Simple differences in form alter the experience of drinking by enhancing the taste of wine or making pouring from a carafe easier. Luminaire's assortment of glassware takes a considered approach, showcasing creativity, unique form and technique, while still remaining functional. From Gonçalo Campos's soulful Sede Carafes, which cleverly re-imagine the archetypal vessel, to Nil Deniz's handmade Happycell Glassware that takes inspiration from the way people gather together, this collection proves that careful evaluation and consideration elevate common objects to a new level of good design and functionality.
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/images/products/thumbs/575.jpg The flair of drinking whiskey or presenting elegant foods takes on a new style with Charlies Glass Tablet Set from the Blueside 2013 collection. Designer R&D Blueside combines quality and quantity to offer a tranquil piece that fits perfectly with the creative gourmets or casual conversationalists. Charlies Glass Tablet Set R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/1243.jpg The Cin Cin Crystal Glassware designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims captivates with its simple and modern design. A result of centuries old glassmaking tradition, the delicate yet durable glass is mouth blown and hand-finished. Cin Cin Crystal Glassware Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/576.jpg Leonardo Borra's Clessidra Spirit Glass deviates from the common shapes popular in drinking glasses to enhance the impression of the senses. Part of Blueside's 2013 collection, this handmade piece reinvents the concept of smelling and tasting spirits by playing with unexplored forms in creativity and comfort. Clessidra Spirit Glass Leonardo Borra
/images/products/thumbs/493.jpg A companion to his Corky Carafe, designer Andreas Engesvik's Corky Glasses feature the same subtle design and take inspiration from the archetypal shape of classic bottles. Small and light, the set of four drinking glasses compliments the carafe or may be used separately. Corky Glasses Andreas Engesvik
/images/products/thumbs/535.jpg Giving shape to irony, poetry and nostalgia, Laurence Brabant's Decales collection of tumblers incorporate specialized glass-blowing techniques with witty design. Expressive, concentric cylinders are stacked three high, throwing off each vessel's equilibrium yet still retaining balance. Decales Glass Tumblers Laurence Brabant
/images/products/thumbs/1312.jpg A stunning example of traditional design updated through the use of technological innovation, the Emma Thermal Cup range is fashioned of transparent nesting forms. The vessels not only looks good on your countertop, they can hold everything from a hot or cold beverage to serving desserts. Emma Thermal Cup Corrado Dotti
/images/products/thumbs/579.jpg A thrilling emotional design from the Blueside 2013 collection, the Genio Spirit Glass, named after the popular Disney movie Aladdin, enriches the process of consuming spirits by combining ingenuity and innovation in this delightful drinking piece that's held intimately on the palm of the hand. Genio Spirit Glass Leonardo Borra
/images/products/thumbs/521.jpg By one of the masters of modern Italian design, Vico Magistretti, the Grip Glassware collection is a series of understated, well-considered vessels suitable for a wide variety of drinks. With glass increasingly thin, almost to the point of disappearance, the objectivity of the glassware is reduced which focuses attention on the contents rather than container. Grip Glassware Vico Magistretti
/images/products/thumbs/111.jpg With a design influenced by a balloon containing water, Norway Says used glass as the skin to similarly contain liquid. Subtle curves at the top and bottom of the carafe balance the slender form which is punctuated by a shallow spout for pouring. I'm Boo Carafe Norway Says
/images/products/thumbs/527.jpg Through a dedicated exploration of nature realized in subtle communion of unlikely materials, Vanessa Mirtrani's designs are both ethereal and delightful. This experimentation is found within the Lilliput Mug, a cylindrical form of blown-glass topped with pewter sculptures. Lilliput Mug Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/1513.jpg Reduced to a pure essence of form, the Lotta Decanter Set and Ash Base features a minimal design that is attractive and functional. The set includes four glasses as well as a decanter and stopper that combine to provide a perfect collection that creates the ultimate way to enjoy fine whiskeys and other spirits. Lotta Decanter Set & Ash Base Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/549.jpg Inspired by the glass cutting techniques both artisanal and mechanical, Thomas Jenk's Module Two Whiskey Glassware have a look and feel which compliment the tradition of single malt whiskey distillers. Comprised of a set two tumblers and a decanting carafe, the design features opposing spiral profiles cut into the crystal allowing them to mesh together resembling interlocking gears. Module Two Whiskey Glassware Thomas Jenkins
/images/products/thumbs/581.jpg A semispherical thick-walled design from R&D Blueside defines the perfect balance of comfort and taste in the Moon Spirit Glass. The design of the Moon glass seeks the best compromise between a shape that is comfortable to hold and the ultimate olfactory experience. Moon Spirit Glass R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/1446.jpg Hot or cold, make an impactful tabletop presentation with Silodesign's Original Glass Cup. Emblematic of the brand's ethos, the double-walled glass vessel makes hot coffees and teas, as well as appetizers or small desserts like gelato, appear to float. Original Glass Cup Silodesign
/images/products/thumbs/942.jpg The Paddle Water and Wine serving set is designed for serving wine or water at parties or at the dinner table. Inspired by mountain bars in Tyrol, Austria, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially crafted wooden trays. Paddle Water and Wine Serving Set Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/126.jpg The Sade Glassware collection combines soft lines with a refined profile that reflects the delicate nature of glass itself. A long, cylindrical form with a bulbous base in four variations, each drinking glass designed for a particular beverage. Sade Glassware Demirden Design and Hasan Demir Obuz
/images/products/thumbs/876.jpg Serax's Double Wall Shot Glass offers a long and slender timeless shape. The minimal design of the shot glass makes it ideal for a celebratory drink or as a small hors d'oeuvre capsule. Serax Double Wall Shot Glass Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/1300.jpg The tapered, multi-purpose glass is perfect for everyday use or formal occasions. Crafted in mouth-blown glass, it is comfortable to hold, and also allows the set to stack and nest together for compact storage. Stackable Drinking Glasses Norm
/images/products/thumbs/550.jpg By emphasizing the contrast between the smooth, conical form of the body and the massive, irregular cut stems and bases, Jiri Pelcl's Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware is a stunning juxtaposition of glassmaking techniques. A complete set of vessels for the table or bar, the glassware is defined by its architectural approach in form which creates the strong, unique look of each piece. Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware Jiri Pelcl
/images/products/thumbs/1162.jpg The Willi's Board features a meticulously handcrafted solid walnut wood board with six curved bottom mouth blown "Willi" glasses with a tapered handle for ease of serving. Willi's Board Raumgestalt