Gifting for Client / Work
Gifting for Client / Work
Luminaire’s gifts for your client or coworker offer functional gift ideas for the hardest bunch to impress. Our curated selection of desk necessities offer functional yet design forward products which make office appropriate gifts with a keen eye for design in common objects. 

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/images/products/thumbs/416.jpg Abstracted to their most essential and defining elements, designer Jean-Sebastien Poncet's Animali Domesticki is a series of minimal, decorative wood animals. Animali Domesticki Jean-Sebastien Poncet
/images/products/thumbs/917.jpg The Blok Marble Tablet Stand designed by Dutch Studio Macura resembles a minimal geometric sculpture. Studio Macura's approach to design is honest and original, capturing a paradox of something that is very distinct and appealing, yet still inherently familiar to people. Blok Marble Tablet Stand Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/730.jpg Designed to look appealing both individually and as a set, DesignWright's Buro desk accessories give a coherent look to the most necessary office tools. Able to be neatly aligned or stacked in any orientation, the functional pieces in the Buro family elevate desk accessories form mundane to chic and interesting. Buro Desk Accessories Set DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/1049.jpg Designed by Ionna Vautrin, the Clover Hanging LED Light is a rechargeable and fun nomad lantern. Characterized for its versatile nature, it can be hung from a multitude of objects such as tree branches, hooks, bikes, or bags creating a cheerful presence. Clover Hanging LED Light Ionna Vautrin
/images/products/thumbs/149.jpg A delicate and immaculate feather on a classic ballpoint pen creates a style perhaps as antiquated as some see letter writing itself. Maison Martin Margiela infuses irony and humor into the feather pen which is adorned with either an Ostrich or Goose plume. Feather Pen Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/757.jpg Jan Philip Holler's Haus Paperweight is a playful object reminiscent of architectural building blocks. Offered in a warm, oiled walnut, the object is inspired by the archetypal imagery of houses and each version is distinguished by its respective roofs - pitched, hip or shed. Haus Paperweight Jan Philip Holler
/images/products/thumbs/610.jpg In today's digital world, our phones, laptops and tablets have become essential items we carry with us daily. But what about handwritten notes, sketches and thoughts? The culture of writing on fine paper is celebrating a comeback and Bindewerk's Inspirations Sketchbook combines quality and style in one sturdy and thoughtful package. Inspirations Sketchbook Bindewerk
/images/products/thumbs/1047.jpg The witty Knowledge in the Brain Bookends by renowned designer Karim Rashid are eclectic and humorous. Knowledge In The Brain Bookends Karim Rashid
/images/products/thumbs/308.jpg With this innovative design, half of a pair of spectacles becomes a magnifying glass. Maison Martin Margiela's La Lunette Magnifying Glass is a whimsical and avant-garde approach to the common object. La Lunette Magnifying Glass Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/1212.jpg Las Escaleras is a game of balance, patience and exploration designed by Javier Bormio in collaboration with Spanish workshop Pico Pao. The small studio nestled in the mountain village of Lubian, Spain was once the home of a single mother with six children. Las Escaleras Javier Bermejo
/images/products/thumbs/848.jpg Designed by Poetic Lab in London Lino is a structured letter opener or paper knife. The solid black matte finish knife has been reduced into merely its outline, which is the only remaining essentiality that defines this object as a knife. Lino Paper Knife Poetic Lab
/images/products/thumbs/970.jpg Resembling an ethereal crystalline microarchitecture, the Liquid Station Desktop Organizer is the ideal accessory for a stylish and design-driven executive. Liquid Station Desktop Organizer Eugeni Quitllet
/images/products/thumbs/1157.jpg The sturdy Little Brush for Keyboard is made with horsehair bristles set into a solid oak handle designed to gently sweep away dust and particles. Little Brush for Keyboard Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/1214.jpg Inspired by the structure of a tree, Los Taburetes is an ingenious game which consists of twelve colored stools with wooden legs and designed by Javier Bermejo in collaboration with Spanish workshop Pico Pao. Los Taburetes Javier Bermejo
/images/products/thumbs/1218.jpg Designed by Eugeni Quillet and named after his daughter, the cubic Ona Radio and Bluetooth Speaker will keep the music playing wherever life takes you. The speaker connects wirelessly to your smartphone or other Bluetooth device, has nine hours battery life and charges to a computer via the included USB cable. Ona Radio and Bluetooth Speaker Eugeni Quitllet
/images/products/thumbs/628.jpg With a rounded, flexible top acting as a stylus for your tablet, Ionna Vautrin's Reed Stylus also doubles as a gel ink pen. The rubber tip, available in three colors, is reminiscent of the archetypal eraser on the top of a pencil which creates a familiar design. Reed Stylus Ionna Vautrin
/images/products/thumbs/1158.jpg Do you like race cars? Designed by German industrial designer Axel Wowereit and manufactured in the Black Forest, the Scooter is hand crafted from native woods with a wool felt bottom for cleaning. Scooter Axel Wowereit
/images/products/thumbs/807.jpg With its cubic form and refined marble finish, Philipp Mainzer's Stop Marble Bookend is a study in reduction. Without any ornamentation or excess, the white Carrara or black Marquina marble piece is a sculptural and useful accessory. Stop Marble Bookend Philipp Mainzer
/images/products/thumbs/494.jpg Aiming to make technology invisible, Beyond Object has created Empty Memory, a striking geometric form that elevates the common USB to a high-design object. This Structure version of the Empty Memory USB explores a widely creative alternative to the run-of-the-mill memory sticks available. Structure Empty Memory USB Flash Drive Poetic Lab