside and outside the Leonardo Knife Holder via cleverly concealed embedded magnets. The result is a space-saving block of sustainably sourced solid walnut wood without a compromise between safety or beauty. Leonardo Knife Holder
/images/products/thumbs/994.jpg Old meets new with the Light My Fire Candle Holder designed by Omar Carraglia. A candleholder in the form of a bulb, the piece plays with your perceptions of light. Light My Fire Candle Holder Omar Carraglia & Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/1320.jpg As a result of the distinctive manufacturing process, the award-winning flask has an inflated liquid look similar to a mylar balloon or a foil juice container. The result is a sipper that stands out from traditional flask silhouettes, with its elegant shine and distinctive look. Liquid Body Flask The Principals
/images/products/thumbs/970.jpg Resembling an ethereal crystalline microarchitecture, the Liquid Station Desktop Organizer is the ideal accessory for a stylish and design-driven executive. Liquid Station Desktop Organizer Eugeni Quitllet
/images/products/thumbs/976.jpg Looksoflat is a clever interpretation of the stereotypical desk lamp. When looked at from a profile view all seems normal, when you look at the lamp head on, you will see it is much flatter version of itself. Looksoflat Desk Lamp Stefan Geisbauer
/images/products/thumbs/1245.jpg Produced in solid cast brass, the Max Solid Brass Plate has a slightly concave surface and can be used to create a tablescape that feels both ancient and modern. The exquisite design celebrates the beauty of form and material adding a moment of tranquility to any atmosphere. Max Solid Brass Plate Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1061.jpg Sharp and beautiful, the Michel Bras Knife No. 4 becomes a natural extension of the chef's hand. Designed by renowned French chef, Michel Bras, the knife is ideal for preparing fruits, vegetables, and herbs and fits firmly and seamlessly into the chef's hands. Michel BRAS Knife No. 4 Gift Package Michel Bras
/images/products/thumbs/599.jpg Stripped to the most essential form, these cuff links in polished brass or black nickel are a minimal version of the men's wardrobe staple. Designed by the London-based brand Alice Made This excessively for Minimalux, the cuff links are precision made in the United Kingdom from solid brass. Minimalux Cuff Links Alice Made This
/images/products/thumbs/549.jpg Inspired by the glass cutting techniques both artisanal and mechanical, Thomas Jenk's Module Two Whiskey Glassware have a look and feel which compliment the tradition of single malt whiskey distillers. Comprised of a set two tumblers and a decanting carafe, the design features opposing spiral profiles cut into the crystal allowing them to mesh together resembling interlocking gears. Module Two Whiskey Glassware Thomas Jenkins
/images/products/thumbs/775.jpg Capturing the poeticism and romance of traditional candles, Moritz Waldemeyer and Ingo Maurer use LED technology to reinterpret the ancient light in a ethereal way. My New Flame faithfully renders the simple yet infinitely complex candle flame using 256 high quality LEDs. My New Flame LED Table Lamp Moritz Waldemeyer with Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1368.jpg A magnificent gift for the wine connoisseur, L'Atelier du Vin's Oeno Box Connoisseur is a complete and luxurious collection of the French brand's most iconic tools for opening, serving and preserving wine and champagne. Presented in a custom maple and birch box, the tools are arranged alongside a place to add a bottle of wine or champagne, making it a perfect present. Oeno Box Connoisseur L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1382.jpg The artistry of the Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures challenges our perception of what wood can look like. Oudet's intricate pieces are handmade, chiefly on the wood lathe, and inspired by the effects of weather, "the action sun, rain, frost" have on natural materials. In Oudet's view, this weathering reveals the inner qualities of substances such as wood and stone and is the impetus for his work. Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures Pascal Oudet
/images/products/thumbs/1272.jpg The elegant hand-blown glass Perched Carafe collection takes its name from the crisp raised transparent base on which it stands. This feature allows for a safe and elegant grip, making serving easy. A jewel-toned stopper rests in the neck, preventing over-oxidation. Perched Carafes L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/936.jpg The Pinetti Leather Laptop Case is celebrated for its classic elegance and comfortable ease of use. Achieving function and style, a historically difficult balance to achieve, the laptop case becomes unlike a typical case. Pinetti Leather Laptop Case Pinetti
/images/products/thumbs/1405.jpg The PLAT-EAU Stone Trays comprise a selection of five imaginative trays that each creatively explores and celebrates the varied textures, surfaces and qualities of natural stone, augmented at times with materials such as hand-finished brass and colorful glass. The trays are configured in geometric, collage-like artistic arrangements and are a study in shape and form. PLAT-EAU Stone Trays Silvia Fanticelli
/images/products/thumbs/184.jpg Qlocktwo makes you pause and allows a different view of time. Biegert & Funk have designed a typographic clock that, rather than tell time through numerals, tells time through descriptive words. In this clock, rather than simply display 6:45, the clock displays "it is quarter to seven". Qlocktwo Clock Biegert & Funk
/images/products/thumbs/628.jpg With a rounded, flexible top acting as a stylus for your tablet, Ionna Vautrin's Reed Stylus also doubles as a gel ink pen. The rubber tip, available in three colors, is reminiscent of the archetypal eraser on the top of a pencil which creates a familiar design. Reed Stylus Ionna Vautrin
/images/products/thumbs/1158.jpg Do you like race cars? Designed by German industrial designer Axel Wowereit and manufactured in the Black Forest, the Scooter is hand crafted from native woods with a wool felt bottom for cleaning. Scooter Axel Wowereit
/images/products/thumbs/1058.jpg The Second Life Glint rings are unique and inventive while at the same time provide a solution to the dramatic waste of natural materials, finding their surprising richness and beauty from what was once destined to be trash. Second Life Glint Ring Moissue
/images/products/thumbs/397.jpg Mysterious and sculptural in form, Nendo's expertly-crafted solid wood shoehorn for Japanese artesian wood-manufacturer Maruni does not reveal it's true function until you interact with the object. Shoehorn Nendo
/images/products/thumbs/1152.jpg The Simpl Wristwatch is one of the first collections from Thailand-based watch brand Simpl, which was founded on the idea of simplicity. Simpl Wristwatch Tanachpak Warrnissorn & Alisa Kittipong
/images/products/thumbs/1237.jpg The faceted surface of the Sofia Pepper Mill by renowned designer Carlo Trevisani accentuates the wood's character and grain. The result is a space-saving block of sustainably sourced solid walnut wood without a compromise between safety or beauty. Sofia Pepper Mill Carlo Trevisani
/images/products/thumbs/807.jpg With its cubic form and refined marble finish, Philipp Mainzer's Stop Marble Bookend is a study in reduction. Without any ornamentation or excess, the white Carrara or black Marquina marble piece is a sculptural and useful accessory. Stop Marble Bookend Philipp Mainzer
/images/products/thumbs/494.jpg Aiming to make technology invisible, Beyond Object has created Empty Memory, a striking geometric form that elevates the common USB to a high-design object. This Structure version of the Empty Memory USB explores a widely creative alternative to the run-of-the-mill memory sticks available. Structure Empty Memory USB Flash Drive Poetic Lab
/images/products/thumbs/1349.jpg Embodying an equilibrium of uniqueness and consistency, the Studio Round Wood Bowls have a story to tell - both in their materiality and skillful production. Each bowl by Stinson Studios is imbued with the family tradition of transforming locally sourced wood into stunningly sculptural functional objects, each refreshingly unique. Studio Round Wood Bowls Stinson Studios
/images/products/thumbs/1035.jpg A tribute to Thomas Edison, the TAE 1879 Oil Lamp unites old and new traditions. It is characterized by a light bulb suspended by two wires inside a minimal glass cylinder. TAE 1879 Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/1261.jpg The work of Japanese-Italian studio Mist-O, the Tequila Sunrise Pitchers are a combination of color, form and function. Each borosilicate glass piece is formed and fired by hand, an evolution that both makes use of and furthers tradition. Tequila Sunrise Pitchers MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/1381.jpg The Pairs Sculptures are charming and evocative pieces by French designer Laurent Trebout. Each of the four sculptures explores the landscape of love with various configurations of porcelain figures perched (bravely, one imagines) on wooden blocks. The Pairs Sculptures Laurent Trebout
/images/products/thumbs/1162.jpg The Willi's Board features a meticulously handcrafted solid walnut wood board with six curved bottom mouth blown "Willi" glasses with a tapered handle for ease of serving. Willi's Board Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/101.jpg L'atelier du Vin's Wine Decanter with Developer combines expert engineering with classic design, and is crafted to improve the bouquet and taste of red wine. Wine Decanter with Developer L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/625.jpg Aluminum and bamboo unite in the Z Light Desk Lamp by Ming Yang & Alain Lee. Precise and linear in form, the minimal lamp provides direct task lighting by way of advanced LED technology. Reduced to its most essential form, this light is visually and operationally intuitive. Z Light LED Desk Lamp Alain Lee & Ming Yang