Coat Racks
Coat Racks
Inventive solutions to storing coats and other clothing, coat racks mix functionality with clever design. Luminaire's collection - featuring Naoto Fukasawa's stunning Bincan system, which highlights the designer's signature reduction of clutter, as well as Wardrope and its unexpected rope structure - shows the poetic harmony of form and function.
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/images/products/thumbs/418.jpg An ingenious product that features a strong design and clever function, Gustav Hallen's Arrow Hanger opens to reveal a horizontal hanging ledge. When closed, the Arrow remains on the wall as a graphic object that still features three hooks to hang clothing and accessories. Arrow Hanger Gustav Hallen
/images/products/thumbs/825.jpg Designed by Italian Alessandro Dubino, the Aster Coat Rack is an eye catching statement piece that is both functional and unique. Created from the desire of making a simple and practical object, the freestanding coat rack is ideal for the entrance area of a home or office making a sculpture out of an essential. Aster Coat Rack Alessandro Dubini
/images/products/thumbs/315.jpg The stunning, pure lines of the Bincan system adapt themselves to any kind of surrounding - both in your home or in a commercial environment. By prolific Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, the Bincan Coatrack has been reduced to its most essential elements. Bincan Coat Rack Naoto Fukasawa
/images/products/thumbs/1714.jpg Luis Arrivillaga's Ceiba Coat Rack unfolds to reveal a graphic structure that provides various places to hang jackets and accessories. The clever wooden complement features four elements that open and close around a central linchpin, creating a sculptural form that takes on a new shape from each view point. Ceiba Coat Rack Luis Arrivillaga
/images/products/thumbs/560.jpg With its essential design, Nendo's Clip Coat Rack is a refined solution for hanging garments and accessories. With its clean lines and modern aesthetic, the coat rack is ready to hold your jacket when you walk indoors. The simple design is perfect for a variety of environments and decors. Clip Coat Rack Nendo
/images/products/thumbs/1122.jpg The Clou Coat Pegs are a minimal set of 3 hooks that elevates a coat hanger to sculptural value. Quiet and elegant, the set is available in bright yellow, orange and red; or grey tones. Clou Coat Pegs - Set of Three ENO Studio
/images/products/thumbs/1335.jpg Let your coats fly free with Bos en Couvee's Flying Hooks. The whimsical design eschews the traditional archetype of wardrobes and clothes storage, opting instead to use coat hangers suspended from the ceiling resulting in a dramatic and playful effect. Flying Hooks Bos & Couvee
/images/products/thumbs/638.jpg By refusing excess and summoning emotional response with sensitivity and harmony, each piece in Henry Timi"s collection bears the charm of aesthetic perfection. In the Gruccia Clothes Stand , Timi has followed his minimal aesthetics to create a simple and functional place to store your clothing or towels. Gruccia Clothes Stand Henry Timi
/images/products/thumbs/226.jpg Fusing cultural reflection with advanced technology, London based design team Doshi Levien has created a range of products for the bathroom. Made from stainless steel tubes, the Kali Towel Stand features curved double frame which provide space for lager bath towels and additional hand towels. Additionally, the stand may be used as a clothes valet, suitable for trousers, shirts, and coats. Kali Towel Stand Doshi Levien
/images/products/thumbs/1004.jpg Characterized by its fine details and impeccable craftsmanship, the Knax Wall Mounted Coat Rack elevates an everyday item to a new elegant dimension. Knax Wall Mounted Coat Rack Harrit & Sørensen design
/images/products/thumbs/198.jpg Inspired by the abstracted form of trees, Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen has designed Latva as a coat rack and room divider. The Finnish word for tree-top, Latva can be arranged in groups to create a thicket of trees on which to hang your coats. Latva Coat Rack Mikko Laakkonen
/images/products/thumbs/417.jpg Inspired by the abstracted form of trees, Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen's Latva Wall Mounted Coat Rack is an innovative and functional accessory. The Finnish word for tree-top, Latva's modern design resembles the shrubbery and forests of Finland and adds texture and function to wall surfaces from the entryway to the bedroom. Latva Wall Mounted Coat Rack Mikko Laakkonen
/images/products/thumbs/596.jpg A true multi-tasker, Living Divani's Mate Clothes Valet is equally useful as a chair or for storing everyday essentials. Designed by the Milanese creative duo a+b, Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro, Mate features a powder-coated square tubular frame that creates the unique ladder like backrest. Mate Clothes Valet (a+b) Dominoni and Quaquaro
/images/products/thumbs/1228.jpg The utilitarian Mirror Hook has simple curves and is made from solid oak with a blue tinted mirror attached to its surface. The hook can hung alone as minimal objets d'art or used to accommodate coats or displaying your favorite jewelry. Mirror Hook ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/619.jpg The coat hook becomes an element of style and personality with Peg, Jonah Takagi's colorful wooden accessory. Simple and linear, the hook made in ash wood and painted in different colors. Peg Wall Coat Hook Jonah Takagi
/images/products/thumbs/1583.jpg Pure in form and honest in material, the Peg Wall Coat Rack by Raumgestalt is a simple and useful accessory for the wall. The rack features a familiar linear design, building on historic archetypes that recall Shaker motifs while refining it with careful craft and selected materials. Peg Wall Coat Rack Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/1419.jpg The Piano Coat Rack is an elegant, multi-purpose wall-mounted hanger panel that features clever foldable hooks that adjust across the width of the hanger, at four different heights. More than a coat rack, the functional piece can hold anything from clothes to bags, and can be adapted to various rooms. The hooks can be reconfigured, or "played," as with a piano keyboard. Piano Coat Rack Patrick Seha
/images/products/thumbs/810.jpg As ingenious as it is elegant, Jonathan de Pas, Donato d'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi's Sciangai Folding Coat Rack is an enduring design classic. Sciangai can fold down to take up less space when not in use and when opened, each pole may be used to hang coats, hats, or other pieces of clothing. Sciangai Folding Coat Rack De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi
/images/products/thumbs/637.jpg An icon of modern design by one of Italy's most celebrated designers, the Servomanto Coat Rack by Achille Castiglioni is an enduring classic still relevant today. Featuring a tubular vertical post with six arms to hold coats, scarves and bags, Servomanto is a functional accessory for the home whether in the entryway or bedroom. Servomanto Coat Rack Achille Castiglioni
/images/products/thumbs/433.jpg A witty adaptation of a common object, Maison Martin Margiela's Shoe Tree Wall Hook cleverly repurposes a shoe tree as a hook for the wall. Slightly modified from the original object of inspiration, the "heel" of the shoe tree has been refitted with a hook and the "underside" of the object features mounting hardware for the wall. Shoe Tree Wall Hook Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/248.jpg Based on a simple rope structure, the clever Wardrope hanging coat rack has hooks mounted on rope that provide an ingenious storage solution for clothes, bags, or any other item that needs a home. Wardrope Hanging Coat Rack Veronika Wildgruber and Susanne Stofer
/images/products/thumbs/1500.jpg A design solution for everyday life. Andres Martinez's Welcome Set is a versatile collection of sculptural wooden elements that enliven the walls with thoughtful design and considered functionality. Welcome Set Andres Martinez
/images/products/thumbs/1009.jpg Wing, a wall-mounted coat hanger, animates a wall with the flow and movement of its gently striated arms that twist and turn to create a sculptural like composition. Wing Wall Mounted Coat Rack Lievore Altherr Molina