Many of our pendant lights create captivating design not by adding ornament but rather, by finding their form through reduction of what is not essential. Both practical and ethereal, Luminaire's collection of suspension lamps seem to magically transform interior spaces. Ranging from Raimond Puts' aesthetically astounding Raimond fixture to classic designs from the Castiglioni brothers, this collection proves that form need not be impeded by function; instead, design is most powerful when all aspects are treated with equal importance.

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/images/products/thumbs/756.jpg A playful, minimalist design, Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec's Aim lamp creates a vivacious tangle of wires that seems to develop and grow like branches or climbing plants. Taking it's main inspiration from nature, the designers have investigated the simplicity of organic forms to create an equally simple and basic object. Aim Pendant Light Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
/images/products/thumbs/274.jpg Ingo Maurer's endlessly flexible ceiling lamp borrows its long, tubular shape from the snake, while remaining a highly functional light. Alizz C. Cooper Ceiling Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/172.jpg Ingo Maurer's Campari Light by Raffaele Celentano takes a design classic - an original Italian Campari glass bottle in unaltered condition with original Campari inside - and turns it into a versatile and beautiful lighting fixture. Campari Pendant Light Raffaele Celentano
/images/products/thumbs/588.jpg By folding flat, geometrically-patterned steel into spherical forms, Nendo creates lighting elements that have a sense of motion. The Dancing Squares lamps appear to roll about but are stable, thanks to their planes, and cast light in different directions with their unique pattern of solids and voids. Dancing Squares Lamps Nendo
/images/products/thumbs/322.jpg Taking its shape from a drop of water, the appropriately named Drop pendant fixture by design firm Fiedeler & Raasch is a considered study in material and form. Produced by Anta, the pendant combines glass and aluminum to create a minimal fixture that exhibits high attention to detail and quality. Drop Pendant Light Fiedeler & Raasch
/images/products/thumbs/472.jpg Reducing the modern pendant light to its most geometric elements, design collective Form Us With Love have created Form, a mouth blown glass cylinder pendant lamp. Form Pendant Light Form Us With Love
/images/products/thumbs/320.jpg A classic pendant light designed in 1978 by Achille Castiglioni for Flos, Frisbi makes a strong sculptural presence and has become an enduring icon of design. Seemingly floating in space, three thin cables support the pendant's opal acrylic diffuser. Frisbi Pendant Light Achille Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/351.jpg A suspension lamp inspired by the heyday of Modernism from British design savant, Jasper Morrison, Flos' Glo-Ball Pendant Light features a mouth-blown spherical glass diffuser and casts a large, soft pool of light, ideal for dining and atmospheric settings. Glo-Ball S1 Pendant Light Jasper Morrison
/images/products/thumbs/173.jpg An homage to Achille Castiglioni's Parentesi lamp of 1971, which ran from floor to ceiling and was kept taut by a counter-weight, Ingo Maurer's Hot Achille lamp consists of a freely rotatable aluminum reflector hung on a length of adjustable cable. Hot Achille Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/350.jpg A member of Ingo Maurer's MaMo Nouchies, and created in collaboration with Dagmar Mombach, Ingo Maurer's Jimken pendant light takes inspiration from from the traditional Japanese technique of paper folding. Jimken Pendant Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/321.jpg Clear lines and exacting details combine harmoniously in Jorg Zeidler's Juni pendant light for Anta. A cylinder of matte-finished aluminum, the pendant has a graceful presence and provides direct down-lighting for a variety of applications. Juni Pendant Light Jorg Zeidler
/images/products/thumbs/797.jpg Strips of bamboo are bent into into a series of concentric circles that form a half sphere in Ay Illuminate's Lump Bamboo Pendant Light. Based in the Netherlands, Ay Illuminate produces rich, textural lighting in Asia and Africa. Lump Bamboo Pendant Light Ay Illuminate
/images/products/thumbs/798.jpg Inspired by nature and various cultures, Ay Illuminate's May is a graceful hanging light. Made of braided bamboo placed around a slightly conical cylinder, May takes its organic form the sea urchin. May Braided Bamboo Pendant Light Ay Illuminate
/images/products/thumbs/168.jpg Slim and simple, Miss is a revolutionary suspension fixture. Just over one inch in diameter, the column stretches the light source down with dramatic results. Miss Pendant Light Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/860.jpg Designed by Konstantin Gric, the OK Lamp floor to ceiling lamp is composed of an ultra-flat LED light emitting disk hung from a wire resembling a hanging sun. Composed of a flat circular shape with a wire that works like a rail and runs from ceiling to floor, the pendant is directable over 360 degrees balanced by a cone shaped counterweight. OK Lamp Konstantin Grcic
/images/products/thumbs/331.jpg Inspired by a sketch drawn by Pio Manzù and designed in tandem with Achille Castiglioni in 1970, the Parentesi Lamp from Flos fixture represents a culmination of the modernist manifesto: form following function, subtraction of ornamentation, and the composition of a product that draws beauty from its form. Parentesi Lamp Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù
/images/products/thumbs/341.jpg Designed by mathematics professor Raimond Puts, Moooi's Raimond Suspension Light is a sphere created from a series of triangular shapes. The intricate inner and outer frames are joined at the LED terminals creating an ethereal lighting fixture. Raimond Suspension Light OX-ID and Raimond Puts
/images/products/thumbs/340.jpg Inspired by the plaster molding in his own home, Marcel Wanders' Skygarden suspension light for Flos features a small garden-like escape viewed simply by looking up into the globe fixture. A surprise interior, intricate old-fashioned details including leaves, flowers, and branches balance with the clean, minimal exterior. Skygarden S1 Suspension Light Marcel Wanders
/images/products/thumbs/332.jpg Originally created for the restaurant and beer-house of the same name in 1960, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni's Splugen Brau by Flos is a classic pendant light that still retains its modern appeal. Splugen Brau Pendant Light Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/861.jpg Minimal and poetic like a pencil line drawn in the air, Michael Anastassiades' String Light is a study in reduction and simplicity of form. Inspired by train travel, the designer saw the perfectly parallel electrical cables run along the tracks. String Light Michael Anastassiades
/images/products/thumbs/473.jpg A practical lamp with strong character, Thomas Bernstrand's Studio pendant lamp is a study in reducing the archetypal industrial lamp to its essence. Realized in cast aluminum that has been sandblasted and powder coated giving the appearance of cast iron, the pendant lamp reflects the contemporaneous tendency to interpret classic designs with a modern approach. Studio Pendant Light Thomas Bernstrand
/images/products/thumbs/339.jpg With a simple, archetypal form, Alexander Taylor's Tank S2 Pendant Light for Established and Sons features repetitious and rhythmic folds of sheet metal which provide a dramatic effect. Tank S2 Pendant Light Alexander Taylor
/images/products/thumbs/474.jpg More than a simple lampshade, Iskos-Berlin's Under The Bell pendant light creates a unique environment that establishes a space within the bigger space of the room. The large shade of the lamp embraces and shelters the people below it both physically and in a more abstract sense. Under The Bell Pendant Light Iskos-Berlin
/images/products/thumbs/796.jpg Based in the Netherlands, Ay Illuminate produces rich, textural lighting in Asia and Africa. Inspired by nature and various cultures, the Urchin Tall Bamboo Pendant Light features an organic shape and natural materials. Urchin Bamboo Pendant Light Ay Illuminate
/images/products/thumbs/342.jpg Designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the Viscontea pendant light remains a classic staple of modern lighting design. With its unique "cocoon" resin exterior, the suspension fixture is iconic and identifiable. Viscontea Pendant Light Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/171.jpg Consisting of love letters written in different languages, Ingo Maurer's Zettel'z 5 encourages the user to interact with the lighting fixture by arranging the sheets of paper to form a chandelier. Zettel'z 5 Chandelier Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/774.jpg Capturing the poetic essence of Ingo Maurer's lighting design, the iconic Zettel'z 6 Chandelier invites the owner to participate in the design. A blend of art, sculpture, and light, Zettel'z 6 is composed of 80 pieces of Japenese paper that, with typical tongue-in-cheek fashion of Maurer, are secured to stainless steel wires with paperclips. Zettel'z 6 Chandelier Ingo Maurer