The clocks selected by Luminaire, ranging from legendary icons of minimalist design to whimsical iterations of timekeeping that mix new technology with traditional forms, represent designs that find the most interesting solutions to a singular functional concern. From a classic Dieter Rams clock, to the Qlocktwo's mesmerizing and innovative use of words instead of numerals, each clock blends function with stunning design.
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/images/products/thumbs/388.jpg The weighty 4th Dimension wall clock stands out thanks to its unusual material: concrete. Created by the Taiwanese industrial design firm 22 Design Studio, the three-pound clock resembles a circular staircase with each hour represented by a miniature triangular step. 4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock 22 Design Studio
/images/products/thumbs/1539.jpg Reduced to a simple gesture, the Arris Wall Clock is a poetic design inspired by the nature of reflecting on the passing of time. Crafted from a single mirror disk of steel, the wall clock is bent along the middle axis to reveal an undulated surface that recalls the passing of time in its movement. Arris Wall Clock Adam Cornish
/images/products/thumbs/729.jpg Samuel Wilkinson's Babylon collection of desk accessories are defined by their geometric, modern appearance. The twelve-sided alarm clock has raised markings on the face to indicate the hours, with white hands for telling the time contrasted by a green alarm hand. Babylon Alarm Clock Samuel Wilkinson
/images/products/thumbs/302.jpg An object with a cult following, Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs' travel alarm clock for Braun highlights the mastery of good design and functionalism that has been made famous by its legendary designer. Braun Travel Alarm Clock Dieter Rams & Dietrich Lubs
/images/products/thumbs/895.jpg Experience eternal Spring with the Butterfly Wall Clock designed by Susanne Philippson. Made in Italy by Diamantini & Domeniconi, butterflies appear to take flight with liberation and a perfect touch of happiness. Butterfly Wall Clock Susanne Philippson
/images/products/thumbs/289.jpg A reminder of the days before mobile phones and computers became the standard method of telling time, Pio Manzu's Cronotime Desk Clock for Alessi artfully explores its function by delivering the time in a clear and cheerful manner. Cronotime Desk Clock Pio Manzu
/images/products/thumbs/197.jpg A modern cuckoo clock that hints at the past while remaining firmly in the present, Cucu by Milanese designer Pascal Tarabay is crafted in laser cut metal. Adding whimsy and humor to any space, the cuckoo clock is complete with a bird that comes out of its house and sings. Cucu Cuckoo Clock Pascal Tarabay
/images/products/thumbs/1151.jpg Rather than rely on wood, the Cucu Wall Clock by Milanese designer Pascal Tarabay for Diamantini & Domeniconi, has evolved into a thoroughly modern iteration in lacquered laser cut steel. Cucu Wall Clock Pascal Tarabay
/images/products/thumbs/1722.jpg With a design that exudes a quiet sophistication from every angle, Minimalux’s Disc Clock does double duty, able to be hung on a wall of resting on a table. The clock features a concave face with a mirror polished finish that reflects the clock's hands. Disc Clock Minimalux
/images/products/thumbs/1050.jpg Wake up in luxury with this Dream Time clock designed by Eugeni Quitllet. Characterized for its witty and soft design, it includes two knobs that organically form part of its design resembling a small little creature that tells time. Dream Time Alarm Clock Eugeni Quitllet
/images/products/thumbs/781.jpg With pure lines and a pleasant form, Sebastian Herkner's Felt Two Table Clock makes an attractive statement with its rich materiality. Made from 60% recycled PET felt, the clock stands out for its unique material. Felt Two Table Clock Sebastian Herkner
/images/products/thumbs/1203.jpg Designed by Sebastian Herkner, the Felt Wall Clock uses an unexpected, sustainable material for an original look and feel. In consideration of time and material usage, this clock is made out of 60% PET, a felt polyester derived from recyclable plastic bottles. Felt Wall Clock Sebastian Herkner
/images/products/thumbs/1221.jpg The soft geometry of the Fine Alarm Clock designed by Pauline Deltour establishes a contrast between femininity and the industrial process. The inspiration for the clock came from elegant early 20th century Parisian minaudieres, an invention attributed to Charles Arpels of Van Cleef and Arpels. Fine Alarm Clock Pauline Deltour
/images/products/thumbs/899.jpg The Flip LCD Alarm Clock by British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright is ingenious yet simple. When the top of the alarm clock says ON, the alarm is set. When the alarm sounds in the morning just flip the clock over to the OFF side and the alarm will cease. Flip LCD Alarm Clock DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/1744.jpg The Flip LCD Travel Alarm Clock is a smaller, lighter version of the ingenious yet simple, top-selling Flip Alarm Clock by British designers Jeremy and Adrian Wright. When the top of the alarm clock says ON, the alarm is set. When the alarm sounds in the morning just flip the clock over to the OFF side and the alarm will cease. Flip LCD Travel Alarm Clock DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/183.jpg Sebastian Wrong has combined twelve different fonts to create the Font Clock, with a wink to the British 24 hour design icon. Available in three sizes, Font clock seemingly displays the fonts randomly, only to have them all run together for 5 minutes at one time per day. Font Clock Sebastian Wrong
/images/products/thumbs/1167.jpg Intelligent and functional, the compact Gingko Cube Click Clock can tell you the time, date and temperature at the snap of your fingers or the clap of your hands. The sleek rubberized cube is ingeniously designed with a touch sensitive snooze and gravity controlled alarm. Gravity Cube Click Clock
/images/products/thumbs/1207.jpg The source of inspiration for the Hazy Wall Clock by Amsterdam based designer Ivan Kasner was blurred images. The clock features a semi-opaque polypropylene face, whose attributes recall the experience of looking through fogged or frosted glass. Hazy Wall Clock Ivan Kasner
/images/products/thumbs/1168.jpg Designed in London, the LED Calendar Wall Clock is a minimal art object and functional digital calendar/clock made of aluminum, LED lights and ABS glass. LED Calendar Wall Clock
/images/products/thumbs/1165.jpg Don't snooze and loose - start every morning with a personal touch. The simple yet functional LED Message Click Clock, designed in London, can be personalized with your very own message. Message Click Clock
/images/products/thumbs/1044.jpg Exuding understated sophistication, the Norm Marble Wall Clock designed by Norm Architects is a simple and timeless accessory. Norm Marble Wall Clock Norm Architects
/images/products/thumbs/1209.jpg A timeless way to tell time. Wiebe Teertstra's One 35 Index Wall Clock combines the principles of good design to create an enduring object that is simple, functional, and modern. One 35 Index Wall Clock Wiebe Teertstra
/images/products/thumbs/564.jpg Creatively using material as the driving force of its design, Ding 3000's Pieces of Time Wall Clock features 12 pie-shaped wood inlays as a means to tell time. The 12 sections coordinate to the standard clock but require no graphics to tell time and instead the difference in graining from each piece distinguishes the hour and minute. Pieces of Time Wall Clock Ding 3000
/images/products/thumbs/1164.jpg The Plex Cuckoo Wall Clock is a modern and playful take on timekeeping available in three vibrant colors. Plex Cuckoo Wall Clock Diamantini & Domeniconi
/images/products/thumbs/307.jpg Envisioned as a no-nonsense item, Jasper Morrison's AC 01 Alarm Clock for Punkt is reduced to its essentials both in form and function. Reintroducing characteristics of the traditional alarm clock, Morrison's design is intended to replace the use of mobile phones as a waking devise. Punkt Alarm Clock Jasper Morrison
/images/products/thumbs/184.jpg Qlocktwo makes you pause and allows a different view of time. Biegert & Funk have designed a typographic clock that, rather than tell time through numerals, tells time through descriptive words. In this clock, rather than simply display 6:45, the clock displays "it is quarter to seven". Qlocktwo Clock Biegert & Funk
/images/products/thumbs/324.jpg Featuring the same award-winning design as its big sister, the Qlocktwo Touch Table Alarm Clock by Biegert & Funk adds specialized alarm clock technology to its unique design. Featuring a front panel which tells the time in simple, descriptive words, the clock allows for a different view of time. Qlocktwo Touch Table Alarm Clock Biegert & Funk
/images/products/thumbs/1208.jpg Designer Erwin Termaat encourages the viewer to observe time from a different perspective. The 12 stepped segments of the Scope Wall clock place emphasis on the inseparable elements of light and time. Scope Wall Clock Erwin Termaat
/images/products/thumbs/1499.jpg For Spanish designer Jose Maria Reina, a clock is not simply another object of utility. In his Swing Pendulum Clock, the traditional object receives a refreshed makeover with modern materials and a refined design. Swing Pendulum Clock Jose Maria Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1205.jpg The minimalistic Tile Clock by Amsterdam based designer Robert Bronwasser can either stand alone on a table or be hung on a wall. The softened square shape in combination with timeless ceramics and contemporary bamboo clock-hands gives this clock its understated character. Tile Clock Robert Bronwasser
/images/products/thumbs/503.jpg DesignWright's Titan LED clock appears lighter and softer than other digital designs, both in it's sleek, elongated shape and in the simple, balanced size of the left-aligned numbers. At the same time, Titan offers all of the features one would look for in any digital clock radio. Titan LED Clock Radio DesignWright
/images/products/thumbs/546.jpg Finnish designer Ari Kanerva's Tiuku Standing Pendulum Clock transforms the conventional structure of the grandfather clock into the ideal urbane representation of utility and consistency. Defying the original ornate and decorative traditions of such objects, the design eschews the superfluous and instead focuses on the minimal form which is devised by the object's function. Tiuku Standing Pendulum Clock Ari Kanerva
/images/products/thumbs/1204.jpg The contrast in the Tone Clock is not formed by the colors itself, but by its tone on tone finish. Dutch designer Weibe Teertsra has used subtle details to emphasize the clock's unique appearance. Tone Wall Clock Wiebe Teertstra
/images/products/thumbs/185.jpg Adding an ingenious twist to the traditional analog clock, Sam Hecht has designed Two Timer to function as two clocks in one for different time zones. Realizing that cities continue to experience mass movements of people, Hechts has illustrated that even with different time zones, we are of one world. Two Timer Wall Clock Sam Hecht
/images/products/thumbs/1555.jpg Reduced to a striking expression of geometry, the Void Clock combines the purity of a circle with the strength of a square for a compelling design that embodies architectural motifs. Designed by Eugeni Quitllet, the analog clock consists of a circular body inserted into a translucent square frame presenting a dynamic visual tension between contrasting shapes. Void Clock Lexon Design
/images/products/thumbs/1166.jpg Designed in London, the Wall Click Clock offers a fresh interpretation to the conventional wall clock. Using a floating aluminum effect surface, the blue LED display can be sound activated to only show on the sound of a click or the clap of your hands, hence its name - "click". Wall Click Clock
/images/products/thumbs/1206.jpg More than two hands, this clock is a sculptural composition displaying time. Frankfurt based Reinhard Dienes broke the mold with the Wyzer Wall Clock by eliminating the clock face. Wyzer Wall Clock Reinhard Dienes