With the power to visually enlarge a space, Luminaire's curated selection of mirrors for the home are suitable for a variety of spaces. For bathrooms, Doshi Levien's Kali collection offers the Mirror Cabinet and Magnifying Mirror to help you get ready to start you day. Likewise, Luminaire offers decorative mirrors for living areas such as the Prado Mirrors by XLBoom which come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
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/images/products/thumbs/737.jpg A true piece of art made from an oval stainless steel sheet, folded and polished by hand, Valerie Windeck's Anamorphosis Mirror creates a silver disc in an angle of the room, like an eyelet opening onto a new moving space. Anamorphosis Mirror Valerie Windeck
/images/products/thumbs/1081.jpg The Attractive Mirror by Turkish designer Umut Demirel is a combination of organic design and functionality. Attractive Mirror Umut Demirel
/images/products/thumbs/792.jpg Samuel Accoceberry's Auge Wall Mirror features unique a faceted design that allows various viewing angles. Strong in personality, the unique mirror is made of stainless steel that has been polished and finished in a blackened coloration. Auge Wall Mirror Samuel Accoceberry
/images/products/thumbs/795.jpg Like a simplistic stick figure or the outline of a lollipop, XLBoom's Blush is a playful yet minimal small mirror. The powder coated metal mirror is perfect for the bathroom. It's a pleasant design that evokes a happy feeling when viewed. Blush Mirror XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/794.jpg Without detailing, decoration or embellishment, Minimalux has created the luxurious Brass Pocket Mirror. With a rim of precision machined solid brass, the small travel mirror may be held in the hand or balanced on its side. Brass Pocket Mirror Minimalux
/images/products/thumbs/788.jpg Reduced to its most basic components, Joachim Rasmussen's Disc Table Mirror features a reflective circle held upright by a slotted brass cylinder. Disc Mirror encompasses the simplicity of Ready Made in materials that are familiar industry icons: the tube and the stainless steel sheet. Disc Table Mirror Joachim Rasmussen
/images/products/thumbs/1123.jpg Designed by Amsterdam based Thomas Eurlings, the Fading Mirror is characterized for its screen-printed edge that give a soft-focus reflection. With a rectangle shape, the mirror can be hung or put against the wall. Fading Mirror - Rectangular Thomas Eurlings
/images/products/thumbs/658.jpg Created by Amsterdam designer Thomas Eurlings, the Fading Mirror has a printed gradient under the glass to give a soft-focus reflection. Creating a dream-like image, the mirror triggers daily delight. Fading Mirror - Round Thomas Eurlings
/images/products/thumbs/1460.jpg An elegant study in geometry and movement, the Galileo Mirror is in a state of constant balance. Designed by Mario Ferrarini, the mirror is like a pendulum, gracefully suspended from its mount by a thin wire that bisects the circular design. Galileo Mirror Mario Ferrarini
/images/products/thumbs/790.jpg With its unique swiveling design, Konstantin Grcic's Jet Mirror Cabinets provides maximum storage without sacrificing space. The pure proportions and minimal design combine in this attractive solution for the bathroom. Jet Mirror Cabinet Konstantin Grcic
/images/products/thumbs/224.jpg Fusing cultural reflection with advanced technology, London based design team Doshi Levien has created a range of products for the bathroom. The break-proof, concave Kali Magnifying mirror has clips that allow it to be placed to fit the user's needs. Kali Magnifying Mirror Doshi Levien
/images/products/thumbs/227.jpg A compliment to the intelligently conceived Kali bathroom collection by Doshi Levien, the Mirror Cabinet features glass cantilevered shelves that host other accessories from the line. Innovative in its design and functionality, four glass shelves pass through the side walls of the molded cabinet offering internal and external storage. Kali Mirror Cabinet Doshi Levien
/images/products/thumbs/821.jpg Give your keys an easy to access home in the entryway with XLBoom's Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet. For added convenience, the painted MDF case features a mirror on the door, giving you the opportunity to take one final look before you leave the house. Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1378.jpg The Loop Mirror is made by Harold, a Brooklyn-based design collaboration between designers/makers Reed Hansuld and Joel Seigle. Like the designers' other products, the mirror is simple and clean, yet finely crafted from exceptional materials. The Loop Mirror's elegant, curved frame encloses the circular mirror and loops up to surround the echoing circle of cast bronze above, lending the mirror its name. Loop Mirror Reed Hansuld & Joel Seigle
/images/products/thumbs/1705.jpg With March’s Magnetic Mirror, the mainstay home accessory receives a surprisingly clever update. The minimal mirror’s surface is magnetic, making it the perfect addition to the entryway so you can keep everyday essentials like keys and small metal items in sight when you check your reflection one last time before leaving home. Magnetic Mirror Martynas Kazimierenas
/images/products/thumbs/787.jpg The sensual curves of one of the most famous ancient Greek statues, Venus de Milo, are reproduced as a mirror by the legendary early-twentieth century architect and designer Carlo Mollino. The classic 1937-designed 465 Milo Silhouette Mirror makes an strong, organic impression on any wall. Milo Silhouette Mirror Carlo Mollino
/images/products/thumbs/1651.jpg Martin Zanolin's simple and refined Barb Mirror belies its multitude of functions. The round oak mirror features a "barb" projecting from its backside that allows the clever accessory to be mounted on the wall, placed on a dresser or tabletop, or used as a handheld makeup mirror. Mirror Barb Martin Zanolin
/images/products/thumbs/1652.jpg Like a geometric sculpture on the wall, Laura Bilde's Mirror Box exudes a sophisticated composition that makes a compelling impact in any room. The talented Danish designer effortlessly manages to experiment with materials, elements, and forms while remaining true to a sense of functional purpose and Scandinavian simplicity. Mirror Box Laura Bilde
/images/products/thumbs/1228.jpg The utilitarian Mirror Hook has simple curves and is made from solid oak with a blue tinted mirror attached to its surface. The hook can hung alone as minimal objets d'art or used to accommodate coats or displaying your favorite jewelry. Mirror Hook ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/1110.jpg The simple Mirror Magnet is designed to attach to the Buba magnet board. Designed by Studio Macura, the convenient round mirror magnet can also be fixed to other metal surfaces such as window frames and fridge doors. Mirror Magnet Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/1229.jpg Simple but refined, the Mirrors Storage Box holds a series of mirrors in three sizes and colors. Designed by French brand ComingB the beautifully handcrafted solid oak box is cut with three slots and an open storage compartment that can be used for the storing of jewelry and other personal effects. Mirrors Storage Box ComingB
/images/products/thumbs/1505.jpg To the young German designer Dorothee Mainka, the simple things in life are the most special. Following that philosophy, she has designed Mood, a collection of mesmerizing mirrors in three variations of size and color. Mood Mirrors Dorothee Mainka
/images/products/thumbs/1615.jpg Daniel Vieira's Moon Mirror reflects more than its surroundings. Made of natural black cork, the wall-hanging mirror is inspired by the moon, taking its hemispherical shape from the astronomical body above. Moon Mirror Daniel Vieira
/images/products/thumbs/1654.jpg In his Pocket Mirror, British designer Daniel Schofield excludes unnecessary details in favor of honesty of form and material to create a clever accessory that conveniently marries a small storage spot with a mirror. Pocket Mirror Daniel Schofield
/images/products/thumbs/1730.jpg Existing between stillness and motion, the Pose Table Mirror conveys its presence through movement and transformations. The highly adjustable mirror by Taiwanese studio Kimu is imbued with thoughtfulness that elevates everyday activities like checking your reflection while also existing as an attractive accessory for the home. Pose Table Mirror KIMU Design
/images/products/thumbs/486.jpg With a deep frame that disguises its true function, XLBoom's Prado Mirror showcases strong proportion and minimal design in harmony. Framed in rich, dark coffee colored rubber wood, the mirror is suitable to accompany a wide variety of interior styles. Prado Mirror XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1498.jpg In Andres Martinez's Recibidor Valet, entryway storage gets a fresh interpretation full of soul to create a comfortable place to leave our personal belongings or take one final glance in the mirror before we rush out of the house. Recibidor Valet Andres Martinez
/images/products/thumbs/1324.jpg An ethereal and fascinating circular mirror that changes hue depending upon the vantage point of the viewer. Made with a special iridescent multicolor finish, the graceful shifts in color react with light and are refracted in the mirror prismatic surface. Shimmer Mirror Patricia Urquiola
/images/products/thumbs/1480.jpg Innovative in its functionality and charming in its design, Agape's Spin Mirror makes the most of the daily grooming and bathing routine. With two circular mirrors surrounded by a clean wood frame, the design of the mirror is pure and sensual. Spin Mirror Benedini Associati
/images/products/thumbs/791.jpg With an almost imperceptible aluminum frame, the Ute Minimal Mirrors add depth to the room without adding visual clutter. Available in a variety of sizes to fit different spaces and functions, these mirrors add a beautiful touch to any room by opening small spaces, adding depth and dimension and drawing in and reflecting light. Ute Minimal Mirror StH
/images/products/thumbs/1500.jpg A design solution for everyday life. Andres Martinez's Welcome Set is a versatile collection of sculptural wooden elements that enliven the walls with thoughtful design and considered functionality. Welcome Set Andres Martinez
/images/products/thumbs/1427.jpg Designed by Maarten Baptist, the Yve Limited Edition Hand Mirror is a sculptural object with a decidedly feminine form and name that transforms the archetypal object's flatness into a fully three-dimensional sphere with integrated handle. Made entirely of mouth-blown glass with its interior coated in silver, the mirror features 360 degrees of reflection giving it a unique presence in any room. Yve Hand Mirror Limited Edition Maarten Baptist