Decorative accessories should be stunning, and add distinctive personality, texture and uniqueness to interior spaces. Luminaire continually sources the best products that offer fresh viewpoints and intriguing combinations of cultural reference, craftsmanship and intriguing form. From Anna Torfs' architecturally cut glass vessels to Piet Stockmans' mastery of ceramics, these objects are sure to delight and offer emotionally compelling design.
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/images/products/thumbs/1240.jpg The 8ung! Multicolor Glass Bowl is fashioned by Belgian glass artist Klaar Prims, by weaving threads of colored glass together. The layers of glass feature all the colors of the rainbow and are formed and fused together over a mold into an intricate seamless form 8ung! Multicolor Glass Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1721.jpg Minimalux’s A Candleholder conveys a sense of quiet luxury through a harmonious union of sculptural appearance and practical functionality. The minimal candleholder features a tapering, conical form that holds a standard taper candle to create an elevated atmosphere in the home. A Candle Holder Minimalux
/images/products/thumbs/1371.jpg The narrow, cylindrical Acropora Vase, available in two sizes, is inspired by coral and reflects the contrasting strength and fragility of the natural world in its form, material and colors. The porcelain vase features a solid base transitioning to a more ephemeral upper body, with a dark exterior and light interior. Acropora Vase Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/1409.jpg The innovative Africa Stacking Vessel is much more than the sum of its parts: glass and soapstone bowls and a wooden topper add up to an elegant and unusual object that when assembled is a sculptural vessel that can be a keepsake holder, or can separate into two individual bowls and the wooden decorative piece. The piece is a creation of the sibling duo Pia and Moritz Wusterberg's design company Utopia & Utility. Africa Stacking Vessel Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/1701.jpg A juxtaposition of textures and materials creates an intriguing appearance in Klaar Prims' Amorf 23k Gold Bowl. The freely formed organic vessel is mouth-blown by the Belgian designer and features a striking 23k gold leaf interior that glistens under light. Amorf 23k Gold Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/605.jpg Freely formed organic vessels, Klaar Prims Amorf Vases are mouth-blown by the Belgian designer in a range of vibrant colors. The sinuous shapes are contrasted with a sharp, polished edge which creates an interesting visual tension. Amorf Colored Glass Vase Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/850.jpg The Ana Cashmere Throw is a versatile throw with a bubble knit pattern that gives it texture and volume meanwhile keeping its lightweight nature. Founded in 2002 by Creative Director Oyuna Tserendorj, OYUNA has a deep-seated bond to the cashmere of Mongolia, Tserendorj's place of birth. Ana Cashmere Throw Oyuna
/images/products/thumbs/1587.jpg French designer Jean-Marie Massaud captures the striking organic appearance of mercury in stasis in his sculptural Angelo Vase. Suspended within a pure glass geometric container, the designer has imagined a curvaceous ceramic form that acts as a functional vessel to hold floral arrangements. Angelo Vase Jean-Marie Massaud
/images/products/thumbs/192.jpg Extremely simple in form, Karl Zahn's Animal Boxes feature a series of animals which have been abstracted with striking organic contours from beech wood with graining that invites attention whether standing alone as a sculpture or cleverly accenting a shelf or desk. Animal Boxes Karl Zahn
/images/products/thumbs/416.jpg Abstracted to their most essential and defining elements, designer Jean-Sebastien Poncet's Animali Domesticki is a series of minimal, decorative wood animals. Animali Domesticki Jean-Sebastien Poncet
/images/products/thumbs/1501.jpg Designed to spark the viewer's imagination, Jean-Sebastien Poncet's Big Bull captures the essence of its inspiration in rudimentary form, just like simple toys from childhood. Abstracted to its most essential and defining elements, Big Bull is the giant-sized relative of the designer's Animali Domesticki family. Animali Domesticki - Big Bull Jean-Sebastien Poncet
/images/products/thumbs/1528.jpg A sublime geometric exploration of material makes an attractive accessory for the kitchen or dining room. Raumgestalt's Apple Box is a creative and adaptive display for fruit or decorations that can also be used as an organizer for small items. Apple Box Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/1413.jpg The Argo Marble Container elevates the simple storage box into a classically elegant object. Using the most basic of shapes - a circular body and a flat lid - results in a piece in which the essence of the marble is showcased. The white marble body and contrasting grey lid of the container add up to a luxurious and remarkably versatile container. Argo Marble Container XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1178.jpg Designed by Susanna Sent for Arcade, the Aria Glass Vase is handmade in Murano by the glassblower Master Andrea Zilio. Aria Glass Vase Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/381.jpg Belonging to Anna Torfs' Edition Collection, the Armadillo Coupe Vase is a continuation of Torfs' unique approach to glass. Based on geometric shapes that have undergone intense manipulation, Armadillo pushes the boundaries of glass-blowing. Its sharp cuts create the dynamic, energetic sculpture that is both minimal and sensual at the same time. Armadillo Coupe Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/1241.jpg The Arty Smarty Bowl designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims is an elegant vessel reminiscent of pop art. A unique objet d'art, the mouth blown crystal glass vessel has a sandblasted black exterior with vivid, pure interior color. Arty Smarty Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/940.jpg The Arty Smarty Vase is a substantial and elegant black vessel with an eye-catching internal pure hue. The cylinder shaped vase with a sinuous round bottom and sandblasted black glass exterior is contrasted with a vibrant splash of color of polished glass in the inside. Arty Smarty Vase Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/369.jpg Consisting of an aesthetic search for shape and material, Thierry Martenon's work focuses on the outline of his handcrafted objects. In his Ash Sculpture, simple and pure lines endow the three objects with serenity while the surface treatment shows the craftsmanship of the work. Ash Sculpture Thierry Martenon
/images/products/thumbs/1197.jpg Simple, modern and beautiful from every angle. The Avani Candle Holder consists of a mathematically precise angled steel wire structure. Avani Candle Holder Beyond Object
/images/products/thumbs/1542.jpg Claesson Koivisto Rune's polished brass Ballerina Bowls capture the seemingly effortless movement of a ballerina spinning across a stage. With a convex bottom, the collection of three sizes of bowls gracefully dances when touched, bringing a playfulness to the sophisticated design. Ballerina Bowl Claesson Koivisto Rune
/images/products/thumbs/1089.jpg The Bassano Ceramic Watering Cans designed by renowned Milanese architect Paola Navone change your pre-conceived notions of a traditional watering can with their ceramic composition. Bassano Ceramic Watering Cans Paola Navone
/images/products/thumbs/1517.jpg Traditional hand weaving techniques are used to create an intricate geometric pattern in As'Art's Batonga Basket. Named for the Tonga people who inhabit the remote Binga district of Northern Zimbabwe, the Batonga Basket represents a rich cultural heritage that is kept alive generation after generation. Batonga Basket As' Art
/images/products/thumbs/913.jpg Providing function and beauty, the Beehive Softbowl is handmade by local craftsmen by one of the last remaining millineries in the United States. Made from 100% molded wool, the versatile bowl can be used as a storage container, planter cozie or decoration for your home or office. Beehive Softbowl Jaime Salm + Roger Allen
/images/products/thumbs/1296.jpg Combining function with the fantastical, the fluid and graceful freehand blown Big Bird Vase requires the skill of five Bohemian glass blowers to make. The playful form can also be displayed alone, highlighting the object's individual and unique beauty. Big Bird Vase Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/1242.jpg The impressive and sphere-shaped Billy Crystal Glass Vase embodies an almost otherworldly presence. Designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims, the vase has a tactile surface which is cut, hand polished and sandblasted. Billy Crystal Glass Vase Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1154.jpg Hand carved from maple, Birdie designed by Clemens Haufe is an engaging and playful object for both seasoned and young ornithologists. Birdie Clemens Haufe
/images/products/thumbs/603.jpg A seamless ring of solid spun brass, Minimalux's Black Band Centerpiece is an object reduced to its utmost essence. This striking centerpiece "fences" in fruit and vegetables when placed on the table. The object is finished in electroplated black nickel then mirror polished by hand creating reflections of both the surrounds and contents of the centerpiece. Black Band Centerpiece Minimalux
/images/products/thumbs/406.jpg Combining historic pot-making techniques from various civilizations, the Black Decorative Vase with Opening by Handsen & Handsen for Belgoflor is a stunning complimentary item for the home. Whether used as a functional container for plants or as a decorative object, the pure, artistic vase shows a restrained philosophy toward design while respecting the craftsmanship that is employed in each piece. Black Decorative Vase Handsen & Handsen
/images/products/thumbs/1673.jpg Translating the sublime beauty found in nature into a strikingly sculptural glass vessel, NasonMoretti's Blob Vases are inspired by the moment in which a water droplet hits a solid surface and expands into an unconstrained and sinuous form. Blob Vases NasonMoretti
/images/products/thumbs/1408.jpg The elegant, striking Bloom Vessel takes the simplest of materials-glass and wood-and reconfigures them into an artful study in contrasts. The glass and wood components each stand on their own-a glass vase and wooden bowl-stacked together they create a stunning, sculptural vessel in which the materials and the shapes are complementary and seemingly in conversation. Bloom Vessel Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/1191.jpg Designer and ceramicist Alexandra Hajek draws inspiration for the Bohemienne Sculptures from the feminine form. The silhouette, like an instant snapshot by a camera, depicts the moment where the form has been caught in a dance, the skirt blown by an unseen breeze. Bohemienne Sculptures Alexandra Hajek
/images/products/thumbs/1060.jpg Blending the centuries-old tradition of Murano glassmakers with a modern design ethos, the Bolla Glass Bottle is a colorful and minimal piece. With a round base and long slim neck, it resembles a tool out of a chemistry experiment. Bolla Glass Bottle NasonMoretti
/images/products/thumbs/215.jpg Glowing bands of Murano glass are fused together to create a single vessel and the result is beautiful and calm. It is fitting that the technique used to join the glass is known as the Incalmo method. Designed in 1968 by Tapio Wirkkala for Venini, the gently curving shapes of the bottles are set off by vibrant swaths of red and green, subdued with softer shades of blue and gray. Bolle Bottles Tapio Wirkkala
/images/products/thumbs/1372.jpg Inspired by Russian Matryoshka dolls, the Bougies Russes Hurricane Candle Holders decrease in size and can be placed next or inside each other. Designed by Stephan Lanez and manufactured in the Chzech Republic by Verreum, they are ideal for a centerpiece or outdoor patio decorations. Bougies Russes Hurricane Candle Holder Set Stephan Lanez
/images/products/thumbs/823.jpg Inspired by Russian Matryoshka dolls, the Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps decrease in size and can be placed next or inside each other. Designed by Stephan Lanez and manufactured by Paris based brand Marcel By, they are ideal for a centerpiece or outdoor patio decorations. Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamp Stephan Lanez
/images/products/thumbs/814.jpg Known for their mouth-blown glass designs, Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta mix functionality and minimal design together in the Box Flower Vase. Consisting of a cubic glass vase and a lid punctuated by holes, Box is perfect for keeping stems standing upright without the use of skinny vases. Box Flower Vase Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta
/images/products/thumbs/1421.jpg Capturing the complexity of her boundary-pushing architecture, the Braid Candle Holder by celebrated architect Zaha Hadid features a fluid and expressive form. Rising exuberantly from its base, the candle holder is comprised of four vertical petals which intertwine to create a dramatic braid-like structure. Braid Candle Holder Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/1466.jpg Invoking the same complex and fluid forms found in her iconic architecture, the Braid Vase by Zaha Hadid captures her same exuberant style that helped shape the landscape of contemporary architecture. Rising exuberantly from its base, the vase is comprised of four vertical petals which intertwine to create a dramatic braid-like structure. Braid Vase Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/1297.jpg Poetic and sculptural, the Branch Bowl pairs hand-blown glass with a single wooden branch. Fitted into the hot glass, the branch becomes the lid of the bowl, resulting in a gentle form and charring the wood in the process. Branch Bowl Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/1259.jpg Inspired by the organic shape of a pebble, the Bubble Glass Candle Holder gleams beautifully as candlelight reflects off of its sinuous form. Designed by Noa Ikeuchi and Tommaso Nani of studio Mist-O, a single tealight or taper candle rests in its surface giving the candle the appearance of floating mid-air. Bubble Glass Candle Holder MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/1358.jpg Curved pieces of rattan are woven together to form an textural sphere in Naga's Bubble Rattan Sculpture. Inspired by the mysterious and unusual creatures found at the bottom of the sea, these highly unique sculptures give life to the room they occupy with their tactile presence. Bubble Rattan Sculpture Naga
/images/products/thumbs/1278.jpg Inspired by the imperfections of the raw material that makes them, the Bulbo Vase evokes the form and texture of a flowering bulb. Hand-made from molded fiberglass, the forms and finishes are a metamorphosis between natural and artificial elements. Bulbo Vase Imperfettolab
/images/products/thumbs/1728.jpg Wisps of sculpted metal envelope the neck of Vanessa Mitrani's Cabaret vase to create a stunning glass art object for display in the home. The sinuous and organic form of the glass is juxtaposed by the array of metal bands resulting in an interesting and unique piece of glass sculpture. Cabaret Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/869.jpg Designed by Kate Hume, the Caillou vases are three small pebble-like vessels ideal as a center piece or decoration. Presented as a set of 3 and arranged in groups, the Caillou vases create a playful dynamism of curves and colors. Caillou Vases - Set Of Three Kate Hume
/images/products/thumbs/1226.jpg The minimalist form of the tapered Ceramic Storage Jar keeps contents fresh. The all-purpose container is topped off with a colorful lid that seals out moisture and retains the freshness of what's stored inside. Ceramic Storage Jar ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/449.jpg With its sliding fluorescent color lid, Takumi Shimamura's Chanto container is as unique and eye catching as it is functional. Able to be easily stacked, the containers are convenient to use on the tabletop or in the kitchen for storage of food or as organizing objects for the office. Chanto Container Takumi Shimamura
/images/products/thumbs/1038.jpg Solid yet romantic, the Chunk Candle Holder blends unusual materials creating a distinctive piece. The outer shell of the cylinder shaped holder is made of white marble or wood, but as the candle burns down its light is reflected in a brass or copper top that casts a beautiful glow. Chunk Candle Holder Andreas Engesvik
/images/products/thumbs/1251.jpg The graceful and sculptural CicIO Glass Bowl by Belgian artist Klaar Prims appears to have been shaped and polished by the movement of water. The seemingly unstable volume of the elliptical form gives the bowl the impression of floating. CiclO Glass Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1083.jpg Designed for any size taper candle, the Clip Candleholder is characterized for its clip instead of a spike to hold your candle and collect drips. The sleek candelabra is designed by the Italian architect Michele de Lucchi who is renowned for his involvement in the Memphis group. Clip Candleholder Michele de Lucchi
/images/products/thumbs/1308.jpg Inspired by a stack of dishes, Danish ceramicist Michael Geertson has assembled a riotous balancing act of bowls, cups and plates that flow into one another. Handmade in fine porcelain, the design makes a statement on the beauty that can be found in disharmony and reflects on how old things can be seen anew, if we change our perspective. Closely Separated Vase Michael Geertsen
/images/products/thumbs/1459.jpg Driven by his passion for sustainability, Domingos Totora draws inspiration from his surroundings in Brazil to create an imaginative collection of objects made of natural fibers and pigments. In his CMV Centerpiece, the circular dish distinguished by its repetition of parallel lines which create the bowl's form. CMV Centerpiece Gardeco
/images/products/thumbs/824.jpg The Colossus Sculptures designed by Argentine Julian Pastorino includes a collection of seven funky and simple porcelain pieces ideal for a one of a kind gift. Made of pure white porcelain, each of the seven figurines has their own character, physical features and individual stories. Colossus Sculptures Julian Pastorino
/images/products/thumbs/1586.jpg The Comet Vases are characterized by their sinuous forms made of fine porcelain that have been perforated with a seemingly random pattern of organically shaped openings referencing the craters on a comet. Available in two sizes, the vases are made of two layers of porcelain in contrasting colors for a dynamic appearance that highlights the unique properties of the material. Comet Vases Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/1042.jpg Resembling a moon, the Conclave Oil Lamp is both simple and elegant. Designed by Franz Maurer, the lamp's oil is cleverly concealed between two layers of meticulously crafted brushed stainless steel. Concave Oil Lamp F Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1438.jpg Capturing the seemingly random pattern of the cosmos, Atelier Passage Secret's Constellation Vase is a pure cylindrical sculpture featuring a celestial inspiration. Dotted around the stem of the slender ceramic vase is a ring of stars that gradually fade outward. This ombre effect is created by successive layers of hand applied glazing for a poetic celestial effect. Constellation Vase Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/212.jpg Inspired by nature, the Coral Vase provides a magnificent display with or without flowers. Norman Trapman has designed the ceramic vase so that each individual opening is its own stem vase that is watertight. Coral Vase Norman Trapman
/images/products/thumbs/284.jpg Michael Verheyden's solid wood Coupe and Cone collection for Belgian atelier When Objects Work highlights the subtleties of the material while showcasing the designer's acute understanding of proportion and form. Coupe and Cone Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/291.jpg A vase cut from a single block of steel and scored along two diagonal lines, Crevasse by Zaha Hadid for Alessi creates a warped, inverted surface. With a force similar to that of an arctic crevasse, the twisted walls accentuate the verticality of Hadid's creation. Crevasse Vase Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/1794.jpg The Crystal Rock vase is a sculptural piece, set in place like a frozen jewel, that fuses nature with technology. Designed by Arik Levy, the vase is characterized for its perfectly cut yet roughly sculpted facets making a sophisticated statement piece for your modern home. Crystal Rock Vase Arik Levy
/images/products/thumbs/812.jpg Pure in form and material, Nadine Portier creates concrete objects that resembler minimal sculptures. Her Concrete Cube Vase, a concrete box complete with 16 removable glass tubes, allows for unique arrangements of flowers. Cube Concrete Vase Nadine Portier
/images/products/thumbs/1415.jpg The handcrafted glass Cubistic Vessels from Germany-based GUAXS are studies in form, texture and color. These sophisticated, sculptural glass objects reflect the comingling of inspired design, the highest quality materials and artisans steeped in their craft. GUAXS is renowned for its glass. Cubistic Vessels GUAXS
/images/products/thumbs/1463.jpg Fujiwara Woodworking's Cypress Scented Wood Bottles feature the familiar form of the archetypal bottle cleverly crafted in wood. This witty exchange of material is more than an aesthetic choice - it serves to engage the sense of smell with its fragrant nature. Cypress Scented Wood Bottles Fujiwara Woodworking
/images/products/thumbs/1431.jpg The Dancing Handles Vases, by sculptor-ceramicist Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali, are sculptural as well as functional objects. The design has Palestinian roots - Bonnefoy-Mercuriali was inspired by her work restoring antique water pots from Palestine's Qumran archeological digs. She reinterprets those vessels here, in elegant, minimalist shapes in which the handles are no longer merely practical, but are the focal point of the porcelain pieces. Dancing Handles Vases Jeanne Bonnefoy-Mercuriali
/images/products/thumbs/1732.jpg The Darius and Suri Sculptures, designed by Sofia Speybrouck, are fun interpretations of her favorite house pets. Each of their distinctive feline personalities are skillfully captured through lines and contours created from a single clay piece. Darius & Suri Sculptures Sofia Speybrouck
/images/products/thumbs/844.jpg The Daya Cashmere Throw is a versatile and lightweight throw bringing classic comfort to any room it's in. Founded in 2002 by Creative Director Oyuna Tserendorj, OYUNA has a deep-seated bond to the cashmere of Mongolia, Tserendorj's place of birth. Daya Cashmere Throw Oyuna
/images/products/thumbs/538.jpg Laurence Brabant's Decales collection of glassware combine specialized glass-blowing techniques with witty design. The Decales Glass Bowls feature an expressive design; with a sinuous rounded base and an of center cylindrical form at the top, the glass bowls echo the other vessels in the Decales collection while remaining functional and well proportioned. Decales Glass Bowls Laurence Brabant
/images/products/thumbs/1117.jpg Designed by Piergil Fourquié, the Designerbox #23 - Nippy Glass bell revisits a traditional glass globe and gives it a poetic dimension. Envisioned as a glass chest to house objects chosen by the owner, the design object is part of an innovative project called Designerbox, where every month a designer is invited to create an exclusive limited edition object. Designerbox #23 - Nippy Glass Bell Piergil Fourquie
/images/products/thumbs/1119.jpg Designed by Aldo Bakker, the Designerbox #3 - Emotion Bud Vase is characterized by its organic shape that unfurls lavishly. It is able to hold a precious object on its surface and can be used as a vase to hold a single flower. Designerbox #3 - Emotion Bud Vase Aldo Bakker
/images/products/thumbs/1547.jpg Minimalux's Dish 60 conveys a sense of quiet luxury through a harmonious union of sculptural appearance and practical functionality. The minimal vessel features a scooped out interior making it a sophisticated yet useful dish for storing small objects in an elevated fashion. Dish 60 Minimalux
/images/products/thumbs/116.jpg Capturing the essence and refinement of Piet Stockmans porcelain objects, Dish Without Base combines the designer's characteristic colors and surface texture into a functional tabletop object. Suitable as a centerpiece or fruit bowl, the dish is made from thin porcelain that has a glazed interior. Dish Without Base Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/193.jpg A blending of tradition and technology, designer Paul Loeback used a 3D rendering program to distort a traditional candlestick. The resulting object was then rapid prototyped and cast in a marble resin composite for use as a candlestick holder. Distortion Candlestick Paul Loebach
/images/products/thumbs/1426.jpg Inspired by her fascination with glass blowing techniques, Lucie Koldova's Double Bowl is a sublime union of materials. The bowl consists of a sinuous blown glass top and oiled oak base that may be used independently or collectively to create a functional and interchangeable tabletop object. Double Bowl Lucie Koldova
/images/products/thumbs/1233.jpg Belgian glass artist Anna Torfs translates centuries old Bohemian glass into extraordinary timeless objects. Utilizing unconventional glass cutting techniques to reveal how the object is made the Double Bubble Solo has a sanded outer 'skin' with a vibrant contrasting center. Double Bubble Solo Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/362.jpg Inspired by the elegance of dance and movement, Mikaela Dorfel's Double Candle Holder for Menu features two straight, robust bodies that take hold of one another in a dance-like embrace. Double Candle Holder Mikaela Dorfel
/images/products/thumbs/630.jpg Vanessa Mitrani combines mouth-blown glass and metal to create an organic, sinuous form. The Double Ring Vase features glass that is blown within metal rings; the constraint of the metal rings influences the final form of the vase. Double Ring Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/1684.jpg His Drops Orchid Vase features an undulating surface that mesmerizingly reflects a vibrant spectrum of metallic hues. Made of silvered glass, the decorative object explores a modern take on a traditional glassmaking method utilizing a hybrid of artisanal techniques and new technologies and processes. Drops Orchid Vase Arik Levy
/images/products/thumbs/1656.jpg As practical as they are graceful, these vases add a drop of elegance to any environment. Drops Vases Tomita Kazuhiko
/images/products/thumbs/1244.jpg The striking sculptural quality of the Due Crystal Glass Bowl comes from its simplicity of form. Designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims, this centerpiece for the table combines innovation, craftsmanship, and detail. Due Crystal Glass Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1582.jpg Imagined as a creative way to present food, Blueside Design's Echoes Cloche is a sculptural glass dome that enlivens the tabletop with its uniquely sinuous form. Made of borosilicate glass, the bulbous cloche gives presence to the objects it covers, making them appear as objets d'art worthy of attention. Echoes Cloche Blueside Design
/images/products/thumbs/816.jpg Strips of glass, spun by hand, appear to embrace an inner glass bowl. Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta's Embrace Blown Glass Bowl builds on the Italian duo's mastery of glass-blowing techniques. Embrace Blown Glass Bowl Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta
/images/products/thumbs/428.jpg A clever and refreshing reinterpretation of the archetypal carafe, Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume's Entonnoir visualizes what would happen if one object swallowed another. Part of the Stomach series of objects, the resulting carafe combines various styles and creating a confrontation between silhouettes with sharp angles and curves evoking stretched elasticity of an intestinal wall. Entonnoir Carafe Baptiste Ymonet and Vincent Jousseaume
/images/products/thumbs/1467.jpg A creative meditation on the ubiquitous paper envelope. In her Envelope Vases, New York-based ceramicist Romi Hefetz translates the essence of the humble paper envelope into a collection of unique porcelain vases that are elegantly simple. Envelope Vases Romi Hefetz
/images/products/thumbs/1518.jpg French ceramicist Eric Hibelot creates objects with personality. In Ceramic Tins, his collection of petite sculptural vases, the designer uses unbalanced forms, simplistic shapes, and a limited pallet of vivid colors to create an endearing and jubilant decorative accessory. Eric Hibelot Ceramic Tins Eric Hibelot
/images/products/thumbs/1430.jpg Eric's Bottles are cheerful, rounded vessels that exude character. The hand-made pieces, fashioned of Limoges porcelain with a glazed finish, can stand on their own or serve as vases. Inspired by vintage milk bottles from designer Eric Hibelot's childhood, the pieces exhibit many of Hibelot's favorite design elements. Eric's Bottles Eric Hibelot
/images/products/thumbs/845.jpg The Ete Cashmere Throw is versatile and suited for all climates and seasons. Founded in 2002 by Creative Director Oyuna Tserendorj, OYUNA has a deep-seated bond to the cashmere of Mongolia, Tserendorj's place of birth. Ete Cashmere Throw Oyuna
/images/products/thumbs/631.jpg Sinuous and pure, Vanessa Mitrani's Eve Vase brings together divergent materials in a harmonious and natural way. Mouth-blown glass is formed before melted aluminum is added to complete the object; the glass, smooth and transparent, contrasts with the roughness and solidness of the metal. Eve Glass Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/843.jpg Purity and luxury are the understated values of EX VOTO candles, merging simplicity and sophistication by combining sleek design and scents. Created in the South of France, each candle from the black edition transports those who indulge in discrete luxury into relaxation by conveying unique mysterious scents. Ex Voto Paris Black Edition Candle Nathalie Paillarse
/images/products/thumbs/1659.jpg Marked by their sophisticatedly minimal design, the Ex Voto Paris Paris Lounge Candles delight the senses by bringing an alluring blend of scents into the home. Intense and subtly complex, the Lounge Collection features three distinct scents that reveal the richness and complexity of carefully selected ingredients to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience when lit. Ex Voto Paris Lounge Candle Nathalie Paillarse
/images/products/thumbs/1080.jpg The Ultimate XXL Amber Candle is an exceptional sculpture, providing long lasting pleasure and infusing the atmosphere with fragrance and bliss. Ex Voto Paris Ultimate Amber XXL Candle Nathalie Paillarse
/images/products/thumbs/634.jpg Vanessa Mitrani creates ethereal glass work that blurs the boundaries of sculptural art and functional design. With the Fakir Vase, the designer has created a sinuous and organic glass form featuring indentations that create inward spikes to hold flowers. Fakir Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/1037.jpg Rustic and elegant, the Fire Hurricane Candle Holder is characterized for its fine combination of glass and metal. The cylinder shaped holder is available in smoked glass with bases in black, antique copper, or copper. Fire Hurricane Tealight Candle Holder Norm Architects
/images/products/thumbs/1414.jpg The Forte White Marble Bowl and Tray are objects that make a statement. The pieces are strong and heavy, showcasing the materiality of the white marble body and resulting in luxurious and classic items that are both stylish and functional. Forte White Marble Bowl and Tray XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1581.jpg Finding inspiration in the design of classic jugs used to serve milk and sugar during British teatime, German designer Christian Metzner's Frau Kroger Mirror Glass Container is designed as a serving tool for any substance as the glass container cleverly integrates three spouts into its conical form. Frau Kroger Mirror Glass Container Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/877.jpg The Fuji Porcelain Vase designed by the Dutch design studio Toer and manufactured by Serax puts its full attention on the flower itself. Fuji Porcelain Vase Studio Toer
/images/products/thumbs/1185.jpg French designer Sam Baron is eager to provide cultural dimension to his creations. This appropriation is present in the baroque inspired Futiles Glass Fruit Pot produced in collaboration with Rome-based gallery Secondome. Futiles Glass Fruit Pot Sam Baron
/images/products/thumbs/1013.jpg Designed by Jim Rokos, the Gauge Glass Vase is a distinctive and playful piece that takes on the behavior of the flower. Gauge Crystal Glass Vase Jim Rokos
/images/products/thumbs/871.jpg Architect, designer, and theorist Gae Aulenti's Geacolor glass vase for Venini illustrates her unconventional approach to design and intense dedication to both the conceptual and the practical. Geacolor Vase Gae Aulenti
/images/products/thumbs/1282.jpg Like an imperfectly shaped fallen seed pod or shell, the Giusco Tray embodies the pure form found in nature.
While each piece is born of a common mold, the artists hand renders each piece a one of a kind work of art.
Giusco Tray Imperfettolab
/images/products/thumbs/557.jpg Simple in form, the colorful Glass Bottle Vases by Pols Potten are made by hand so each object is slightly unique in form and hue. At first glance, the vases are pure and understated, yet the clarity of form and depth of coloration make the vases special. Glass Bottle Vases Pols Potten
/images/products/thumbs/1246.jpg Soft and round, the Globe Crystal Glass Sculpture is an irregular shape within a shape - a drop of water or a captured breath of air forming a bubble inside. Created by Belgian glass artist Klaar Prims has created a beautiful art object that radiates the essence of emotion, the freely formed mouth blown glass giving shelter to the tender inside. Globe Crystal Glass Sculpture Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1436.jpg Inspired by the organic forms found in nature, Atelier Passage Secret transforms porcelain into ethereal sculptural objects. Crafted with technical expertise and imbued with a zeal for experimentation, the Graine Vessel captures this natural beauty through its imposing sinuous form. Graine Vessel Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/1071.jpg Handmade by the innovative Israeli design studio of Noam Dover and Michael Cederbaum, the Hacking the Mould Vase No.4 is a sculptural piece with a poetic metaphor. The object evokes a discourse of our current system that controls knowledge and production worldwide by bringing to light the juxtaposition between maker and hacker culture. Hacking The Mould Vase No. 4 Noam Dover
/images/products/thumbs/1016.jpg The edgy Hands Up Bowl designed by renowned Italian designer Tobia Scarpa is characterized for its four hands that together create a bowl. Hands Up Bowl Tobia Scarpa
/images/products/thumbs/1455.jpg Expressions of joy become an artistic installation in Selma Abdon Calheira's Happy Faces Wall Sculpture. With 14 heads of varying sizes, the figurative sculpture adds life to the wall with its exploration of the faces of happiness, love, and excitement. Happy Faces Wall Sculpture Selma Calheira
/images/products/thumbs/757.jpg Jan Philip Holler's Haus Paperweight is a playful object reminiscent of architectural building blocks. Offered in a warm, oiled walnut, the object is inspired by the archetypal imagery of houses and each version is distinguished by its respective roofs - pitched, hip or shed. Haus Paperweight Jan Philip Holler
/images/products/thumbs/898.jpg Greek traditions meet modern and sleek Italian design in the Hidria Water Jug designed by Stefania Vasques for Diamantini and Domeniconi. The exaggerated size of the Hidria Water Jugs allows them to be used creatively as a vase or pitcher. Hidria Water Jug Stefania Vasquez
/images/products/thumbs/1456.jpg Translating to "men of clay," Homens De Barro is a set of seven primitive figural sculptures that poetically represent the prototype of the hard worker. Designed by Brazilian artist Selma Abdon Calheira, these figures portray a fictional story of the simple, courageous people who, despite many setbacks, find the strength to continue thriving. Homens de Barro - Set of 7 Selma Calheira
/images/products/thumbs/935.jpg The Hook Basket is a sophisticated approach to a classic storage element with a subtle balance between a playful pattern and elegant form. Hook Basket Pinetti
/images/products/thumbs/1148.jpg The Hypsoe Paris Scented Candles offers a wide variety of unique fragrances that enhance your atmosphere by diffusing sophisticated aromas in your interiors. Inspired by the East, Hypsoe is a Parisian perfume house that for more than 20 years creates unique fragrances by selecting the best craftsmen to deliver superior quality candles and only uses vegetable components without compromising the quality of their fragrances. Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle Antoine Phelouzat
/images/products/thumbs/1149.jpg Characterized for its sleek wood shell made of solid beech wood grown in sustainably managed French forests, the Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle in Wood Container enhances your atmosphere by diffusing sophisticated aromas in your interiors. Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle In Wood Container Antoine Phelouzat
/images/products/thumbs/1088.jpg Designed by Guy Buseyne, the Illusio Plate is a beautiful decorative art piece made with traditional porcelain making methods in the studio of the renowned Belgian porcelain maestro, Piet Stockmans. Resembling a solar eclipse, the large plate is characterized for its asymmetrically positioned circular indented area with a texturized surface that directly juxtaposes its smooth porcelain edge. Illusio Plate Guy Buseyne
/images/products/thumbs/897.jpg The witty Iron Votives designed by Dutch design company Pols Potten are a playful accessory offering the perfect touch of color. With a round shape and tilted base, each piece rests slighted tipped. Iron Votives - Set of Four Pols Potten
/images/products/thumbs/1254.jpg Delicately refined the beautiful Jewel Glass Vessels are hand blown by Bohemian glassmakers using the traditional craft technique of blowing glass into a wooden mold. The vases and bowls are available in four hues and can be displayed independently or together. Jewel Glass Vessels Classicon
/images/products/thumbs/1182.jpg Bauhaus, Futurism and Brutalism collide in French artist Johannes Beccer's Sculptures. The artist blurs the lines between preconceived norms and ideas replacing traditional fine art tropes with playfulness and subtle irony. Johannes Beccer Sculptures Johannes Beccer
/images/products/thumbs/285.jpg A seamless hemisphere, John Pawson's Bronze Bowl for the Belgian atelier When Objects Work refrains from the use of flatness in the base in order to persevere the integrity of the profile's smooth curve. Filled with sand, the bowl rests steadily on a surface, arousing curiosity. John Pawson Bronze Bowl John Pawson
/images/products/thumbs/1256.jpg A seamless hemisphere, John Pawson's Off-White Lacquer Bowl for the Belgian atelier When Objects Work refrains from the use of flatness in the base in order to persevere the integrity of the profile's smooth curve. Filled with sand, the bowl rests steadily on a surface, arousing curiosity. John Pawson Off-White Lacquer Bowl John Pawson
/images/products/thumbs/548.jpg Studio Macura's Kap Glass Candle Holder revisits classic glass blowing techniques to produce a contemporary domestic object. The pure candle holder- for tea lights or taper candles- features a sinuous form that resembles a drop of liquid silver, creates a stunning visual effect when placed on the table with lit candles. Kap Glass Candle Holder Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/1227.jpg The simple and refined handmade ceramic Kodama Vase takes its name from tree spirits in Japanese folklore. The unexpected wide opening is perfect for branches or stems, offering a new and creative take on traditional arrangements. Kodama Vase ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/1543.jpg A sophisticated exploration in reduction, Swedish designer Olog Kolte's collection of bowls harmoniously blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary form. The Kolte Bowls are finished in warm, polished brass for a sophisticated appearance that adds the brightness of reflection to any space. Kolte Bowl Olof Kolte
/images/products/thumbs/400.jpg A juxtaposition between old and new, the KonfuziLUX takes the form of the modern light bulb and uses it as an oil lamp. A blown glass form rests in a brushed aluminum stand and provides warm and inviting light. KonfuziLUX Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/1112.jpg Designed by Studio Macura, the Lala Magnet Vase is a mini glass vase for a small flower, herb twig or small object. The back of the tube like vase includes a small magnet. Lala Magnet Vase Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/401.jpg A juxtaposition between old and new, the LampADA takes the form of the modern light bulb and uses it as an oil lamp. The sculptural lamp features two mouth-blown glass bulbs that seemingly dance at the ends of two steel poles. LampADA Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/1113.jpg Lava is a glass vase for a single flower. Designed by Studio Macura, the charm and intrigue of the vase lies in the pumice stone that rests inside. Lava Single Flower Vase Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/587.jpg The Leaf Vase Set by Opossum Design turns the traditional frame of a flower vase into a beautiful contrast of color and design. The shape of the vases catches the eye with sensible dimensions ingenious of German archetype. Leaf Vase Set Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/891.jpg Made in Paris, the Life Lines Bottle designed by Fanny Richard from yfNA ceramics communicates the poetry and magic of clay work. Handmade with porcelain then glazed inside, the objects resemble old wine bottles with cracks and lines that give them texture and life. Life Lines Bottle Fanny Richard
/images/products/thumbs/994.jpg Old meets new with the Light My Fire Candle Holder designed by Omar Carraglia. A candleholder in the form of a bulb, the piece plays with your perceptions of light. Light My Fire Candle Holder Omar Carraglia & Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/853.jpg Using geometric forms and elemental materials, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden creates objects of sublime beauty and remarkable spiritual power evident in his Lighthouse Candle Holder. Evoking transcendence in simplicity, the Lighthouse Candle Holder is reduced to its most basic form and made of natural materials such as white marble or wood. Lighthouse Candle Holder Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/1355.jpg Tall and slender, the Lisa Amphore Paper Sculptures appear as statues carved by hand from a solid material. Instead, Brazilian designer Domingos Totora's unique objects are crafted from highly compressed recycled cardboard. Lisa Amphore Paper Sculpture Domingos Totora
/images/products/thumbs/1114.jpg Designed by Studio Macura, Livada is a glass vase for a small bouquet of flowers or herbs. Made to enhance and enjoy the fragrance of flowers, Livada consists of two glass pieces a small cylinder glass container and a glass bell like cover that encloses the bouquet. Livada Fragrance Vase Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/1511.jpg Monika Lubkowska-Jonas's Loft Vase exudes a clarity of design and material. Made by hand using traditional glass blowing techniques, crystal clear glass is shaped into an attractive sinuous form. Loft Vase Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/1512.jpg Clean lines enhance the dynamic contrast between materials in Monika Lubkowska-Jonas' Lotta Bowl and Ash Base. Made of mouth-blown glass, the clean, smooth cylindrical bowl rests on a rich, textural ash wood base to create a modern and visually dynamic tabletop accessory that unites form and function with ease. Lotta Bowl and Ash Base Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/948.jpg Designed by renowned designer Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, this unique and innovative design can be used as a vase or as a hurricane candle holder for pillar or tea light candles. Lotta Vase or Lantern Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/419.jpg Inspired by the concept of purifying and re-interpreting the aesthetic beauty found in everyday objects, designer Catherine Lovatt's candlestick holder subtracts from the archetypal form creating a functional object with a unique design language. Lovatt Candle Holder Catherine Lovatt
/images/products/thumbs/856.jpg The abstract and geometric XLBOOM Luca Box Vases are ideal for those that love a home filled with flowers. Handmade in Europe, the set comes with 4 white vases of varying sizes and shapes giving the flowers different vantage points. Luca Box Vases - Set of Four XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1036.jpg The Luz Marble Candle Holders are a sophisticated accessory for a modern home or restaurant. It comes as a set of three and can be used as a tealight or taper candleholders. Luz Marble Candle Holders - Set of Three XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/408.jpg Utilizizing historic Thai wood-working techniques to create a stunningly modern yet warm sculptural object, Handsen & Handsen's Mahogany Pots for Belgoflor are texturally rich and intriguing. Use them to add a more personal and natural element to a modern interior for a unique contrast of styles and materials. Mahogany Pots Handsen & Handsen
/images/products/thumbs/1373.jpg Landscape, topography, place. The Makom Round Centerpiece, a collaboration between designers Noam Dover and Yoav Reches, references our geography in both form and name - "makom" means "a place" in Hebrew. The multiple layers of this ceramic bowl are a mesmerizing three-dimensional representation of a topographic map, which we are accustomed to seeing in two dimensions. Makom Round Centerpiece Noam Dover
/images/products/thumbs/1318.jpg The long trough-shaped solid mango wood vessel is perfect for serving your favorite small bites, cradle fresh fruit or prized collectibles. Each dish is hand-carved by skilled artisans from sustainable mango wood from trees that have reached the end of their fruiting life. Mango Wood Long Dish Be Home
/images/products/thumbs/1319.jpg Made with passion and purpose the Mango Wood Wave Platter promotes vibrant communities and makes a welcome addition to your table. Carefully chosen for their character and grain, each one is unique in shape and finish and provides an elevated surface for serving appetizers, cheeses, fruits and anything else that needs a lift. Mango Wood Wave Platter Be Home
/images/products/thumbs/1383.jpg Exploring and exploiting the possibilities of porcelain, ceramic artist Marik Korus creates ethereal sculptures that take inspiration from the creatures of the sea. Each of the coral-like Markik Korus Ceramic Sculptures consists of assemblages of delicate porcelain pieces arranged in sinuous patterns which capture the fantasy of nature. Marik Korus Ceramic Sculptures Marik Korus
/images/products/thumbs/1245.jpg Produced in solid cast brass, the Max Solid Brass Plate has a slightly concave surface and can be used to create a tablescape that feels both ancient and modern. The exquisite design celebrates the beauty of form and material adding a moment of tranquility to any atmosphere. Max Solid Brass Plate Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/152.jpg The Meniscus Bowl is a substantial yet graceful curve of heavy lead crystal. Designed by Claryssa Berning, this bowl is the essence of simple, functional beauty acting almost as a lens and intensifying the reaction of its viewer. Meniscus Bowl Claryssa Berning
/images/products/thumbs/890.jpg The Meo Oval Bowl is reduced to its basic organic shape with its metal composition. Designed by Antonino Sciortino exclusively for Serax, the bowl is handmade and finished with traditional methods. Meo Oval Bowl Antonino Sciortino
/images/products/thumbs/1412.jpg The Merry Bird Ornaments are distinguished not only by the cheerful touch they add anywhere they are displayed, but also by their design history. They are among the first examples of 3D-printing for a consumer product, and they remain one of the best-sold items in this category, carried in design stores and museums around the world. Merry Bird Ornaments Michiel Cornelissen
/images/products/thumbs/1124.jpg Designed by Sebastian Bergne, the Micro Candle Pin is a sleek accessory that recalls old traditions, meanwhile exuding minimalism. Micro Candle Pin - Set of Two Sebastian Bergne
/images/products/thumbs/1375.jpg The Mingle Candelabra is designed by Harold, a Brooklyn-based design company that is a collaboration between designers/makers Reed Hansuld and Joel Seigle. The elegant centerpiece, made of American walnut and brass, is the happy result of experimentation with steam bending intended for chandeliers. Mingle Candelabra Reed Hansuld & Joel Seigle
/images/products/thumbs/1407.jpg To create these unique Mirrored Containers, which can function as lidded keepsake jars or vases, liquid silver is injected into the glass under pressure. The double-walled result, with the mirrored exterior, is striking and singular; each of the handblown glass containers is unique. Award-winning German designer Sebastian Herkner designed these for the German design company Pulpo. Mirror Containers Sebastian Herkner
/images/products/thumbs/1021.jpg Intricate folds of synthetic paper create the Misfold Origami sculpture. From a hexagon just a few inches thick, the Origami cascades down (or sideways) into a tight spiral. Misfold Origami Matt Shlian
/images/products/thumbs/1626.jpg Pure in form, the MK27 Bowl exudes a refined sense of materiality and attention to craft. The concave bowl is characterized by its polished copper interior and contrasting natural rubber exterior. MK27 Bowl Studio mk27
/images/products/thumbs/382.jpg Using traditional Bohemian techniques to produce a timeless range of glass objects, Anna Torfs employs her characteristic combination of geometric forms with dynamic cuts in Mo, a series of spherical glass vases. This free-blown vase has 2 cut sides, which enables this vase to stand in 2 positions. Mo Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/1429.jpg Experience the poetry of motion with Francois Azambourg's Mobile A Deux Helices, a limited edition kinetic sculpture. Crafted entirely by hand in the designer's Paris atelier from wood, piano wire, and concrete, the minimalist mobile is a study in the contrasts between weight and stability, fragility and robustness. Mobile A Deux Helices L'Atelier d'exercices Studio
/images/products/thumbs/888.jpg Resembling rings in a tree trunk, the Moniek Cardboard Bowl alludes to nature's mystique. Seemingly worthless cardboard is transformed into a new and timeless object. Moniek Cardboard Bowl Moniek Vanden Berghe
/images/products/thumbs/878.jpg Moniek Recycled Rubber Vase is a unique vase made from old cars and bicycle rubber that is layered to create a papery overall aesthetic. Moniek Recycled Rubber Vase Moniek Vanden Berghe
/images/products/thumbs/568.jpg A study in contrasts and poetics, Francois Azambourg's Monoblade Mobile is set into motion at the slightest touch of air. Made entirely by hand in Atelier Azamboug in Paris, the mobile is part of a limited edition series of exercises in wind. Monoblade Mobile Francois Azambourg
/images/products/thumbs/1041.jpg A modern interpretation of the traditional candlestick, the Multi Candle Pin allows you to place an assortment of candles in different shapes and sizes creating a dramatic setting. Multi Candle Pin Sebastian Bergne
/images/products/thumbs/1544.jpg Richard Hutten celebrates material and craft in his thoroughly modern reinterpretation of the archetypal candleholder. His Nattlight Candlestick is a sculptural object created in highly polished brass that elevates the candles from the tabletop, bringing their dancing flames into clear view. Nattlight Candlestick Richard Hutten
/images/products/thumbs/1179.jpg This beautiful faceted glass vase designed by Ivan Baj for Arcade is handmade in Murano by the glassblower Master Simone Cenedese. Hand-cut and polished, the exceptional brilliance of the Neptune Vase appears as if it were a rare gemstone. Nettuno Vase Ivan Baj
/images/products/thumbs/150.jpg Explorating the limits of conventional dining dishes, Zaha Hadid's Niche is a domestic sculpture which follows her architectural investigations to create a centerpiece constructed of interposable black melamine elements. Each dish can be used as an individual serving container or it may be used on a desk to hold office accessories. Niche Dishes Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/1515.jpg An expression of craft and culture, the As'Art Nongo Woven Jugs celebrate the rich cultural tradition of African basket weaving. The tactile sensibility of the jugs is a result of the intricate hand weaving techniques that are used to create the vessels. Crafted in Zimbabwe of locally harvested naturally dried wild grasses, the jugs are made by skilled artisans who follow the time-honored crafts of their ancestors. Nongo Woven Jugs As' Art
/images/products/thumbs/577.jpg The Notte Glass Candle Holder depicts a natural, enigmatic representation of the traditional candle holder that enkindles the Blueside 2013 collection. The unique emission of 16 candles results in a romantic altar from the different heights of each handmade holder. Notte Glass Candle Holder Francesco Paretti
/images/products/thumbs/1033.jpg Blending simplicity and elegance, the Ogee Tealight Candle Holder creates a magical environment. A wooden round base rich with texture holds the candle complemented by a round glass top. Ogee Tealight Candle Holder Nedda El-Asmar
/images/products/thumbs/389.jpg Inspired by the sight of an island peacefully rising from the ocean, Danny Vanlet's mouth-blown, molded Oilo glass dish features an integrated candle holder that gracefully rises from the object. Oilo Glass Dish Danny Vanlet
/images/products/thumbs/1416.jpg The Ono Vase, available in two sizes, is a stunning example of hand-blown and hand-cut glass that explores the junction of form, surface texture and color. The vase is produced by renowned Germany-based GUAXS, known for the high quality of its handcrafted, elegant glass items. Ono Vase GUAXS
/images/products/thumbs/440.jpg Fragrance and light unite to create a sense of sensuality and romance in Opossum design's Opos C diffuser. Inspired by the shape of a perfume bottle, Opos C is a homage to one of the best selling fragrances created by Ernest Beaux and placed on the market in 1921. It is still one of the 10 most sold fragrances in the world. Opos C Aroma Light Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/1194.jpg Playful and poetic, Catarina Carreiras' Optical Wand Limited Edition Sculpture is comprised of a sinuous dome of glass that effortlessly grows from a wooden base. Resembling a butterfly net, the whimsical sculpture acts as a glass cloche to highlight and display food or decor. Optical Wand Limited Edition Sculpture Catarina Carreiras
/images/products/thumbs/1353.jpg With an unbalanced silhouette, the Orbis Fruit Tray exhibits a sophisticated visual tension through its pure and geometric form. Designed by the award-winning, London-based design studio Poetic Lab, the minimal fruit bowl creates the illusion of suspension by joining a simple base to a circular band. Orbis Fruit Tray Poetic Lab
/images/products/thumbs/1356.jpg Simple and sinuous, Domingos Totora's Organic Paper Vases are inspired by nature. From the amorphic forms of the unique vases to the thoughtfully chosen material, every element of each piece is driven by the Brazilian designer's passion for conservation. Organic Paper Vase Domingos Totora
/images/products/thumbs/1075.jpg Rustic and organic, the Origine Solid Stone Container is characterized for its raw material made of black cosmic natural granite. With an ethereal texture composed of black, gray, and golden veins and variations, the durable material recalls the beauty of nature. Origine Solid Stone Container Henry Timi
/images/products/thumbs/875.jpg The Paper Bag Porcelain Vase designed by Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk carries a visual illusion. The porcelain is wrinkled and detailed is such a fine way that it resembles the texture of paper. Paper Bag Porcelain Vase Kiki Van Eijk
/images/products/thumbs/1417.jpg The Papua Vase, available in two sizes, is inspired by the oceanic setting, biodiversity and rich culture of Papua. This sophisticated and distinctive hand-blown and hand-cut glass vase celebrates the collaboration of form, surface texture and color. The vase is produced by renowned Germany-based GUAXS, known for the high quality of its handcrafted, elegant glass items. Papua Vase GUAXS
/images/products/thumbs/586.jpg Sinuous in form, Studio Parade's Parade Vase was conceived using computer rendering software. Consisting of three ceramic legs, the object is held together by a simple steel clip. Parade Vase Studio Parade
/images/products/thumbs/1516.jpg With its exuberant form, the Parurigo Wave Basket is an unexpectedly modern result of traditional craft. The captivating basket takes inspiration from its namesake - the undulating swells of waves off the coast of Africa - and translates it into an expressive form that is rich in texture and cultural heritage. Parurigo Wave Basket As' Art
/images/products/thumbs/1382.jpg The artistry of the Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures challenges our perception of what wood can look like. Oudet's intricate pieces are handmade, chiefly on the wood lathe, and inspired by the effects of weather, "the action sun, rain, frost" have on natural materials. In Oudet's view, this weathering reveals the inner qualities of substances such as wood and stone and is the impetus for his work. Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures Pascal Oudet
/images/products/thumbs/1418.jpg The highly textured, organically shaped Patara Vase is made of hand-blown and hand-cut glass. Produced by German-based GUAXS, renowned for the sophistication and high quality of its distinctive design, the vase explores the nuanced relationship between form, surface texture and color. Patara Vase GUAXS
/images/products/thumbs/213.jpg Bold organic shapes characterize Kate Hume's work. With an emphasis on jewel-bright color, the Pebble Vase is one of her earliest designs. Intended to be shown in groups, the play of shadows and layered colors between the forms resemble jewelry. Pebble Vase Kate Hume
/images/products/thumbs/1374.jpg The Petite Marble Vase is a sophisticated amalgam derived from the most basic levels of form, function and material. Here, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden corrals the simple geometry of a pure cylinder into this straightforward vase that is-perhaps unexpectedly-composed of solid marble. Petite Marble Vase Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/1040.jpg Elevating a tealight candle to new heights, the Photophore Glass Tealight Candle Holder is sleek and elegant. The tall cylinder shaped holder is ideal to illuminate homes or restaurants giving them a romantic edge. Photophore Glass Tealight Candle Holder - Set of Two Silodesign
/images/products/thumbs/701.jpg Hanging from the ceiling, Herve Gambs' braided iron Photophore Sphere Candle Holder casts dynamic shadows. The glow of the candle light passes through the sphere's scribble-like surface and radiates warmth. Photophore Sphere Candle Holder Herve Gambs
/images/products/thumbs/1199.jpg Originally designed as a permanent installation for the Texture Flax Museum, the Pigeon Service by Christien Meindertsma are now available as a souvenir. Pigeon Service Thomas Eyck
/images/products/thumbs/1031.jpg The Pillar Floor Candle Holder is a minimal accessory that adds the perfect dose of sophistication to an environment. It is made of two separate pieces, a glass top and a hollow metal matte black base. Pillar Floor Candle Holder Haans Lifestyle
/images/products/thumbs/1729.jpg Honest, natural materials and subtle forms are used to create a playful collection of wooden vessels by Taiwanese studio Kimu. The Pinocchio Vases recall the whimsical story of the wooden boy puppet with their simple carved forms and singular pieces that are joined together to form a whole. Pinocchio Vases KIMU Design
/images/products/thumbs/868.jpg Designed by Fabiaan Van Severen, the Pole Stainless Steel bowl is a perfect segment of a sphere. The bowl seamlessly covers the surface like the poles covers the earth. Pole Stainless Steel Bowl Fabiaan Van Severen
/images/products/thumbs/1506.jpg The Pond Candle Holder is a poetic object that gracefully captures the ephemeral reflection of a candle's flame glowing softly. Designer Daisuke Kitagawa sought to achieve purity with his design, carefully considering each detail, from form to production. Pond Candle Holder Daisuke Kitagawa
/images/products/thumbs/880.jpg The Porcelain Conical Tealight Holder has a flat base resembling a cup or a cone without the vertex creating the ideal cozy ambiance. Porcelain Conical Tealight Holder Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/881.jpg The Porcelain Cylinder Tealight Holder is the ideal candle holder to create a cozy ambiance. Porcelain Cylinder Tealight Holder Serax Maison
/images/products/thumbs/1457.jpg Distinguished by its radiating texture, the Prato Comeia Plate by Selma Abdon Calheira is a dynamic sculpture that intrigues the senses. Recalling a primitive wood carving, the surface of the round ceramic platter is covered in a mesmerizing pattern of triangular markings. Prato Comeia Plate Selma Calheira
/images/products/thumbs/534.jpg Laurence Brabant redefines the flower vase with the Punk Vase, infusing the common glass object with subtle twists and intricate details. The sinuous, blown glass form of the vase is penetrated along its axis eight times with deep impressions into the glass that angle downward to hold water and a stem, resulting in an innovative display of floral. Punk Vase Laurence Brabant
/images/products/thumbs/650.jpg XLBoom's Pure Trays are a nod to the natural characteristics of tropical acacia wood. Appearing as hand-carved forms, these trays retain the strong coloration of the unique wood. Perfect for serving, the trays are food safe. Pure Trays XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1253.jpg The poetic and fluid shapes of the pUsh / pUll Glass Bowls are the result of forward thinking Belgian glass artist Klaar Prims. Available in smoke blue glass, the gentle forms of the pUsh / pUll Glass Bowl are reflected through both color and the artists hand. pUsh / pUll Glass Bowls Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1230.jpg The Resin Stackable Storage Box is a minimal, compact container that helps you bring order to your jewelry, tools and small objects of all kinds. The multipurpose container is made of durable and lightweight resin, and may be stacked when closed Resin Stackable Storage Box ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/1274.jpg Made in Belgium to exacting standards, the luxury fragranced handmade Rhombus Candles are the final touch to complete your interior. The exclusive scents are created by a master perfumer in Grasse, France, considered the world's capital of fragrance. Rhombus Candle ONNO
/images/products/thumbs/461.jpg Christoph Finkel's Rillen Vessels showcase the German artist's ability to capture the intrinsic, natural qualities of various species of wood in stunning, sculptural vessels. Initially the result of an incorrect cut into a piece of wood, Finkel began to experiment with the possibilities of deep reveals and undulating lines cut into his vessels resulting in his unique, signature aesthetic. Rillen Vessels Christoph Finkel
/images/products/thumbs/1398.jpg Expressing the designer's grand passion for Murano glass, Ivan Baj's Rio Vase is a stunningly modern art piece that pays homage to the history and craft of traditional glass-making. In the limited edition series, the vessel is created by joining two mouth-blown cylinders of different colors resulting in a stunning play of color and transparency. Rio Vase Ivan Baj
/images/products/thumbs/879.jpg Designed by Roos Van der Velde, the Rologo Porcelain tealight holder connotes the ephemeral trait of nature. The piece symbolizes innovation and the delicate porcelain resembles paper or a dried and curled leaf that is cut asymmetrically creating a flaw that becomes the main attribute. Rologo Porcelain Tealight Holder Roos van de Velde
/images/products/thumbs/1045.jpg Minimal and organic, the Round Marble Container with Oak Lid is designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen. Reinterpreting classical forms, his pieces are all contemporary and innovative. Round Marble Container with Oak Lid Vincent Van Duysen
/images/products/thumbs/409.jpg Combining historic pot-making techniques from various civilizations, the Round Pot with Grey Edge by Handsen & Handsen for Belgoflor features a contrast colored, glazed edge. Whether used a a functional container for plants or as a decorative object, the pure, artistic vase shows a restrained philosophy toward design while respecting the craftsmanship that is employed in each piece. Round Pot with Grey Edge Handsen & Handsen
/images/products/thumbs/874.jpg The Sack Porcelain Vase designed by the Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk adds a whimsical decorative touch to any centerpiece. The porcelain resembles a soft and crisp leather sack with its fine detail and wrinkles creating a delicate texture. Sack Porcelain Vase Kiki Van Eijk
/images/products/thumbs/1357.jpg Mysterious and captivating, Naga's Sea Urchin Rattan Sculpture evokes the unique flora and fauna found at the bottom of the sea. Like the underwater creature the sculpture is named for, the decorative object features a spiny body handmade from hundreds of pieces of natural or black colored rattan, giving it a dynamic appearance that begs to be touched. Sea Urchin Rattan Sculpture Naga
/images/products/thumbs/1643.jpg An undulating form of highly reflective stainless steel makes a stunning addition to the tabletop. Zaha Hadid's Serenity Bowls bring the highly complex futuristic forms of the renowned architect's buildings into the home for a dynamic set of functional centerpieces. Serenity Bowls Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/1422.jpg With an undulating surface of highly reflective stainless steel, Zaha Hadid's Serenity Platter bring the highly complex futuristic forms of the renowned architect's buildings to the tabletop. Mimicking the sinuous explorations that made Hadid one of the most notable architects of our time, the centerpiece achieves a dynamic sense of motion that seems to defy the laws of physics. Serenity Platter Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/410.jpg A witty vase with a unique form, Opossum Design's Sextet features six powder-coated stainless steel tubes arranged at varying angles that join together at the base to form a sculptural resting place for flowers. Sextet Flower Vase Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/1039.jpg The Silver Light Tealight Candle Holder has a shell shape with a mirror polished stainless steel reflector that creates a romantic environment. Silver Light Tealight Candle Holder Magnus Löfgren
/images/products/thumbs/1377.jpg The Single Candelabra is designed by Harold, a recently formed Brooklyn-based design company that is a collaboration between designers/makers Reed Hansuld and Joel Seigle. This minimal variation of the classic candlestick form is made of American walnut and brass. The Single Candelabra's solid brass cup is surrounded by American walnut that is steam bent to form an elegant handle. Single Candelabra Reed Hansuld & Joel Seigle
/images/products/thumbs/1140.jpg The minimal Soft Bowl is characterized for its curvaceous and fluid shape. Ideal to store objects or fruits, the versatile bowl can be used interchangeably on both sides. Soft Bowl Kristine Five Melvaer
/images/products/thumbs/865.jpg Designed by Kristine Five Melvaer and produced by the Belgian based When Objects Work, Soft Vase is both versatile and elegant. The glass vase has a cylinder shape with a complete circular opening on one side, and a tube like opening in the other side. Soft Vase Kristine Five Melvaer
/images/products/thumbs/1034.jpg Minimal and discrete, the SohLo Tealight Candle Holder is a timeless accessory that creates an enchanting environment. Sohlo Tealight Candle Holder Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/632.jpg A jagged collection of numerous spikes embrace a sinuous mouth-blown glass form creating a stunning juxtaposition for the senses. Vanessa Mitrani's Spike Vase highlights the designer's experiments with combining glass and unlikely materials together into harmonious and thought provoking pieces. Spikes Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/142.jpg Designer Douglas Legg has created a contemporary graphic form by using traditional techniques. Available in three sizes, the family of handmade baskets is suitable for a variety of purposes, from decorative tabletop objects to functional catch-alls. Splint Bamboo Basket Douglas Legg
/images/products/thumbs/938.jpg Playful and inventive, the Stack Vase Trio is handmade and designed to be stacked or arranged side by side. Each vase is made of mouth-blown glass with a cylindrical form, collar-shaped neck and indented base. Stack Vase Trio Monika Lubkowska-Jonas
/images/products/thumbs/963.jpg Sleek and sophisticated, Gunter Wermekes' Stainless Steel Bud Vases are the perfect touch of elegance to a contemporary home. Stainless Steel Bud Vase Gunter Wermekes
/images/products/thumbs/1432.jpg Renowned for his delicate porcelain creations, Belgian ceramicist Piet Stockmans creates elevated objects that blur the boundary between art and design. Echoing his sensitivity to material, his Still Vases highlight the tactile quality of his material of choice. Still Rectangular Vase Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/1453.jpg With deep appreciation of his material, German sculptor Lars Zech uses his chainsaw to reveal sculptural forms hidden inside downed trees found in the Black Forrest. The Stone Oak Sculpture is the result of the artist's dialogue with wood sourced from giants trees that have been fallen due to disease, age, or weather damage. Stone Oak Sculpture Lars Zech
/images/products/thumbs/1177.jpg Incorporating beauty, wit and functionality, Karim Rashid uses his multidisciplinary approach to create new combinations using traditional hand-blown glassware as his muse. Strike Vase Karim Rashid
/images/products/thumbs/633.jpg Bands of metal wrap around the neck of Vanessa Mitrani's Stripe Vase squeezing and informing the shape of the glass. The sinuous and organic form of the glass is juxtaposed by the array of metal bands resulting in an interesting and unique piece of glass sculpture. Stripes Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/1458.jpg Capturing the essence of human emotion, Belgian artist Ann Vrielinck creates expressive figurative sculptures. In her Striving Sculpture, four abstracted figures become intertwined and contort as they reach together with arms outstretched towards a single upright figure. Striving Sculpture Ann Vrielinck
/images/products/thumbs/1349.jpg Embodying an equilibrium of uniqueness and consistency, the Studio Round Wood Bowls have a story to tell - both in their materiality and skillful production. Each bowl by Stinson Studios is imbued with the family tradition of transforming locally sourced wood into stunningly sculptural functional objects, each refreshingly unique. Studio Round Wood Bowls Stinson Studios
/images/products/thumbs/583.jpg Taking the unique shape of a porthole, the Submarine Glass Vase from Blueside's 2013 collection is a playful approach to decorating vessels. The originality of the vase comes from the narrow opening on top of the tube that consecrates the porthole as the means of putting water inside the basin. Submarine Glass Vase Geraldine Dardano
/images/products/thumbs/914.jpg Handmade by local craftsmen by one of the last remaining millineries in the United States, the Swoop Softbowl designed by Jaime Salm and Roger C. Allen provides function and beauty. Swoop Softbowl Jaime Salm + Roger Allen
/images/products/thumbs/1035.jpg A tribute to Thomas Edison, the TAE 1879 Oil Lamp unites old and new traditions. It is characterized by a light bulb suspended by two wires inside a minimal glass cylinder. TAE 1879 Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/872.jpg Best described as a French sculptor and writer Emmanuelle Piquart's Clay People are small hand molded clay busts placed at the end of metal rods that each portrays a different state of mind. The Clay People Emmanuelle Piquart
/images/products/thumbs/1105.jpg The muses of Greek mythology inspire the Muses Sculptures by Belgian artist Renaat Ramon. Made of white ceramic, the abstract objects have been removed of excess ornamentation. The Muses Sculptures Renaat Ramon
/images/products/thumbs/1381.jpg The Pairs Sculptures are charming and evocative pieces by French designer Laurent Trebout. Each of the four sculptures explores the landscape of love with various configurations of porcelain figures perched (bravely, one imagines) on wooden blocks. The Pairs Sculptures Laurent Trebout
/images/products/thumbs/1055.jpg Symbolizing intelligence and wisdom, the Savis Owl designed by Carlo Trevisani is a great sculptural piece for a modern home. The Savis Owl Carlo Trevisani
/images/products/thumbs/1108.jpg Handcrafted following a design by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, The Visitor Sculpture is a series of ceramic figurines finished with only natural elements like clay and color pigments. The Visitor Sculpture - Large Guido Deleu
/images/products/thumbs/1107.jpg Handcrafted following a design by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, The Visitor Sculpture is a series of ceramic figurines finished with only natural elements like clay and color pigments. The Visitor Sculpture - Medium Guido Deleu
/images/products/thumbs/368.jpg Handcrafted following a design by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, The Visitor Sculpture is a series of ceramic figurines finished with only natural elements like clay and color pigments. The Visitor Sculpture - Small Guido Deleu
/images/products/thumbs/1310.jpg A collection of simple contrasts, its simple shape exudes sophistication. Made of lightweight and fluid borosilicate glass, the transparent top includes a little glass "cup" designed to support tapered candles. When this cup is removed, the clever opening allows a single stem or twig to be placed within. Tokio Greenhouse Candle Holders MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/1474.jpg A poetic exploration of form and material. Belgian designer Michael Verheyden uncovers the sublime beauty of simplicity in basic geometric shapes and noble materials. In his Tophe and Fruitte Marble Containers With Oak Lid, two sophisticated materials join in harmony. Tophe and Fruitte Marble Round Containers Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/585.jpg Natural and hidden meaning gives ample interpretation to Francesco Paretti's Topless Glass Flowerpot. This handmade holder may be used intrinsically as a vase to hold small plants or flowers. Topless Glass Flowerpot Steroglass
/images/products/thumbs/383.jpg Pronounced colors and sharp cuts are investigated in Anna Torfs Traam vase resulting in an object that is dynamic and energetic. Minimal yet wonderfully sensual, Traam is handmade in the Czech Republic and is infused with Torfs' deep understanding of glass-blowing techniques which, although having hardly changed in 200 years, can still allow for an exceedingly contemporary object. Traam Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/1325.jpg A whimsical collection of borosilicate glass vessels deliberately formed in an irregular manner by hand, a small gesture that brings a touch of poetry to each piece. The soft, organic forms invite you to arrange your floral bouquets or branches. Transformer Vase Piero Lissoni
/images/products/thumbs/822.jpg Traditional meets edgy in Maison Martin Margiela's Travel Candlestick. A simple sheet of polished stainless steel is flat-packed then folded into a reflective triptych that can be placed or hung. Made of mirrored stainless steel, this innovative accessory plays with your senses creating three reflections of the same image. Travel Candlestick Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/528.jpg Through a dedicated exploration of nature realized in subtle form, Vanessa Mirtrani's Tree Vase offers balance and transparency while hosting a tree like a pearl in it's shell. An organically blown-glass form is indented with a bulbous chamber that allows for a small tree to be planted within. Tree Vase Vanessa Mitrani
/images/products/thumbs/584.jpg The simple concept of the Trevis Frosted Glass Bottle commends the subtleties of minimalism in glass products. The silent piece from the Blueside 2013 collection works beautifully as a decorative element with its frosted motif and fine pouring end. Trevis Frosted Glass Bottle Eraldo Marini
/images/products/thumbs/1079.jpg The minimal Trio Vases designed by Stockholm based Jonas Wagell are a beautiful addition to your modern home. Made specifically for small flowers such as wood anemones, daffodils, and others, the shape of the Trio vases resemble chemistry flasks. Trio Vases - Set of 3 Jonas Wagell
/images/products/thumbs/758.jpg Made of solid waxed European oak, the tactile Turn Fruit Bowl by designer Mark Braun features a simple and intriguing round shape. Punctuated by a central hole, the design takes a minimal approach to tabletop storage. Turn Fruit Bowl Mark Braun
/images/products/thumbs/1814.jpg The Tutube Vase by Marc Krusin conveys a light, weightless feel with it’s clear borosilicate glass and double wall, concave interior design. A sophisticated glass blowing process allows for a fluid form bringing harmony between what is inside the vase and the exterior environment. Tutube Glass Vase Marc Krusin
/images/products/thumbs/602.jpg Formed from a single length of solid metal tubing, Minimalux's U Candleholder has been reduced to its most essential form resulting in an elegant yet simple object for the home. Bent at 180 degrees and available in stainless steel or copper, the candleholder is supported at its base by a turned metal disc, all of which has been mirror polished by hand. U Candleholder Minimalux
/images/products/thumbs/1336.jpg Marble, known for its hardness and density, is exploited in a dramatic fashion to appear soft and malleable in Underbowl S Bowl by Nendo. The bowl consists of a round vessel fixed on a flat and smooth square pedestal. Cleverly, the pedestal appears to softly emerge through the surface of the vessel giving a presence to the pedestal that would otherwise be hidden underneath. Underbowl S Bowl Nendo - Oki Sato
/images/products/thumbs/1252.jpg The Uno Crystal Glass bowl has a mysterious appearance, as if it were water transformed to ice. Belgian artist Klaar Prims celebrates the glass-making process and highlights the art of creating a solid object from a liquid material. Uno Crystal Glass Bowl Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1247.jpg Designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims the rich jewel tones of the mouth blown and hand cut crystal UPSDWN Crystal Glass Vessels refract light across the surface of each piece, creating areas of subtle color change. Whether your choose to fill them or not, they'll make a striking addition to any home. UPSDWN Crytsal Glass Vessels Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1186.jpg As a designer, Sam Baron loves the way it's possible to experience a previously unknown locale through its objects and artifacts. This appropriation is apparent in the Utiles Glass Fruit Pots produced in collaboration with Rome-based gallery Secondome. Utiles Glass Fruit Pots Sam Baron
/images/products/thumbs/1201.jpg The V. Building Glass Vases from Henry Dean are perfectly designed for single stem flowers or branches. The series captures the ethereal look of sea glass that's been weathered by the waves. V. Building Glass Vases Henry Dean
/images/products/thumbs/1301.jpg Understated, simple and elegant, the Vase Vase nest one inside the other to create a uniquely layered look. The larger vessel is suitable for full bouquets, while the smaller is ideal for handling delicate arrangements. Vase Vase Norm
/images/products/thumbs/957.jpg Combining an earthy bohemian vibe with a modern sensibility, the Vaza Vase by Anna Torfs resembles a round clay pitcher but made more sophisticated and sleek with white-sanded glass. Available in three sizes, the Vaza Vase can be grouped in an incremental form. Vaza Vase Anna Torfs
/images/products/thumbs/547.jpg The Vazna Glass Vase's entrancing design transforms an everyday object into a new visual experience with function and simplicity harmoniously joining in one. With two compartments of different volumes, the vase may be placed on either side to hold large bouquets or single stems with the same object. Vazna Glass Vase Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/1545.jpg Milanese designer Paolo Dell'Elce found inspiration for his Via Fondazza Vases in the archetypal subjects represented in Giorgio Morandi's still life paintings. Realized in brightly polished brass, the collection of three distinctly shaped vases translate the 20th-century Italian artist's thorough research into the balance between shapes and proportions as depicted in his simple two-dimensional representations of vases, bottles, and bowls into sophisticated three-dimensional objects. Via Fondazza Vase Paolo Dell'Elce
/images/products/thumbs/1479.jpg Craft and design unite in a set of sophisticated leather catchalls by the Belgian designer Michael Verheyden. Recalling his experience in leathercraft from his successful career as a handbag designer, Verheyden's Vide Poche shows the designer's understanding of leatherworking and exhibits a softer side of the minimal designer's aesthetic. Vide Poche - Set of Five Michael Verheyden
/images/products/thumbs/1314.jpg A stylish home to whatever you decide to put in it, the playful asymmetric container has three legs that also work as storage spaces, making it ideal for serving or storing fruits and vegetables. Crafted from fine porcelain, the Vitamin Container is easy to transport from counter to table and with a bit of good will the bowl encourages us to take better care of ourselves. Vitamin Container Ole Jensen
/images/products/thumbs/1161.jpg This minimal, beautifully crafted Watch Box is handmade in the Black Forest. Humble and precious, the interior of the box includes a soft Tyvek lining, which has eight compartments that are ideally sized for watches or other small valuables. Watch Box Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/1630.jpg Finding inspiration in nature, French designer Arik Levy captures the fluidity of water flowing over surfaces in his collection of dazzling glass vessels. His Waterfall Vases feature an undulating surface that mesmerizingly reflects a vibrant spectrum of metallic pastel hues. Waterfall Vases Arik Levy
/images/products/thumbs/595.jpg A reinterpretation of the flower vase, designer Decha Archjananum's Weight Vases are made of two parts which support one another. A black-painted laser-cut steel frame works in tandem with a concrete base to hold water and flower stems. The concrete base adds weight to create a stable object while the frame is designed to support the stems of flowers. Weight Vases Decha Archjananum
/images/products/thumbs/1303.jpg Full of personality, the Willmann Vase combines the unexpected materials of concrete and glass. Each wonderful vase is unique to the finish of the concrete and gives you a unique canvas to show off the colors of whatever flowers you decide to fill it with. Willmann Vase Hanne Willmann
/images/products/thumbs/915.jpg Handmade by local craftsmen by one of the remaining millineries in the United States, the Wobol Softbowl designed by Jaime Salm and Roger C.Allen provides function and beauty. Made from 100% recycled wool, the versatile bowl can be used as a storage container, planter cozie or decoration for your home or office. Wobol Softbowl Jaime Salm + Roger Allen
/images/products/thumbs/1359.jpg Simple and honest, Belgoflor's Wooden Deco Bowls show the softer side of minimalism. Utilizing traditional Thai-woodworking techniques, these mahogany bowls highlight the beauty of imperfection as each bowl is unique in size, shape and texture thanks to its handcrafted nature. Wooden Deco Bowls Belgoflor
/images/products/thumbs/1503.jpg Material and craft combine to make the common unique. In the Wooden Gift Box Set, a slice of super-thin wood allows a single piece to be used to create a seamless container that transforms the strict geometries of traditional boxes into a soft, rounded form that is pleasant to view and use. Wooden Gift Box - Set Of Four ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/1670.jpg With an artistic exuberance, Valentine Herrenschmidt creates calligraphic sculptures from metal wires that are imbued with personality. For her Words From Picasso Calligraphed Frames, the French sculptor uses her preferred medium to turn quotes by the famous artist into decorative accessories for the home. Words From Picasso Calligraphed Frames Valentine Herrenschmidt
/images/products/thumbs/487.jpg Strong in its geometric form and clean construction, XLBoom's Set of Low Trays is a stylish and considered way to present food and drink or display votives and decorative objects around the house. XLBoom Set of Low Trays XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1380.jpg The You & Me Sculpture is a whimsical and touching piece by French designer Laurent Trebout. The sculpture depicts a pair of small porcelain birds perched rather precariously on the edge of a large tree formed of wire. The birds-lovebirds, perhaps?-exude joy and a palpable contentment with each other. You & Me Sculpture Laurent Trebout
/images/products/thumbs/651.jpg With its simple and relaxing design, XLBoom's Zen Trays completely live up to its name. Providing function in a minimal form, the painted MDF tray is available in three sizes to suit various needs. Zen Trays XLBoom