Carre Royal

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/images/products/thumbs/818.jpg Experience beautifully crafted and quality materials with Paris based brand Carre Royal's minimal Credit Card Envelope Clutch. A triangle with a magnetic snap graces the front of the trifold envelope that includes one zipped pocket and 8 credit card slots with a total of 4 multipurpose pockets. Carre Royal Credit Card Envelope Clutch Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/817.jpg Minimal and practical, the Credit Card Holder designed by Paris based brand Carre Royal is ideal for those who appreciate good craftsmanship and quality materials. Distinguished for its elegance and clean aesthetics, the Credit Card Holder includes 1 pocket and 2 credit card slots. Carre Royal Credit Card Holder Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/819.jpg Stylish Parisian sobriety meets minimalism in Carre Royal's Large Envelope Clutch. A triangle with a magnetic snap graces the front of the envelope that includes 3 compartments and one zipped pocket. Carre Royal Large Envelope Clutch Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/1525.jpg Carre Royal's Sybille Clutch with Shoulder Strap captures the French fashion house's signature effortlessly chic style in an accessory that is both modern and convenient. Small in size, the clutch may be slipped into a larger bag and used as a wallet to hold bank cards and bills and other small items. Carre Royal Sybille Clutch with Shoulder Strap Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/1526.jpg In Carre Royal's Zipped Wallet, the design has been reduced to its most essential elements to create an effortlessly chic accessory that highlights design, material, and craftsmanship. With a full zip, the wallet opens to reveal three credit card slots and a snap closure pocket for coins. Carre Royal Zipped Wallet Carre Royal