Whether carrying your everyday essentials or toting your laptop, bags make a perfect accessory for everyday use. Luminaire’s curated range of bags for laptops, phones and leisure, all feature stunning displays of ingenuity and distinctive designs. Whether looking at bags from Naoto Fukasawa's traditional Japanese paper Siwa collection or one of Makio Hasuike functional and ergonomic bags for daily commuting, each item incites an emotional response.
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/images/products/thumbs/714.jpg Incorporating a variety of colors and materials from remnants left after furniture production, the Amarimono Tote unites these disparate elements in a unique and one-of-a-kind bag. Produced in Asahi, a region long known for its furniture and silk production, the bag is a synthesis of the area's legacies. Amarimono Tote Bag Showa Shoji Company
/images/products/thumbs/763.jpg Maharam's Amsterdam Bag evokes a simple and refined attitude with its subtle mixture of materials and pure form. Made of waxed cotton canvas, the bag is as sturdy and durable as it is attractive while the leather handles create a soft contrast to the bag's body. Amsterdam Bag Maharam
/images/products/thumbs/818.jpg Experience beautifully crafted and quality materials with Paris based brand Carre Royal's minimal Credit Card Envelope Clutch. A triangle with a magnetic snap graces the front of the trifold envelope that includes one zipped pocket and 8 credit card slots with a total of 4 multipurpose pockets. Carre Royal Credit Card Envelope Clutch Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/817.jpg Minimal and practical, the Credit Card Holder designed by Paris based brand Carre Royal is ideal for those who appreciate good craftsmanship and quality materials. Distinguished for its elegance and clean aesthetics, the Credit Card Holder includes 1 pocket and 2 credit card slots. Carre Royal Credit Card Holder Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/819.jpg Stylish Parisian sobriety meets minimalism in Carre Royal's Large Envelope Clutch. A triangle with a magnetic snap graces the front of the envelope that includes 3 compartments and one zipped pocket. Carre Royal Large Envelope Clutch Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/1525.jpg Carre Royal's Sybille Clutch with Shoulder Strap captures the French fashion house's signature effortlessly chic style in an accessory that is both modern and convenient. Small in size, the clutch may be slipped into a larger bag and used as a wallet to hold bank cards and bills and other small items. Carre Royal Sybille Clutch with Shoulder Strap Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/1526.jpg In Carre Royal's Zipped Wallet, the design has been reduced to its most essential elements to create an effortlessly chic accessory that highlights design, material, and craftsmanship. With a full zip, the wallet opens to reveal three credit card slots and a snap closure pocket for coins. Carre Royal Zipped Wallet Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/555.jpg Inspired by motifs from the plant world, botanical collections and british horticulture, textile designer Margarete Hausler creates pieces that are fabricated using traditional craft skills. Her Dip-Dye Tote Bag, made of Lithuanian linen, features a hand applied color gradient using dye from mineral pigment. Dip-Dye Tote Bag Margarete Häusler
/images/products/thumbs/1059.jpg Fluid and organic, the Dressbag is a minimal and versatile shoulder bag. Designed by Elena Zuin, the bag is characterized for its fluid shape that subtly blends and becomes a natural extension of the wearer's body. Dressbag Shoulder Bag In.Zu
/images/products/thumbs/762.jpg Konstantin Grcic's Frame bag combines durable industrial materials with refined aesthetics for a bag that is functional and intriguing. Displaying its architecture on the exterior, PVC webbing creates a sturdy frame while the nylon skin keeps the bag lightweight and soft to the touch. Frame Bag Konstantin Grcic
/images/products/thumbs/1490.jpg The How To Live Canvas Tote Bags are designed to enhance your daily life with their thoughtful details and minimal aesthetic. Made of durable thick canvas, the bags feature clean lines and unobtrusive aesthetic of the tote bags transcend passing styles and instead presents an enduring design that is appropriate for various daily activities. How To Live Canvas Tote Bags How To Live
/images/products/thumbs/1370.jpg The unisex, utilitarian Ayako Messenger Bag by Paris-based Isaac Reina is perfect for laptops, documents and the daily business of life. The structured bag can be worn on the shoulder (the strap is adjustable) or held by the shorter side handles. Isaac Reina Ayako Messenger Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1524.jpg Rich and supple leather accentuates the modern and minimal lines of Isaac Reina's elevated leather accessories. As its name implies, the Big Cover Clutch is covered by a flap that conceals a variety of storage areas within its minimal design, making it the perfect accessory for an active individual on the go. Isaac Reina Big Cover Clutch Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1068.jpg Understated sophistication characterizes Paris Based Isaac Reina's Bond Weekend Bag. The simple and functional bag is an ideal travel piece for long weekend escapades. Isaac Reina Bond Weekend Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1523.jpg In Isaac Reina's Carsten Shoulder Bag, the designer's past training as an architect is on full view in the attention to detail, form, and material of the accessory. The rectilinear bag is a study in simplicity; eschewing the superfluous, Reina has reduced the classic shoulder bag to its most essential elements. Isaac Reina Carsten Shoulder Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/827.jpg Blending Utilitarianism and human warmth, Paris based Isaac Reina presents his new under-the radar collection with the functional Corner 24 Hours Bag. His leather goods recall geometric and monochromatic aesthetics evident from his architecture background, which he studied in his native Barcelona. Isaac Reina Corner 24 Hours Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/828.jpg Recalling geometric and monochromatic aesthetics in all his leather goods, Isaac Reina's Dopp Kit is the ideal travel or toiletry kit for working professionals. Ideal for a frequent traveler with appreciation for fine craftsmanship and superb materials, the Paris based Isaac Reina presents his new under-the radar collection with a heavy emphasis on architecture, which the designer studied in his native Barcelona. Isaac Reina Dopp Kit Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1520.jpg Isaac Reina translates his fascination with architecture into a series of structured leather pouches perfect for storing and transporting makeup and toiletries. Made of supple, natural leather, the Pill Boxes express an innate understanding of material as well as a mastery of construction and form. Isaac Reina Pill Boxes Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1069.jpg Made by Paris based Isaac Reina, the Pilot Tote Bag is an all-purpose yet chic piece. Ideal for an active individual, the bag is available in black cotton or fine double tanned calfskin leather. Isaac Reina Pilot Tote Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/870.jpg Recalling geometric and monochromatic aesthetics in all his leather goods, Isaac Reina's Pleated Box Clutch is the perfect complement for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and superb materials. Isaac Reina Pleated Box Clutch Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1522.jpg Combining luxury materials with pared down aesthetics, Isaac Reina's minimal accessories favor enduring design over passing trends. The Isaac Reina Round Tote features the familiar shape of the ubiquitous bag with a subtle twist: the bottom is circular for a modern and fresh interpretation of a classic item. Isaac Reina Round Tote Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1369.jpg The Small Magic Satchel, designed by Paris-based Isaac Reina, is a zip-around satchel that can be worn on the shoulder or held by hand, thanks to a detachable and adjustable strap. This versatile bag features a main compartment and three interior slip pockets, and can be turned into a small suitcase when fully opened. Isaac Reina Small Magic Satchel Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/873.jpg Blending elegance with comfort, Paris based Isaac Reina presents the classic Standard Weekend Bag. The functional and versatile bag has a simple rectangular shape with two handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Isaac Reina Standard Weekend Bag Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1519.jpg Rich and supple leather accentuates the modern and minimal lines of Isaac Reina's Ultra Soft Tote. The understated bag features a compelling blend of sparse utilitarianism and human warmth that makes it the perfect accessory for the fashionable individual who seeks an unpretentious yet luxurious item for everyday use. Isaac Reina Ultra Soft Tote Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/909.jpg Experience the blending of fine Italian craftsmanship with avant garde design in Sabina Betti's adjustable messenger and hand Tube Bag. Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, the abstract and practical bag is ideal for a variety of uses. Jaquio Tube Bag Sabina Betti
/images/products/thumbs/764.jpg With the aim of achieving a design that was strong but simple, designer Klaartje Martens' Karel Shoulder Bag succeeds at being a subtle and refined shoulder bag for everyday use. Approaching the bag as a puzzle, Martens folded one piece of fabric to generate the form while minimizing stitching and optimizing function. Karel Shoulder Bag Klaartje Martens
/images/products/thumbs/1329.jpg With its minimal design and innovative construction, Stefan Diez's Kuvert Clip Bag is a stylish and functional pouch for toiletries and other small items. Constructed without any stitching, the proprietary high quality coated polyester fabric is inventively heat-welded together to create a watertight seal perfect for travel. Kuvert Clip Bag Stefan Diez
/images/products/thumbs/1330.jpg Robust, water-resistant and extremely lightweight, Stefan Diez's Kuvert Folding Bag is a minimal toiletry case for the discerning individual. Open the inventive button closure and the bag unfolds to three times its length to keep everyday essentials organized while on the go. Cleverly, the punched same hole that keeps the bag closed allows the bag to be hung in the bathroom providing easy access to your travel products. Kuvert Folding Bag Stefan Diez
/images/products/thumbs/961.jpg Functional and lightweight, Stefan Diez's Kuvert Garment Bag is constructed without any stitching and instead is welded together. Kuvert Garment Bag Stefan Diez
/images/products/thumbs/1447.jpg A traditional technique becomes the inspiration for a thoroughly modern accessory. In Ando's Penny Bag, fabric is carefully manipulated to create a geometrically-driven texture. This striking manipulation is inspired by the process of creating shibori, a Japanese manual dyeing technique which produces patterns similar through folding and wrapping fabric. Penny Bag Ando
/images/products/thumbs/1053.jpg The Premium Passport Holder is a classic and understated accessory for the busy executive. It includes an elastic band to hold a pen, and other compartments to store cards or your boarding pass. Premium Passport Holder Lexon Design
/images/products/thumbs/303.jpg An innovative combination of traditional craft and contemporary design, Naoto Fukasawa has partnered with Onao, one of Japan's oldest paper manufacturers for the Siwa collection of bags and accessories. Versatile and sturdy, the Square Tote makes a perfect everyday companion. Siwa Paper Square Tote Bag Naoto Fukasawa
/images/products/thumbs/304.jpg An innovative combination of traditional craft and contemporary design, Naoto Fukasawa has partnered with Onao, one of Japan's oldest paper manufacturers for the Siwa collection of bags and accessories. Perfect for carrying small items like eyeglasses, the Small Pouch holds essentials items that can easily get lost in a larger bag. Siwa Small Paper Pouch Naoto Fukasawa
/images/products/thumbs/765.jpg Konstantin Grcic brings his characteristic design to the the traditional shoulder bag giving it a makeover with unique materials, strong character and extra functionality. The Tube Shoulder Bag is perfectly suited for urban life with its durable polyurethane shell and padded ripstop nylon interior. Tube Shoulder Bag Konstantin Grcic
/images/products/thumbs/766.jpg Looking to create a bag that featured a minimum use of materials while remaining tactile and visually interesting, Klaartje Martens' designed the Twin Tote Bag as an everyday carryall. Waxed cotton canvas patinas over time to create interesting character while nylon handles provide durable support for the refined bag. Twin Tote Bag Klaartje Martens