Anna Torfs

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/images/products/thumbs/381.jpg Belonging to Anna Torfs' Edition Collection, the Armadillo Coupe Vase is a continuation of Torfs' unique approach to glass. Based on geometric shapes that have undergone intense manipulation, Armadillo pushes the boundaries of glass-blowing. Its sharp cuts create the dynamic, energetic sculpture that is both minimal and sensual at the same time. Armadillo Coupe Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/1233.jpg Belgian glass artist Anna Torfs translates centuries old Bohemian glass into extraordinary timeless objects. Utilizing unconventional glass cutting techniques to reveal how the object is made the Double Bubble Solo has a sanded outer 'skin' with a vibrant contrasting center. Double Bubble Solo Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/382.jpg Using traditional Bohemian techniques to produce a timeless range of glass objects, Anna Torfs employs her characteristic combination of geometric forms with dynamic cuts in Mo, a series of spherical glass vases. This free-blown vase has 2 cut sides, which enables this vase to stand in 2 positions. Mo Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/383.jpg Pronounced colors and sharp cuts are investigated in Anna Torfs Traam vase resulting in an object that is dynamic and energetic. Minimal yet wonderfully sensual, Traam is handmade in the Czech Republic and is infused with Torfs' deep understanding of glass-blowing techniques which, although having hardly changed in 200 years, can still allow for an exceedingly contemporary object. Traam Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/957.jpg Combining an earthy bohemian vibe with a modern sensibility, the Vaza Vase by Anna Torfs resembles a round clay pitcher but made more sophisticated and sleek with white-sanded glass. Available in three sizes, the Vaza Vase can be grouped in an incremental form. Vaza Vase Anna Torfs