Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day Gifts
Luminaire presents a Mother’s Day gift selection that considers how to best acknowledge one of life’s most important bonds. Sourced from around the world, our collection includes the TAE Oil Lamp which features a delicate, blown-glass light bulb, and Ana Hagopian's paper jewelry which celebrates the glory of nature. Mark this occasion with a meaningful, well-designed gift that is sure to remain a treasured possession for years to come.
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/images/products/thumbs/1371.jpg The narrow, cylindrical Acropora Vase, available in two sizes, is inspired by coral and reflects the contrasting strength and fragility of the natural world in its form, material and colors. The porcelain vase features a solid base transitioning to a more ephemeral upper body, with a dark exterior and light interior. Acropora Vase Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/1263.jpg Inspired by iconic 20th century kinetic sculptures, the Antares Diamond Ring sparkles like the night sky. The unique, individually handcrafted object features inlaid coal black concrete and diamond dust and is certain to make the recipient feel out of this world. Antares Diamond Dust Ring Karen Konzuk
/images/products/thumbs/1528.jpg A sublime geometric exploration of material makes an attractive accessory for the kitchen or dining room. Raumgestalt's Apple Box is a creative and adaptive display for fruit or decorations that can also be used as an organizer for small items. Apple Box Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/1428.jpg Enliven your surroundings with a whimsical display of photos, notes, and drawings. L'Atlier d'Exercices' Arbre A Photos is a playful yet minimal sculptural assemblage of frames that resemble an abstracted tree. Arbre A Photos L'Atelier d'exercices Studio
/images/products/thumbs/178.jpg In his signature blue and white colors, Piet Stockmans translates his delicate ceramic work into wearable jewelry. Handmade, the small porcelain ball is delicately colored so that no two are alike. Ball Necklace Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/960.jpg Industrial yet chic, Bangle No. 5 by Gunter Wermekes is a minimal bracelet for women. With a clean design and expert craftsmanship, the stainless steel bracelet is complemented with a subtle diamond giving the piece just the right amount of luxe. Bangle No. 5 Gunter Wermekes
/images/products/thumbs/1454.jpg Cozy accommodations for our feathered friends. Bringing honest and simple design to the pet world, Andreu Carulla's Bird and Breakfast is a modern modular home and feeder for small garden birds. Bird and Breakfast Andreu Carulla
/images/products/thumbs/1060.jpg Blending the centuries-old tradition of Murano glassmakers with a modern design ethos, the Bolla Glass Bottle is a colorful and minimal piece. With a round base and long slim neck, it resembles a tool out of a chemistry experiment. Bolla Glass Bottle NasonMoretti
/images/products/thumbs/1361.jpg The Bougainvillea Necklace, by Barcelona-based jewelry designer Ana Hagopian, celebrates the glory of nature. That it does so using paper as its medium is testament to this virtuoso designer's fluency with material and form. The Bougainvillea Necklace cascades from throat to torso in a gorgeous flurry of finely crafted paper petals. Bougainvillea Necklace Ana Hagopian
/images/products/thumbs/1466.jpg Invoking the same complex and fluid forms found in her iconic architecture, the Braid Vase by Zaha Hadid captures her same exuberant style that helped shape the landscape of contemporary architecture. Rising exuberantly from its base, the vase is comprised of four vertical petals which intertwine to create a dramatic braid-like structure. Braid Vase Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/1525.jpg Carre Royal's Sybille Clutch with Shoulder Strap captures the French fashion house's signature effortlessly chic style in an accessory that is both modern and convenient. Small in size, the clutch may be slipped into a larger bag and used as a wallet to hold bank cards and bills and other small items. Carre Royal Sybille Clutch with Shoulder Strap Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/1526.jpg In Carre Royal's Zipped Wallet, the design has been reduced to its most essential elements to create an effortlessly chic accessory that highlights design, material, and craftsmanship. With a full zip, the wallet opens to reveal three credit card slots and a snap closure pocket for coins. Carre Royal Zipped Wallet Carre Royal
/images/products/thumbs/1264.jpg Inspired by the sculptures of Alexander Calder and Joan Miró, the Cassiopepia Diamond Dust Necklace is characterized by hand finished black-tinted concrete inlaid with diamond dust and brushed stainless steel. The minimal form, unique surface texture and unorthodox materials make this necklace the perfect statement piece for someone with ultimate style. Cassiopeia Diamond Dust Necklace Karen Konzuk
/images/products/thumbs/1410.jpg The roughly-hewn Cement Teapots pay tribute to the raw elements of water, clay and sand man used to invent mortar, cement and concrete, basic materials in our daily lives and our homes. These teapots, designed by Frederick Gautier, are further inspired by the architecture fashioned from these materials, and especially by Le Corbusier and the mid-1900s Brutalist movement in architecture. Cement Teapots Frederick Gautier
/images/products/thumbs/1120.jpg Designed by Marianne Guedin, the Designerbox #6 - Tree For 2 Carafe is a decanter that includes a beautiful glass tree at the bottom. Designerbox #6 - Tree For 2 Carafe Marianne Guedin
/images/products/thumbs/1521.jpg A reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese object, Maison Martin Margiela's Edo Glass Bells are a sublime accessory for the home. Edo Glass Bells Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/1467.jpg A creative meditation on the ubiquitous paper envelope. In her Envelope Vases, New York-based ceramicist Romi Hefetz translates the essence of the humble paper envelope into a collection of unique porcelain vases that are elegantly simple. Envelope Vases Romi Hefetz
/images/products/thumbs/1518.jpg French ceramicist Eric Hibelot creates objects with personality. In Ceramic Tins, his collection of petite sculptural vases, the designer uses unbalanced forms, simplistic shapes, and a limited pallet of vivid colors to create an endearing and jubilant decorative accessory. Eric Hibelot Ceramic Tins Eric Hibelot
/images/products/thumbs/1430.jpg Eric's Bottles are cheerful, rounded vessels that exude character. The hand-made pieces, fashioned of Limoges porcelain with a glazed finish, can stand on their own or serve as vases. Inspired by vintage milk bottles from designer Eric Hibelot's childhood, the pieces exhibit many of Hibelot's favorite design elements. Eric's Bottles Eric Hibelot
/images/products/thumbs/1439.jpg The Fougere Necklace by Aude Tahon, a Paris-based fashion and textile designer, is an intricate, handmade choker created using traditional Korean knotting techniques. The finely detailed piece is essentially a wisp of fabric that sits gently on the neck and plays with shape and patterns, emphasizing empty space and shadows. Fougere Necklace Aude Tahon
/images/products/thumbs/1013.jpg Designed by Jim Rokos, the Gauge Glass Vase is a distinctive and playful piece that takes on the behavior of the flower. Gauge Crystal Glass Vase Jim Rokos
/images/products/thumbs/1071.jpg Handmade by the innovative Israeli design studio of Noam Dover and Michael Cederbaum, the Hacking the Mould Vase No.4 is a sculptural piece with a poetic metaphor. The object evokes a discourse of our current system that controls knowledge and production worldwide by bringing to light the juxtaposition between maker and hacker culture. Hacking The Mould Vase No. 4 Noam Dover
/images/products/thumbs/898.jpg Greek traditions meet modern and sleek Italian design in the Hidria Water Jug designed by Stefania Vasques for Diamantini and Domeniconi. The exaggerated size of the Hidria Water Jugs allows them to be used creatively as a vase or pitcher. Hidria Water Jug Stefania Vasquez
/images/products/thumbs/1490.jpg The How To Live Canvas Tote Bags are designed to enhance your daily life with their thoughtful details and minimal aesthetic. Made of durable thick canvas, the bags feature clean lines and unobtrusive aesthetic of the tote bags transcend passing styles and instead presents an enduring design that is appropriate for various daily activities. How To Live Canvas Tote Bags How To Live
/images/products/thumbs/1149.jpg Characterized for its sleek wood shell made of solid beech wood grown in sustainably managed French forests, the Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle in Wood Container enhances your atmosphere by diffusing sophisticated aromas in your interiors. Inspired by the East, Hypsoe is a Parisian perfume house that for more than 20 years creates unique fragrances by selecting the best craftsmen to deliver superior quality candles and only uses vegetable components without compromising the quality of their fragrances. Hypsoe Paris Scented Candle In Wood Container Antoine Phelouzat
/images/products/thumbs/1527.jpg In Piet Stockmans' Incense Holder, his mastery of material and characteristic use of blue and white is on full view. The functional object creates a sublime home for intense sticks that is modern in its clean form yet rich in its traditional craftsmanship. Incense Holder Piet Stockmans
/images/products/thumbs/1520.jpg Isaac Reina translates his fascination with architecture into a series of structured leather pouches perfect for storing and transporting makeup and toiletries. Made of supple, natural leather, the Pill Boxes express an innate understanding of material as well as a mastery of construction and form. Isaac Reina Pill Boxes Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/1519.jpg Rich and supple leather accentuates the modern and minimal lines of Isaac Reina's Ultra Soft Tote. The understated bag features a compelling blend of sparse utilitarianism and human warmth that makes it the perfect accessory for the fashionable individual who seeks an unpretentious yet luxurious item for everyday use. Isaac Reina Ultra Soft Tote Isaac Reina
/images/products/thumbs/376.jpg As much a desirable item of sculpture as it is a practical accessory, Louise Christ's Jewelry Tree for Menu is a sophisticated way to enjoy jewelry even when not wearing it. Jewelry Tree Louise Christ
/images/products/thumbs/717.jpg A whimsical and poetic object, L'Atelier d'exercices Studio's Lampe Nid resembles a bird's nest delicately resting on a branch. The painted metal wire is randomly spun and woven together to form the nest which rests on a slightly flexible steel rod. Lampe Nid Table Lamp L'Atelier d'exercices Studio
/images/products/thumbs/1383.jpg Exploring and exploiting the possibilities of porcelain, ceramic artist Marik Korus creates ethereal sculptures that take inspiration from the creatures of the sea. Each of the coral-like Markik Korus Ceramic Sculptures consists of assemblages of delicate porcelain pieces arranged in sinuous patterns which capture the fantasy of nature. Marik Korus Ceramic Sculptures Marik Korus
/images/products/thumbs/1062.jpg Designed by world-renowned French chef Michel Bras, the Scissor 1 & T-shaped Peeler is an ideal gift for the design driven cook. Michel BRAS Scissors 1 & T-shaped Peeler Gift Package Michel Bras
/images/products/thumbs/943.jpg The Movable Moon Necklace by Uruguayan designer Diana Schimmel resembles dancing metallic squares that hang from a transparent necklace. Arranged in a rhythmic fashion to create a playful and eye-catching piece of jewelry. Movable Moon Necklace Dos Riberas
/images/products/thumbs/1440.jpg The delicate, handmade, knotted Noeuds Sculptes Necklace or Bracelet is a creative and masterful display of consummate skill by Paris-based fashion and textile designer Aude Tahon. The versatile pieces seamlessly convert from necklace (single layer) to bracelet (double wrapped). The items are created by hand using "madeup," a folk handicraft from Korean that translates as "the knotting." Noeuds Sculptes Necklace or Bracelet Aude Tahon
/images/products/thumbs/852.jpg Designed and made by Naomi Bijlefeld in The Netherlands, Bracelet Number 4 is a bracelet composed of a circle within a square. Oform, the designer's brand, focuses on language aiming to find a balance between geometric shapes, materials and colors. Her pieces form a language transformed into a jewelry collection. Oform Bracelet NR. 4 Naomi Bijlefeld
/images/products/thumbs/1493.jpg Minimal in its design, the Ogi Pen and Pencil Holder cleverly conceals the object's true function. Two bronze panels unfold to reveal a paper fan-like element that contains multiple openings to hold pens and pencils when needed. Ogi Pen And Pencil Holder Tizen Kints and Athanasios Babalis
/images/products/thumbs/1516.jpg With its exuberant form, the Parurigo Wave Basket is an unexpectedly modern result of traditional craft. The captivating basket takes inspiration from its namesake - the undulating swells of waves off the coast of Africa - and translates it into an expressive form that is rich in texture and cultural heritage. Parurigo Wave Basket As' Art
/images/products/thumbs/213.jpg Bold organic shapes characterize Kate Hume's work. With an emphasis on jewel-bright color, the Pebble Vase is one of her earliest designs. Intended to be shown in groups, the play of shadows and layered colors between the forms resemble jewelry. Pebble Vase Kate Hume
/images/products/thumbs/1447.jpg A traditional technique becomes the inspiration for a thoroughly modern accessory. In Ando's Penny Bag, fabric is carefully manipulated to create a geometrically-driven texture. This striking manipulation is inspired by the process of creating shibori, a Japanese manual dyeing technique which produces patterns similar through folding and wrapping fabric. Penny Bag Ando
/images/products/thumbs/545.jpg Studio Macura's Pero Bookmark is a poetic object that utilizes 3D printing techniques to create a functional and decorative item. Sold in a set of two, the doves perch on the top of any book and hold your page with their long, colorful string. Pero Bookmark Studio Macura
/images/products/thumbs/1529.jpg A result of reduction, Raumgestalt's Picture Ledge is a simple and attractive spot to display photos, postcards, and other ephemera. The display accessory sheds all unnecessary elements, resulting in an intuitive yet elevated object that is inviting and adaptable. Picture Ledge Raumgestalt
/images/products/thumbs/1405.jpg The PLAT-EAU Stone Trays comprise a selection of five imaginative trays that each creatively explores and celebrates the varied textures, surfaces and qualities of natural stone, augmented at times with materials such as hand-finished brass and colorful glass. The trays are configured in geometric, collage-like artistic arrangements and are a study in shape and form. PLAT-EAU Stone Trays Silvia Fanticelli
/images/products/thumbs/477.jpg A large, translucent sphere of Murano glass rests on three strands of individual glass rings that are strung together making a solid, cylindrical form in Marina and Susanna Sent's Polly necklace. With grace, intrigue, and a dash of whimsy, the Polly necklace is an attention-grabbing piece for any chosen setting. Polly Necklace Marina and Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/1506.jpg The Pond Candle Holder is a poetic object that gracefully captures the ephemeral reflection of a candle's flame glowing softly. Designer Daisuke Kitagawa sought to achieve purity with his design, carefully considering each detail, from form to production. Pond Candle Holder Daisuke Kitagawa
/images/products/thumbs/1274.jpg Made in Belgium to exacting standards, the luxury fragranced handmade Rhombus Candles are the final touch to complete your interior. The exclusive scents are created by a master perfumer in Grasse, France, considered the world's capital of fragrance. Rhombus Candle ONNO
/images/products/thumbs/1365.jpg Designer Ana Hagopian's Rosary Necklace is an elegant example of the sculptural works of art created by this maestro of paper design. The Barcelona-based designer has described her process as intuitive, explaining that through her hands she contacts the material, and it is the material itself that guides her towards the final form. Rosary Necklace Ana Hagopian
/images/products/thumbs/1507.jpg Eschewing the superfluous, Israeli design team AndreyAndShay has reduced the ubiquitous salt and pepper shaker to a pure sculptural object that conceals its true function. While it's minimal, conical design provides an attractive addition to any tabletop, Salt and Pepper Cone has been carefully engineered to provide effortless function complete with a hidden innovative solution. Salt and Pepper Cone - Set of Two AndreyAndShay
/images/products/thumbs/1422.jpg With an undulating surface of highly reflective stainless steel, Zaha Hadid's Serenity Platter bring the highly complex futuristic forms of the renowned architect's buildings to the tabletop. Mimicking the sinuous explorations that made Hadid one of the most notable architects of our time, the centerpiece achieves a dynamic sense of motion that seems to defy the laws of physics. Serenity Platter Zaha Hadid
/images/products/thumbs/475.jpg An elegant constellation of glass spheres grace one's neckline with the Soap Glass Necklace. Glistening with reflected light, translucent and delicate, Soap is just one of the many remarkable creations of Marina and Susanna Sent. Soap Glass Necklace Marina and Susanna Sent
/images/products/thumbs/1458.jpg Capturing the essence of human emotion, Belgian artist Ann Vrielinck creates expressive figurative sculptures. In her Striving Sculpture, four abstracted figures become intertwined and contort as they reach together with arms outstretched towards a single upright figure. Striving Sculpture Ann Vrielinck
/images/products/thumbs/1035.jpg A tribute to Thomas Edison, the TAE 1879 Oil Lamp unites old and new traditions. It is characterized by a light bulb suspended by two wires inside a minimal glass cylinder. TAE 1879 Oil Lamp Opossum Design
/images/products/thumbs/715.jpg A stunning work of textile design, Japanese based artist Keiko Kuroishi's Tanabata Origami Scarf is crafted from a single piece of fabric. The signature scarf is delicate and organic, but creates a whole new dimension when unfolded, exposing the unique geometric feature. Tanabata Origami Scarf Keiko Kuroishi
/images/products/thumbs/872.jpg Best described as a French sculptor and writer Emmanuelle Piquart's Clay People are small hand molded clay busts placed at the end of metal rods that each portrays a different state of mind. The Clay People Emmanuelle Piquart
/images/products/thumbs/512.jpg Dancing gracefully between the imaginative and the industrial, the Tiziana Bracelet 1 embraces the wrist with a luminous string of loops. Even though it presents a texture and lightness evocative of fine silk, this elegant bracelet is surprisingly not made of soft fabric but rather several stainless steel springs. Tiziana Bracelet 1 Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/809.jpg Comprised of 80 individual springs, Tiziana Redavid's bracelet is the sum of its parts. The unconventional, industrial material takes on an ethereal quality and resembles of fine fiber like silk. Originally inspired by her friend's industrial stainless steel springs factory, the designer reimagined the common item as a material for jewelry. Tiziana Bracelet 80 Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/802.jpg Multiple strands of an unlikely material fall together creating a dynamic necklace. First envisioned during a visit to a friend's spring factory in Turin, Tiziana Redavid's Tiziana Necklace 4 utilizes the industrial springs in an ethereal way. Tiziana Necklace 4 Tiziana Redavid
/images/products/thumbs/1310.jpg A collection of simple contrasts, its simple shape exudes sophistication. Made of lightweight and fluid borosilicate glass, the transparent top includes a little glass "cup" designed to support tapered candles. When this cup is removed, the clever opening allows a single stem or twig to be placed within. Tokio Greenhouse Candle Holders MIST-O
/images/products/thumbs/181.jpg In Charles Marks' Triadic Bracelet, the concept behind the design takes center stage as he invigorates the jewelry tradition with a minimalist, three-dimensional construction of intersecting, flexible lines. Triadic Bracelet Charles Marks
/images/products/thumbs/1435.jpg A clever salt and pepper set that turns the tabletop staple on its side. Schmuck + Gerat's Tube Salt and Pepper Shakers feature two stainless steel cylinders that rest on an arched wooden base recalling the image of chopsticks set on their rest. Tube Salt & Pepper Shakers - Limited Edition Schmuck + Gerat
/images/products/thumbs/1247.jpg Designed by Belgian artist Klaar Prims the rich jewel tones of the mouth blown and hand cut crystal UPSDWN Crystal Glass Vessels refract light across the surface of each piece, creating areas of subtle color change. Whether your choose to fill them or not, they'll make a striking addition to any home. UPSDWN Crytsal Glass Vessels Klaar Prims