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/images/products/thumbs/1618.jpg Expressing the gracefulness of a single sheet of paper effortlessly gliding in the wind, Ingo Maurer's 18 x 18 Wall Lamp captures the poetry of illumination through its inspired design. The light fixture features an 18x18cm sheet of powder-coated aluminum that acts as a reflector, providing a wash of light on the walls. 18 X 18 Wall Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/274.jpg Ingo Maurer's endlessly flexible ceiling lamp borrows its long, tubular shape from the snake, while remaining a highly functional light. Alizz C. Cooper Ceiling Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/175.jpg Ingo Maurer's Alizz T. Cooper shows how a playful, witty approach to design is often the most fruitful. Here, the endlessly flexible table lamp borrows its long, tubular shape from the snake, whilst remaining a highly functional directional lamp that makes a sleek and surprising addition to any interior. Alizz T. Cooper Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1718.jpg Blurring the lines between sculpture and functional object, Ingo Maurer's inspired Babadul Floor Lamp continues the German designer's explorations of materiality in surprising and clever ways. The dynamic design catches the eye with its folded paper form in the shape of an abstracted flower petal which hovers at the end of a slender metal rod. Babadul Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/981.jpg Designed by famed lighting designer Ingo Maurer, the Birdie's Busch Table lamp is both beautiful and serene. The lamp resembles a tree with branches that contain light bulb sockets wrapped with goose feather giving the bulbs wings. Birdie's Busch Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1285.jpg An homage to the incandescent bulb, the wondrous Birdie's Nest Ceiling Lamp is a burst of light flying outwards. The final form of Birdie's Nest is determined by you, as the arms can be further turned, bent or stretched, making each piece an original and you the co-designer. Birdie's Nest Ceiling Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1286.jpg A tribute to the Edison bulb, the oversized Bulb Table Lamp was Ingo Maurer's first-ever design and the one that launched his company Studio M. Met with enthusiastic reception, the design is included in the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York. Bulb Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/345.jpg Seemingly incongruous, water and light meet in a magical way with Ingo Maurer's Delirium Yum light. The spiral of water with a dancing white ball is fascinating to watch as light is reflected by an aluminum mirror drawing attention to the cyclone of water. In the midst of the action, oddly, a feeling of calm takes over. Delirium Yum Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1283.jpg Appearing as though it came from the future, the Dew Drops Floor Lamp emits light from a softly draped sheet of transparent plastic foil. The flexible sheet is fitted with 750 LED 'drops' that can be positioned to serve as an up or downlight. Dew Drops Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/983.jpg Designed by Ingo Maurer, the Dew Drops LED Wall Light resembles a delicate cloth suspended at one corner. The distinctive lighting piece is instantly recognizable for its flexible transparent sheet that is equipped with rows of tiny LEDs. Dew Drops LED Wall Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/173.jpg An homage to Achille Castiglioni's Parentesi lamp of 1971, which ran from floor to ceiling and was kept taut by a counter-weight, Ingo Maurer's Hot Achille lamp consists of a freely rotatable aluminum reflector hung on a length of adjustable cable. Hot Achille Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1307.jpg A simple yet refined light with a witty personality equipped with a touch sensor for dimming the 3W LED bulb. Looking just like a real one, a large steel, hand-made model of a fly sits cheekily atop a lying bulb. I Ricchi Poveri - Fly Limited Edition Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1043.jpg The I Ricchi Poveri - A Monument For A Bulb is a witty piece that looks like a small maquette for a large scale monument. Eight miniature human figures are standing on a dark metal plate around the monument - a horizontal frosted bulb that hovers propped up by simple brass. I Ricchi Poveri - Monument For A Bulb Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/862.jpg The I Ricchi Poveri Bzzz table lamp by Ingo Maurer experiments and plays with shapes and materials. The protagonist of the lamp is a handmade red dragonfly resting on a bulb table lamp. I Ricchi Poveri Bzzzz Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/348.jpg Scientists ponder - is light a particle or a wave. According to Ingo Maurer's Ilios floor lamp, it is surely both. A discrete, round glass shade hangs suspended between two micro-thin flexible wires until moved. When it vibrates, it throws intriguing patterns of light against the wall. Ilios Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/350.jpg A member of Ingo Maurer's MaMo Nouchies, and created in collaboration with Dagmar Mombach, Ingo Maurer's Jimken pendant light takes inspiration from from the traditional Japanese technique of paper folding. Jimken Pendant Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1287.jpg The flared silhouette of the Knitterling Pendant Lamp takes inspiration from the work of Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Made of crinkled washi paper, the ethereal pendant emits a warm glow when illuminated and is a sculptural object when not in use. Knitterling Pendant Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/356.jpg A novelty within Ingo Maurer's boundary-pushing lighting collection, the Knueller floor lamp, designed in partnership with Bernhard Dessecker, features a spherical head composed of thin steel wires that holds a dream-like assortment of crumpled tissue paper which acts as a diffuser of light. Knueller Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/985.jpg Designed by Ingo Maurer, the Lampampe Table Lamp is distinctive due it its paper composition evoking an organic feel. Lampampe Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/977.jpg LED's Oskar lamp is a practical addition that can light up your shelves in a charming way. Designed by Ingo Maurer, the lamp is ideal for small desks or bedside tables. LED's Oskar Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/973.jpg The Lucellino LED Table Lamp is a member of the iconic Birds family and is one of many pieces from Ingo Maurer that pays homage to and demonstrates his love of the Edison light bulb. Lucellino LED Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/460.jpg No matter how conceptual, Ingo Maurer's lamps are witty and delicate. In Lucellino, a fusion of two Italian words, luce (light) and uccellino (little bird), the bulb has grown wings and become a glowing cherub - "because light comes with no noise," Maurer has said. Lucellino Wall Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1280.jpg Perfect for modern living and dining rooms, the minimalist Max Floor Lamp updates the original design with energy-efficient dimmable LED technology and a convenient floor position. A handle discreetly positioned at the top of the mirror-bright reflector shade allows for additional orientation. Max. Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1284.jpg The unexpected and extraordinary Oh.LED.One Table Lamp is not equipped with standard LEDs, but with OLED modules by LG Chem. The deliberate updated revival of the famous EL.E.DEE lamp is symbolic for Ingo Maurer's self-understanding as a pioneer in the application of new light technologies. Oh.LED.One Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/355.jpg Continuing prolific lighting designer Ingo Maurer's experimentation in poetically pairing the ingenious lighting techniques with cleaver design, the highly sculptural table lamp One From the Heart features two stylized hearts reflecting off each other. One From The Heart Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/344.jpg Part of the MaMo Nouchies series designed in tandem by Ingo Maurer and Dagmar Mambach, the Poul Poul table lamp was influenced by sculptor Isamu Noguchi's use of folded paper. Plain sheets of handmade paper are transformed into different shapes by folding and pulling the paper, all done by hand. Poul Poul Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1716.jpg With an uncompromising attention to form, Ingo Maurer has designed the Ringelpiez Floor Lamp as a pure expression of design that has been reduced to its most essential elements. The endlessly adjustable floor lamp integrates dimmable LED lights into the ring, which seems impossibly suspended on a slim carbon fiber rod. Ringelpiez Floor Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/978.jpg Designed by Ingo Maurer, the WillyDilly Pendant lamp resembles an origami sculpture. Subtle and organic, the lamp is made of white transparent cardboard that is easily attached to the supply line by a fluorescent clamp. Willydilly Pendant Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/174.jpg A member of Ingo Maurer's MaMo Nouchies, Ysmen combines visual beauty with technical sophistication. Ysmen is a transcendent creation, an inspirational combination of paper, metal and stainless steel. Ysmen Table Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/171.jpg Consisting of love letters written in different languages, Ingo Maurer's Zettel'z 5 encourages the user to interact with the lighting fixture by arranging the sheets of paper to form a chandelier. Zettel'z 5 Chandelier Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/774.jpg Capturing the poetic essence of Ingo Maurer's lighting design, the iconic Zettel'z 6 Chandelier invites the owner to participate in the design. A blend of art, sculpture, and light, Zettel'z 6 is composed of 80 pieces of Japenese paper that, with typical tongue-in-cheek fashion of Maurer, are secured to stainless steel wires with paperclips. Zettel'z 6 Chandelier Ingo Maurer