Able to elevate drinking a glass of wine or cup of coffee from habitual occurrence to special occasion, these accessories are poetic examples of the surprising and innovative power of design. From corkscrews and decanters that harmoniously combine form and function, to glassware and carafes that highlight the artisanal skills of trained craftspeople, Luminaire's collection is unified by the careful attention to details found in each object. These drinking accessories garner an emotional connection to the user and effectively convey design's transformative power.
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/images/products/thumbs/105.jpg Flowing like a small waterfall over a series of ridges, Fried Ulber's Aero Decanting Pourer allows wine to unfold its rich bouquet of flavors in a short amount of time. Aero Decanting Pourer Fried Ulber
/images/products/thumbs/1258.jpg Light, transparent and pure, the elegant Bambus Glass Carafe references the relaxing and meditative bamboo of Zen gardens and the primary element of water to create a thoroughly functional, yet harmonious item. Hand blown in Italy, the set comprises a carafe and drinking glass. Perfect for use at your dining table or bedside table. Bambus Glass Carafe Sottovoce
/images/products/thumbs/1646.jpg United by their simple, sinuous form, the Bambus Glassware features a colorful inverted dimple at the bottom of each vessel. The playful coloration adds a unique twist to the common while serving a clever purpose - the color can designate who is drinking from which glass. Bambus Glassware Sottovoce
/images/products/thumbs/642.jpg Give longer life to wine leftovers by sucking the air out of the bottle to prevent oxidation. DesignWright's Blade Vacuum Pump Stopper is a dynamic and attractive design that is a must have for any wine lover. Blade Vacuum Pump Stopper DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/644.jpg Designed to open wine bottles with ease, DesignWright's Blade Waiter's Corkscrew is a simple tool that functions seamlessly. With a rubberized surface, the tool fits snugly in your hand ensuring a good grip as you remove the cork from your wine. Blade Waiter's Corkscrew DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/1056.jpg Sleek and ethereal, the Boccia Glass Jug is reminiscent of something out of a chemistry experiment. Boccia Glass Jug Zaven
/images/products/thumbs/1260.jpg The modern and playful Caipirinha Pitcher is the work of Japanese-Italian studio Mist-O. The delicately tinted vessel is a remarkable combination of multiple stacked color blocks, which makes it appear as if it has liquid in it already. Caipirinha Pitcher MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/445.jpg Playful and engaging, Claudio Colucci's Carafe Un Verre offers a unique take on the classic wine jug. As if placed by magic inside the container, a wine glass rises from the base to create an interesting sight. Depending on how you fill it, the carafe's inner glass may look as if it is full or, make it fuller and watch the glass become submerged. Carafe Un Verre Claudio Colucci
/images/products/thumbs/1411.jpg The Cement Mug is an homage to the basics in terms of materials and shapes. There are the elements of water, clay and sand man used to invent mortar, cement and concrete, foundational to our daily lives and homes. The design is purposely rough and "primitive," composed not simply of elemental materials but of basic shapes, such as cylinders, trunks, cubes, cones and disks. Cement Mug Frederick Gautier
/images/products/thumbs/1410.jpg The roughly-hewn Cement Teapots pay tribute to the raw elements of water, clay and sand man used to invent mortar, cement and concrete, basic materials in our daily lives and our homes. These teapots, designed by Frederick Gautier, are further inspired by the architecture fashioned from these materials, and especially by Le Corbusier and the mid-1900s Brutalist movement in architecture. Cement Teapots Frederick Gautier
/images/products/thumbs/654.jpg Designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, the CFF CP Mocha Cups is a set of two double wall, stainless steel mugs with saucers for espresso drinks. The remarkable design is a distillation of Alessi's 2003 Tea & Coffee Tower Project which invited famous architects to design - often for their first times - a limited edition tea and coffee services. CFF CP Mocha Cups Set Jean Nouvel
/images/products/thumbs/655.jpg Designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, the CFF CP Coffee Spoons are sculptural mirror polished stainless steel accessories for enjoying your coffee or espresso. The remarkable design is a distillation of Alessi's 2003 Tea & Coffee Tower Project which invited famous architects to design - often for their first times - a limited edition tea and coffee services. CFF CP Mocha Spoons Set Jean Nouvel
/images/products/thumbs/448.jpg An exceptional hand-crafted small vessel, Takumi Shimamura's Chanto Espresso Cup combines the natural beauty of wood with the traditional craft of lacquering resulting in an object with a gentle form and beauty. The Japanese designer, who has developed projects for such companies as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Fujitsu, builds upon traditional craftwork found in his native country. Chanto Espresso Cup Takumi Shimamura
/images/products/thumbs/575.jpg The flair of drinking whiskey or presenting elegant foods takes on a new style with Charlies Glass Tablet Set from the Blueside 2013 collection. Designer R&D Blueside combines quality and quantity to offer a tranquil piece that fits perfectly with the creative gourmets or casual conversationalists. Charlies Glass Tablet Set R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/594.jpg Kazuhiko Tomita's Ciacapo Cast Iron Teapot takes its inspiration from traditional Japanese design without affecting the quality of the materials or the functionality of the object. Available in two sizes, the teapot is a robust and sturdy design that is perfect for brewing a flavorful cup of tea. Ciacapo Cast Iron Teapot Kazuhiko Tomita
/images/products/thumbs/1445.jpg Fun, function, and form unite in Silodesign's Classic Glass Cup. Pour your favorite beverage inside the double-walled glass cup and watch the liquid appear to float. Best of all, the design serves a practical purpose; two walls of glass produce an insulating layer that keeps hot drinks hot while remaining cool to the touch outside. Classic Glass Cup Silodesign
/images/products/thumbs/576.jpg Leonardo Borra's Clessidra Spirit Glass deviates from the common shapes popular in drinking glasses to enhance the impression of the senses. Part of Blueside's 2013 collection, this handmade piece reinvents the concept of smelling and tasting spirits by playing with unexplored forms in creativity and comfort. Clessidra Spirit Glass Leonardo Borra
/images/products/thumbs/1700.jpg Driven by his natural curiosity and a desire to push the boundaries of material, Francesco Corvi reimagines useful objects with an attention to form and function. His Concrete Wine Cooler utilizes material and form to create an unexpected and dynamic accessory for storing bottles. Concrete Wine Cooler Francesco Corvi
/images/products/thumbs/649.jpg Norm's Menu Cool Breather is an ingenious carafe that does for white wine what has long been considered an absolute must-do for red wine. This revolutionary innovation from Menu aerates and opens up the wine, accelerating the aroma experience and upgrading the taste sensation in one swift process. Cool Breather Carafe Norm
/images/products/thumbs/648.jpg Take advantage of pleasant weather and bring your chilled wine along with Jakob Wagner's Cool Coat Picnic. The stylish, portable wine cooler is made of sturdy cloth that does not allow condensation from the bottle to soak through. Cool Coat Picnic Jakob Wagner
/images/products/thumbs/1153.jpg Designed as a kit and made from sturdy, yet humble materials, the Corkscrew by Moritz Wenz is an honest object that forces you to slow down and appreciate the small details you'd normally overlook. Corkscrew Moritz Wenz
/images/products/thumbs/492.jpg Inspired by the archetypal bottle form, Andreas Engesvik's Corky Carafe is a straightforward combination of glass and cork that functions equally as well as a wine carafe, water jug or even a milk bottle. Corky Carafe Andreas Engesvik
/images/products/thumbs/493.jpg A companion to his Corky Carafe, designer Andreas Engesvik's Corky Glasses feature the same subtle design and take inspiration from the archetypal shape of classic bottles. Small and light, the set of four drinking glasses compliments the carafe or may be used separately. Corky Glasses Andreas Engesvik
/images/products/thumbs/135.jpg Part of the legendary Cylinda Line, Arne Jacobsen's iconic Cylinda Creamer is made of 18/8 gauge stainless steel that has been carefully brought to a polished satin finish. As groundbreaking as it was when it was conceived in 1967, the creamer makes a stark functionalist addition to any coffee preparation routine. Cylinda Creamer Arne Jacobsen
/images/products/thumbs/136.jpg Part of the legendary Cylinda Line, Arne Jacobsen's iconic Cylinda Sugar Bowl is made of 18/8 gauge stainless steel that has been carefully brought to a polished satin finish. As groundbreaking as it was when it was conceived in 1967, the creamer makes a stark functionalist addition to any coffee preparation routine. Cylinda Sugar Bowl Arne Jacobsen
/images/products/thumbs/536.jpg Laurence Brabant's Decales collection of glassware combines specialized glass-blowing techniques with witty design while remaining highly functional. Adding intrigue and delight to the tabletop, the Decales Carafe features an expressive form that bridges art and design. Decales Carafe Laurence Brabant
/images/products/thumbs/535.jpg Giving shape to irony, poetry and nostalgia, Laurence Brabant's Decales collection of tumblers incorporate specialized glass-blowing techniques with witty design. Expressive, concentric cylinders are stacked three high, throwing off each vessel's equilibrium yet still retaining balance. Decales Glass Tumblers Laurence Brabant
/images/products/thumbs/1299.jpg The elegant patented Decanting Pourer And Vacuum Stopper makes wine more enjoyable. The decanting pourer oxygenates, filters and splits the wine enhancing the aroma and flavor in a single pour. The vacuum stopper removes air from open bottles allowing you to enjoy a glass of wine later. Decanting Pourer And Vacuum Stopper Torben Flanbaum
/images/products/thumbs/1120.jpg Designed by Marianne Guedin, the Designerbox #6 - Tree For 2 Carafe is a decanter that includes a beautiful glass tree at the bottom. Designerbox #6 - Tree For 2 Carafe Marianne Guedin
/images/products/thumbs/1313.jpg An important ingredient in the kitchen deserves a beautiful vessel to hold it. Thanks to its irregular varying volumes and curved angles, the fluid double-wall silhouette perfectly showcases the skilled tradition of Italian glassmaking as well as being an eye-catching bowl for sugar or spice and everything nice. Emma Sugar Bowl Corrado Dotti
/images/products/thumbs/1312.jpg A stunning example of traditional design updated through the use of technological innovation, the Emma Thermal Cup range is fashioned of transparent nesting forms. The vessels not only looks good on your countertop, they can hold everything from a hot or cold beverage to serving desserts. Emma Thermal Cup Corrado Dotti
/images/products/thumbs/1311.jpg Made of double-walled borosilicate glass, the unique teapot design incorporates negative space between the inner and outer layer, placing emphasis on the ritual of pouring. Brewed tea appears to float within creating a dynamic visual experience, resulting in an elegant object with a timeless aesthetic and flawless function. Emma Thermal Teapot Corrado Dotti
/images/products/thumbs/428.jpg A clever and refreshing reinterpretation of the archetypal carafe, Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume's Entonnoir visualizes what would happen if one object swallowed another. Part of the Stomach series of objects, the resulting carafe combines various styles and creating a confrontation between silhouettes with sharp angles and curves evoking stretched elasticity of an intestinal wall. Entonnoir Carafe Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume
/images/products/thumbs/1115.jpg The Family Tea Cups designed by Rock Galpin, are a beautiful set of 4 cups each with a unique shape. The four cups can be stacked one on top of the other creating a sculpture like form. Family Tea Cups Rock Galpin
/images/products/thumbs/271.jpg A simple form at home with any glassware, Daff's Felt Coasters combine the rich texture of high-quality merino wool felt with a wide range of vivid colors. Felt Coasters Daff Design
/images/products/thumbs/112.jpg A functional carafe with sophisticated lines, Fia by Nina Jobs is perfect for wine or water and features a glass sphere that acts as a stopper. Fia Carafe Nina Jobs
/images/products/thumbs/131.jpg A sophisticated and practical teapot, Filio allows you to place your favorite tea in the stainless steel mesh sieve and watch the leaves unfold freely as they release their aroma. Filio Teapot Tassilo von Grolman
/images/products/thumbs/1508.jpg Designer Monika Lubkowska-Jonas finds beauty in the sublime with her Flask, an all glass interpretation of the archetypal vessel. Flask Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/656.jpg A simple form that reflects the function of the object, Jakob Wagner's Flow Milk Jug is a refreshingly simple object for the table. The designer sought to create a harmonious form from four elements: one hole to fill the jug, one hole to pour from, a low center of gravity and a generous form for comfortable grip. Flow Milk Jug Jakob Wagner
/images/products/thumbs/110.jpg Simple and efficient, L'atelier du Vin's Foil Cutter features two circular hardened steel blades that quickly and easily cut through the foil wrap on wine bottles. The perfect companion to any corkscrew. Foil Cutter L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1565.jpg Recalling the primitive forms of ancient terracotta jugs, Normal Studio's Fresh Wine Basque Carafe is a modern interpretation of an essential tabletop accessory that pays homage to historical tradition and material. The carafe takes advantage of the natural cooling properties of terracotta to maintain or bring down the wine's temperature, making it a useful accessory for dining indoors or out. Fresh Wine Basque Carafe Normal Studio
/images/products/thumbs/1184.jpg French designer Sam Baron loves to reinterpret traditional methods of construction, raising questions about the utility of today's material productions. This appropriation is present in the baroque inspired Futiles Glass Carafe produced in collaboration with Rome-based gallery Secondome. Futiles Glass Carafe Sam Baron
/images/products/thumbs/579.jpg A thrilling emotional design from the Blueside 2013 collection, the Genio Spirit Glass, named after the popular Disney movie Aladdin, enriches the process of consuming spirits by combining ingenuity and innovation in this delightful drinking piece that's held intimately on the palm of the hand. Genio Spirit Glass Leonardo Borra
/images/products/thumbs/884.jpg The Geometry Cup and Saucer is the result of the meeting between Belgian ceramist Ann Van Hoey and chef Peter Goossens. Characterized by its perfectly round handle the cup evokes an elegant and harmonious dance of shapes. Geometry Cup and Saucer Ann Van Hoey
/images/products/thumbs/885.jpg The Geometry Milk Cup is the result of the meeting between Belgian ceramist Ann Van Hoey and chef Peter Goossens. Manufactured by Serax, it is made of bone china, known for its chip resistance, and characterized by a creamy white color and high gloss. Geometry Milk Cup Ann Van Hoey
/images/products/thumbs/109.jpg A gently undulating form serves as a unique bottle for gin. In his characteristic colors of white with blue trim, Piet Stockmans' set of a bottle and two beakers is housed in a handmade wood box making it a perfect gift. Gin Bottle and Beakers Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/580.jpg The Giss Liquid Container from Steroglass captures an inviting reaction at the dinner table uniquely as a result of the quiet yet expressive silhouette designed to hold a determined amount of liquid without taking much space. Giss Liquid Container R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/113.jpg Referencing the traditional hat of governors in ancient Chinese culture, the Governor Tea Set features double wall glass which keeps the tea hot while preventing the user to be scalded by the exterior. Governor Tea Set Demirden Design and Hasan Demir Obuz
/images/products/thumbs/521.jpg By one of the masters of modern Italian design, Vico Magistretti, the Grip Glassware collection is a series of understated, well-considered vessels suitable for a wide variety of drinks. With glass increasingly thin, almost to the point of disappearance, the objectivity of the glassware is reduced which focuses attention on the contents rather than container. Grip Glassware Vico Magistretti
/images/products/thumbs/898.jpg Greek traditions meet modern and sleek Italian design in the Hidria Water Jug designed by Stefania Vasques for Diamantini and Domeniconi. The exaggerated size of the Hidria Water Jugs allows them to be used creatively as a vase or pitcher. Hidria Water Jug Stefania Vasquez
/images/products/thumbs/1156.jpg Pop the cap off your favorite craft beer or soda with the House Bottle Opener. Designed by Elke Cisarz, this clever functional item that fits comfortably into the hand and smoothly opens every bottle cap. House Bottle Opener Elke Cisarz
/images/products/thumbs/1321.jpg This handy kitchen essential keeps your bubbly and wine crisp. The colored rooftops transform each table into a little village. A great housewarming present or a gift to yourself. House Bottle Stopper Daphna Laurens
/images/products/thumbs/145.jpg Yung-Ho Chang's wine decanter takes an organic form, enlivening the dining experience. When in use, the wider round body of the Hulu Red Wine Decanter allows enough room for oxidization, which is maximized by the position of the decanter in its base. Hulu Red Wine Decanter Yung-Ho Chang
/images/products/thumbs/106.jpg Through poetic exploration, Yung-Ho Chang's Hulu Wine Carafe balances the reflection on ancient Chinese design and ritual with contemporary production processes. Hulu Wine Carafe Yung-Ho Chang
/images/products/thumbs/111.jpg With a design influenced by a balloon containing water, Norway Says used glass as the skin to similarly contain liquid. Subtle curves at the top and bottom of the carafe balance the slender form which is punctuated by a shallow spout for pouring. I'm Boo Carafe Norway Says
/images/products/thumbs/1084.jpg The innovative Icicle Ice Bucket is characterized for the inverted funnel shaped structure within the cylinder bucket that cleverly separates the ice in the upper half of the elegant glass vessel from the slowly accumulating pool of water below. Icicle Ice Bucket Rodolfo Dordoni
/images/products/thumbs/934.jpg Designed by Katarina Andersson, the Iglo Crystal Glass Jars from Covo are both elegant and useful. The shape resembles an old milk bottle with a sleek and elegant design. Iglo Crystal Glass Jars Covo
/images/products/thumbs/1647.jpg The Inbottiglia Carafes make a dynamic impact with their playful and engaging designs. As if placed by magic within the glass vessels, a second, interior glass rises from the base to create a stunning display on the tabletop. Inbottiglia Carafes Fabiana Mastropaolo & Bianca Scarfati
/images/products/thumbs/196.jpg Uniquely embracing the meeting of two traditions - Asian zen philosophies and modern Scandinavian design - Norm's Kettle Teapot features a transparency that grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch, and smell alike. Kettle Teapot Norm
/images/products/thumbs/1471.jpg In Italian designer Denis Guidone's Kokeshi Bottle, the collectible wooden Japanese dolls inspired the bottle's unique form. Here, a slender borosilicate glass vessel references the doll's body while a bulbous cork stopper references the doll's enlarged head. Kokeshi Bottle Denis Guidone
/images/products/thumbs/1648.jpg Italian designer Denis Guidone references the iconic form of the Japanese Kokeshi dolls in his glassware collection for Ichendorf Milano. The Kokeshi Color Glass Carafes feature a slender trunk-like body in pink or green capped with an oversized, bulbous amber glass top just like the traditional wooden collectibles. Kokeshi Color Glass Carafes Denis Guidone
/images/products/thumbs/617.jpg Uncork bottles quickly and easily with L'Atelier du Vin's elegant corkscrew. L'Artiste Vertical Lever Corkscrew's organic shape recalls the smooth pebbles of the Graves terrain in Bordeaux. L'Artiste Corkscrew L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/134.jpg Perfect for serving either coffee or tea, Piet Stockmans' La Mer Coffee & Teapot features a gently curved handle and removable lid. Capturing the essence and refinement of Piet Stockmans' porcelain objects, the vessel combines the designer's characteristic colors and surface texture into a functional tabletop object. La Mer Coffee & Teapot Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/425.jpg Elevating everyday accessories to objects of desire, Piet Stockmans injects his careful attention to detail and expert handling of material in the La Mer Creamer, an elegant solution for the daily coffee and tea routine. La Mer Creamer Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/424.jpg Elevating everyday accessories to objects of desire, Piet Stockmans injects his careful attention to detail and expert handling of material in the La Mer Sugar Container, an elegant solution for the daily coffee and tea routine. La Mer Sugar Container Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/1072.jpg With exquisite attention to detail and expert handling of materials, the renowned Belgian ceramist Piet Stockmans created the La Mer Tea Cup and Saucer set. A sophisticated solution to your tea routine, the set includes two tea cups and saucer with corresponding sugar and creamer containers. La Mer Tea Cup and Saucer Set Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/1423.jpg Celebrate your passion for all things wine with Le Ratelier A Outils Du Vin, a collection of indispensable tools from the renowned French wine accessory house L'Atelier du Vin. Houses in a handsome beechwood box are a curated selection of popular tools from the French brand that allows the budding connoisseur to maximize the enjoyment and experience of opening and preserving wine and champagne. Le Ratelier A Outils Du Vin L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/527.jpg Through a dedicated exploration of nature realized in subtle communion of unlikely materials, Vanessa Mirtrani's designs are both ethereal and delightful. This experimentation is found within the Lilliput Mug, a cylindrical form of blown-glass topped with pewter sculptures. Lilliput Mug Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/1320.jpg As a result of the distinctive manufacturing process, the award-winning flask has an inflated liquid look similar to a mylar balloon or a foil juice container. The result is a sipper that stands out from traditional flask silhouettes, with its elegant shine and distinctive look. Liquid Body Flask The Principals
/images/products/thumbs/1513.jpg Reduced to a pure essence of form, the Lotta Decanter Set and Ash Base features a minimal design that is attractive and functional. The set includes four glasses as well as a decanter and stopper that combine to provide a perfect collection that creates the ultimate way to enjoy fine whiskeys and other spirits. Lotta Decanter Set & Ash Base Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/706.jpg Inspired by the concept of purifying and re-interpreting the aesthetic beauty found in everyday objects, designer Catherine Lovatt's porcelain beaker subtracts from the archetypal form creating a functional object with a unique design language. Perfect for coffee and tea, the beaker coordinates with the rest of the Lovatt collection. Lovatt Beaker Catherine Lovatt
/images/products/thumbs/1291.jpg The elegant and minimalistic Lovatt Carafe designed by Belgian ceramicist Catherine Lovatt subtracts from the traditional archetype to create a functional object with a unique design language. Available in matte white or soft grey, the Lovatt Carafe is ready to become part of your daily routine. Lovatt Carafe Catherine Lovatt
/images/products/thumbs/1292.jpg Short and stout, the Lovatt Teapot is a modern riff on the traditional teapot. Available in matte white or soft grey, the Lovatt Teapot offers a perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Lovatt Teapot Catherine Lovatt
/images/products/thumbs/1561.jpg Sinuous in form, the Mami Whiskey Tumbler features a distinct design that evokes the characteristic curvaceous stylings of its designer, Stefano Giovannoni. Made of clear crystal, the glass elevates the table setting without overpowering it, bringing a considered sophistication to any dining space. Mami Whiskey Tumbler Stefano Giovannoni
/images/products/thumbs/549.jpg Inspired by the glass cutting techniques both artisanal and mechanical, Thomas Jenk's Module Two Whiskey Glassware have a look and feel which compliment the tradition of single malt whiskey distillers. Comprised of a set two tumblers and a decanting carafe, the design features opposing spiral profiles cut into the crystal allowing them to mesh together resembling interlocking gears. Module Two Whiskey Glassware Thomas Jenkins
/images/products/thumbs/581.jpg A semispherical thick-walled design from R&D Blueside defines the perfect balance of comfort and taste in the Moon Spirit Glass. The design of the Moon glass seeks the best compromise between a shape that is comfortable to hold and the ultimate olfactory experience. Moon Spirit Glass R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/883.jpg The Night Bottle is ideal for a bedside table and a thoughtful addition to a guest room. Night Bottle Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/114.jpg Paying homage to Japanese craft and tradition, the Nomu Teapot combines ceramic and cork to form a functional tabletop object. The turned cork creates a heatproof sleeve which allows users to serve tea freely and appreciate the tactile quality of the materials. Nomu Teapot Lee West
/images/products/thumbs/629.jpg A complete and luxurious set of L'Atelier du Vin's most iconic pieces, the Oeno Box Collector features tools to make the opening, preserving and tasting of wines and champagnes more enjoyable. Housed in a custom oak and leather box and featuring a folded map of Europe's wine regions, six tools from the legendary French company are brought together in one kit. Oeno Box Collector L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1368.jpg A magnificent gift for the wine connoisseur, L'Atelier du Vin's Oeno Box Connoisseur is a complete and luxurious collection of the French brand's most iconic tools for opening, serving and preserving wine and champagne. Presented in a custom maple and birch box, the tools are arranged alongside a place to add a bottle of wine or champagne, making it a perfect present. Oeno Box Connoisseur L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1446.jpg Hot or cold, make an impactful tabletop presentation with Silodesign's Original Glass Cup. Emblematic of the brand's ethos, the double-walled glass vessel makes hot coffees and teas, as well as appetizers or small desserts like gelato, appear to float. Original Glass Cup Silodesign
/images/products/thumbs/1562.jpg Recalling the classic lines of archetypal glassware, the Orseggi Whiskey Tumbler is a pure and modern drinking glass rooted in history. Designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the legendary brothers responsible for icons of 20th century Italian design including the famed Arco Lamp, the whiskey tumbler was originally designed in 1965 for an exhibition of modern design. Orseggi Whiskey Tumbler Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/939.jpg The Paddle Duo Espresso Set is designed for serving espresso at drink parties or after dinner. Inspired by mountain bars in Tyrol, Austria, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially crafted wooden trays. Paddle Duo Espresso Set Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/942.jpg The Paddle Water and Wine serving set is designed for serving wine or water at parties or at the dinner table. Inspired by mountain bars in Tyrol, Austria, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially crafted wooden trays. Paddle Water and Wine Serving Set Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/1629.jpg Scholten & Baijings' Pastel Champagne Cooler is the result of experimentation with a range of traditional Czech glass blowing techniques. The contemporary form features a combination of silvered glass and pastel colored gradients referencing the designer's work with layering colors and textures to create surprising finishes. Pastel Champagne Cooler Scholten & Baijings
/images/products/thumbs/1672.jpg With sinuous forms flowing upward from slender stems, Josef Hoffmann's Patrician Glassware makes a striking statement on the tabletop. The sophisticated collection of four glasses remains a classic over 100 years after its original design thanks to its timeless and well-balanced shape. Patrician Glassware Josef Hoffmann
/images/products/thumbs/1262.jpg Designed by Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani of studio Mist-O, the clean structure of the carafe is perfect for elegant entertaining or for everyday dining. Each borosilicate glass piece is formed and fired by hand. The sleek body of the carafe moves up to a narrower rim, with the characteristic spout creating a shape reminiscent of its namesake, the penguin. Penguin Glass Pitcher MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/1272.jpg The elegant hand-blown glass Perched Carafe collection takes its name from the crisp raised transparent base on which it stands. This feature allows for a safe and elegant grip, making serving easy. A jewel-toned stopper rests in the neck, preventing over-oxidation. Perched Carafes L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/290.jpg Simple, practical, and elegant, the Pina Espresso Coffee Maker is the first design in the Alessi collection by prolific Italian minimalist Piero Lissoni. Pina Espresso Coffee Maker Piero Lissoni
/images/products/thumbs/866.jpg Manufactured by Poets and designed by Studio Formafantasma, Pinch are a collection of elegant glass containers with a witty metal clip sustaining them. Poets is a project by Massimo Lunardon in which he grouped five designer friends to create a series of table glassware full of poetry. Pinch Studio Formafantasma
/images/products/thumbs/1494.jpg Combining simple function with elevated beauty, the Pop Corkscrew by Athanasios Babalis is a whimsical way to open wine. The unique design adds a fun twist to the common bar accessory: with a quick twist, the sinuous handle is designed to spin rapidly on a surface in precise balance just like the traditional childhood spinning top toys. Pop Corkscrew Athanasios Babalis
/images/products/thumbs/1019.jpg Before the line comes the dot - the smallest, most basic element in design. Inspired by this starting point, the renowned Milanese architect Giulio Cappellini created the Puntino Demitasse as a salute to the design process. Puntino Demitasse - Set of Two Giulio Cappellini
/images/products/thumbs/1576.jpg With its soft, round shape, the Rondo Whiskey Glass brings a distinct presence to the tabletop and bar area. The familiar, spherical glass is designed for maximum drinking enjoyment: it comfortably fits in the hand thanks to its bulbous form and the glass's wide opening allows the aroma of whiskey to radiate from the beverage the drinker's nose. Rondo Whiskey Glass Covo
/images/products/thumbs/126.jpg The Sade Glassware collection combines soft lines with a refined profile that reflects the delicate nature of glass itself. A long, cylindrical form with a bulbous base in four variations, each drinking glass designed for a particular beverage. Sade Glassware Demirden Design and Hasan Demir Obuz
/images/products/thumbs/128.jpg Re-imagining the archetypal form of a carafe, designer Goncalo Campos has given soul to his Sede series of blown glass vessels. By assuming various positions like a living creature, these carafes express movement through the subtle differences in each version. Sede Carafes Goncalo Campos
/images/products/thumbs/876.jpg Serax's Double Wall Shot Glass offers a long and slender timeless shape. The minimal design of the shot glass makes it ideal for a celebratory drink or as a small hors d'oeuvre capsule. Serax Double Wall Shot Glass Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/744.jpg An assortment of three mouth-blown, carafes offer proper storage for a variety of wines. Serax Maison's Tall Ice Decanter, Clear Decanter and Lying Decanter each feature sinuous curves and bulbous forms providing a relaxed and organic element for the tabletop. Serax Glass Decanting Carafes Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/882.jpg The Serax Glass Espresso Cup with Saucer carries an understated minimal elegance. The espresso cup blends into the ambiance with its simple design made of glass. Serax Glass Espresso Cup With Saucer Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/702.jpg With a geometric bas-relief pattern and a range of subtle colors, Chris Mestdagh's Sigillata Signature collection of dinnerware adds texture to the tabletop. Raw and unglazed on the exterior and glazed on the interior, the cups come in two sizes for coffee and tea. Sigillata Signature Cups Chris Mestdagh
/images/products/thumbs/1444.jpg Form meets function in the Silo Bottle, a double-walled insulated vessel that keeps beverages at their intended temperature longer. Made of glass, the pure and modern design of the bottle is an attractive addition to the tabletop and may be mixed and matched with the rest of the Silo collection for a cohesive tablescape. Silo Bottle Silodesign
/images/products/thumbs/500.jpg Sin Azumi's Snowman Milk Pitcher finds inspiration for its relaxed lines and harmonious proportions in the organic form of a drop of water. Perfect for use during breakfast with coffee or during formal meals, the white porcelain form works well with a wide variety of dinnerware. Snowman Milk Pitcher Shin Azumi
/images/products/thumbs/102.jpg In one fluid and continuous motion using an ingenious gear system, the Soft Machine wine opener extracts the cork without any torsion or effort. Soft Machine Corkscrew L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/314.jpg With its streamlined design and rationalist aesthetic, Achille and Pier Giaccomo Castiglioni's Splugen Bottle Opener for Alessi eschews ornamentation and unnecessary details in favor of an accessory where form follows function. Splugen Bottle Opener Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/1300.jpg The tapered, multi-purpose glass is perfect for everyday use or formal occasions. Crafted in mouth-blown glass, it is comfortable to hold, and also allows the set to stack and nest together for compact storage. Stackable Drinking Glasses Norm
/images/products/thumbs/1566.jpg Expressing a purity of material and a sensitivity to form, the Still Carafe captures the distinct design ethos of Belgian ceramicist Piet Stockmans. The porcelain vessel features a pure, rectangular body that is accented by an elongated cylindrical top designed to make serving liquids a simple and memorable experience. Still Carafe Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/550.jpg By emphasizing the contrast between the smooth, conical form of the body and the massive, irregular cut stems and bases, Jiri Pelcl's Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware is a stunning juxtaposition of glassmaking techniques. A complete set of vessels for the table or bar, the glassware is defined by its architectural approach in form which creates the strong, unique look of each piece. Stone Bohemian Crystal Glassware Jiri Pelcl
/images/products/thumbs/287.jpg Infusing her own personal, nordic interpretation of simplicity into a range of products for Alessi, Kristiina Lassus' mirror-polished stainless steel Tau Tray is a concise and considered design. Tau Tray Kristiina Lassus
/images/products/thumbs/1815.jpg With its refined geometric elements and compelling visual lightness, Jader Almeida's Teca Bar Cart makes a bold statement in any interior. Designed with functionality in mind, the modern cart is made for effortless entertaining. The solid metal frame is supported by four metal disc wheels that feature an offset axel which gives the impression floating. Teca Bar Cart Jader Almeida
/images/products/thumbs/1261.jpg The work of Japanese-Italian studio Mist-O, the Tequila Sunrise Pitchers are a combination of color, form and function. Each borosilicate glass piece is formed and fired by hand, an evolution that both makes use of and furthers tradition. Tequila Sunrise Pitchers MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/815.jpg Combining the fluid nature of glass with the subtlety of wood, Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta's Tess Carafe is an elegant addition to the tabletop or bar. With a pure simplicity and sensuous form, the carafe acts as a vessel for juice or water while also decanting wine. Tess Glass Carafes Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta
/images/products/thumbs/1273.jpg Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly between the thumb and forefinger, the Stopper Wine Stop prolongs and preserves opened bottles of wine. Made from durable silicone rubber, the stopper is suitable for most bottle sizes and can also be used to preserve opened bottles of olive oil or vinegar. The Stopper Wine Stop L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1395.jpg The Thermos' sleek, minimalist design is an elegant container for the highly effective functionality of the steel insert, which ensures hot beverages for up to six hours, maintaining a minimum temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius). The thermos is from Zone, the award-winning Danish design company. Thermos Zone Denmark
/images/products/thumbs/103.jpg An innovative wine opener that adds elegance and ease to the uncorking experience, the Tire Bouchon Classic corkscrew is the perfect companion for any wine lover. Tire Bouchon Classic Corkscrew L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/1057.jpg Designed by Studio Zaven the Torri Glass Carafe is characterized for its irregular body and long neck. Torri Glass Carafe Zaven
/images/products/thumbs/618.jpg Designed for glasses and carafes, the Universal Developer from L'Atelier Du Vin means that finally, each person can have a glass or carafe of wine aerated according to their personal tastes. Universal Developer L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/710.jpg With an matching cup and saucer, Piet Stockmans' UnoDueTre Espresso Set is perfect for enjoying coffee drinks. Referencing his characteristic forms, textures and materiality, the versatile range of porcelain dinnerware combines a raw and unglazed exterior with a smooth and glossy interior. UnoDueTre Espresso Set Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/1660.jpg Belgian ceramicist Piet Stockmans transforms porcelain into ethereal works of art that delight the senses while providing function. For his set of two Upside Down Champagne Beakers, the designer carefully crafts paper-thin porcelain into special vessels for drinking. Upside Down Champagne Beakers - Set of 2 Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/387.jpg A carafe with a sinuous, elegant line made of mouth-blown glass, Todd Bracher's Vas is a refreshingly simple take on a common object. Vas Carafe Todd Bracher
/images/products/thumbs/359.jpg With designer Jakob Wagner's Vignon Wine Thermometer for Menu, you can take the temperature of your wine and get the most from the taste. Vignon Wine Thermometer Jakob Wagner
/images/products/thumbs/1572.jpg Harmoniously joining beauty with functionality, the Vinicio Decanter features an avant-garde design that makes a striking presence on the tabletop. The unique jagged structure of the neck ensures perfect oxygenation of the wine during the transfer, aerating the wine for full-body taste without waiting time. Vinicio Decanter R&D Blueside
/images/products/thumbs/541.jpg Clever in design, Studio Macura's Vino Cork Stopper hides a second talent. When not in use as a cork stopper for wine, the object may be reversed and used as a bottle holder. Vino Cork Stopper Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/858.jpg The XLBOOM Vino wine rack is a modern way to store your favorite wines in a way reminiscent of pop art. The rack allows you to store up to 12 bottles of wine. Vino Wine Rack XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1573.jpg Frederic Gooris' Virgula Divina Bottle Opener combines the form of the archetypal dowsing rod with an ergonomic approach that makes the ideal shape to grab the cap off of bottles. The forked endings of the bar tool feature a sinuous form that fits naturally into the hand for a comfortable grip. Virgula Divina Bottle Opener Frederic Gooris
/images/products/thumbs/1304.jpg The mouth-blown Water Jug with Smart Lid makes pouring effortless and includes an ingenious 'smart' lid that automatically opens when you pour. The attractive design is welcome wherever water is needed, from a formal dinner party to a lazy weekend breakfast. Water Jug with Smart Lid Pil Bredahl
/images/products/thumbs/1577.jpg A contemporary iteration of traditional glassware, the Wiener G Satz Shot Glass exudes a sense of simple elegance with its sinuous silhouette and uncomplicated form. Designed for elevating everyday rituals the crystal glass is characterized by its abbreviated stem. Wiener G Satz Shot Glass POLKA
/images/products/thumbs/1162.jpg The Willi's Board features a meticulously handcrafted solid walnut wood board with six curved bottom mouth blown "Willi" glasses with a tapered handle for ease of serving. Willi's Board Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/101.jpg L'atelier du Vin's Wine Decanter with Developer combines expert engineering with classic design, and is crafted to improve the bouquet and taste of red wine. Wine Decanter with Developer L'Atelier du Vin
/images/products/thumbs/647.jpg An ingenious way to oxygenate your wine, Norm's Wine Breather Carafe allows you to seamlessly pour the wine directly from the bottle into the carafe. Remarkably, in under two minutes, you can achieve the same aeration that typically would take one to two hours to complete by using a traditional carafe. Winebreather Carafe Norm
/images/products/thumbs/607.jpg Takumi Shimamura combines 400-year old Japanese wood cutting techniques and historic kimono tapestry weaving with modern industrial processes to create the spectacularly thin Woodum range of wood placemats and coasters. The soft and durable coasters are made are made of a thin sheet of sliced wood which is soaked in resin making it both highly waterproof and scratch-proof. Woodum Coasters Takumi Shimamura