Featuring exceptional craftsmanship, inspiring forms and ingenious handling of materials, sculptures add character and personality to the home. Luminaire's collection highlights the true atelier capability of designers. From Ernst Gamperl's remarkable textural wood vessels, handcrafted from fallen trees, to contemporary designer Cristina Dias' ironic mouth-blown glass bell Balloon, these sculptural objects represent the strongest visions in ethereal design.
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/images/products/thumbs/1409.jpg The innovative Africa Stacking Vessel is much more than the sum of its parts: glass and soapstone bowls and a wooden topper add up to an elegant and unusual object that when assembled is a sculptural vessel that can be a keepsake holder, or can separate into two individual bowls and the wooden decorative piece. The piece is a creation of the sibling duo Pia and Moritz Wusterberg's design company Utopia & Utility. Africa Stacking Vessel Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/605.jpg Freely formed organic vessels, Klaar Prims Amorf Vases are mouth-blown by the Belgian designer in a range of vibrant colors. The sinuous shapes are contrasted with a sharp, polished edge which creates an interesting visual tension. Amorf Colored Glass Vase Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/416.jpg Abstracted to their most essential and defining elements, designer Jean-Sebastien Poncet's Animali Domesticki is a series of minimal, decorative wood animals. Animali Domesticki Jean-Sebastien Poncet
/images/products/thumbs/1501.jpg Designed to spark the viewer's imagination, Jean-Sebastien Poncet's Big Bull captures the essence of its inspiration in rudimentary form, just like simple toys from childhood. Abstracted to its most essential and defining elements, Big Bull is the giant-sized relative of the designer's Animali Domesticki family. Animali Domesticki - Big Bull Jean-Sebastien Poncet
/images/products/thumbs/369.jpg Consisting of an aesthetic search for shape and material, Thierry Martenon's work focuses on the outline of his handcrafted objects. In his Ash Sculpture, simple and pure lines endow the three objects with serenity while the surface treatment shows the craftsmanship of the work. Ash Sculpture Thierry Martenon
/images/products/thumbs/1089.jpg The Bassano Ceramic Watering Cans designed by renowned Milanese architect Paola Navone change your pre-conceived notions of a traditional watering can with their ceramic composition. Bassano Ceramic Watering Cans Paola Navone
/images/products/thumbs/1154.jpg Hand carved from maple, Birdie designed by Clemens Haufe is an engaging and playful object for both seasoned and young ornithologists. Birdie Clemens Haufe
/images/products/thumbs/1408.jpg The elegant, striking Bloom Vessel takes the simplest of materials-glass and wood-and reconfigures them into an artful study in contrasts. The glass and wood components each stand on their own-a glass vase and wooden bowl-stacked together they create a stunning, sculptural vessel in which the materials and the shapes are complementary and seemingly in conversation. Bloom Vessel Pia and Moritz Wustenberg
/images/products/thumbs/1191.jpg Designer and ceramicist Alexandra Hajek draws inspiration for the Bohemienne Sculptures from the feminine form. The silhouette, like an instant snapshot by a camera, depicts the moment where the form has been caught in a dance, the skirt blown by an unseen breeze. Bohemienne Sculptures Alexandra Hajek
/images/products/thumbs/1060.jpg Blending the centuries-old tradition of Murano glassmakers with a modern design ethos, the Bolla Glass Bottle is a colorful and minimal piece. With a round base and long slim neck, it resembles a tool out of a chemistry experiment. Bolla Glass Bottle NasonMoretti
/images/products/thumbs/215.jpg Glowing bands of Murano glass are fused together to create a single vessel and the result is beautiful and calm. It is fitting that the technique used to join the glass is known as the Incalmo method. Designed in 1968 by Tapio Wirkkala for Venini, the gently curving shapes of the bottles are set off by vibrant swaths of red and green, subdued with softer shades of blue and gray. Bolle Bottles Tapio Wirkkala
/images/products/thumbs/1358.jpg Curved pieces of rattan are woven together to form an textural sphere in Naga's Bubble Rattan Sculpture. Inspired by the mysterious and unusual creatures found at the bottom of the sea, these highly unique sculptures give life to the room they occupy with their tactile presence. Bubble Rattan Sculpture Naga
/images/products/thumbs/824.jpg The Colossus Sculptures designed by Argentine Julian Pastorino includes a collection of seven funky and simple porcelain pieces ideal for a one of a kind gift. Made of pure white porcelain, each of the seven figurines has their own character, physical features and individual stories. Colossus Sculptures Julian Pastorino
/images/products/thumbs/1463.jpg Fujiwara Woodworking's Cypress Scented Wood Bottles feature the familiar form of the archetypal bottle cleverly crafted in wood. This witty exchange of material is more than an aesthetic choice - it serves to engage the sense of smell with its fragrant nature. Cypress Scented Wood Bottles Fujiwara Woodworking
/images/products/thumbs/1732.jpg The Darius and Suri Sculptures, designed by Sofia Speybrouck, are fun interpretations of her favorite house pets. Each of their distinctive feline personalities are skillfully captured through lines and contours created from a single clay piece. Darius & Suri Sculptures Sofia Speybrouck
/images/products/thumbs/1117.jpg Designed by Piergil Fourquié, the Designerbox #23 - Nippy Glass bell revisits a traditional glass globe and gives it a poetic dimension. Envisioned as a glass chest to house objects chosen by the owner, the design object is part of an innovative project called Designerbox, where every month a designer is invited to create an exclusive limited edition object. Designerbox #23 - Nippy Glass Bell Piergil Fourquie
/images/products/thumbs/1656.jpg As practical as they are graceful, these vases add a drop of elegance to any environment. Drops Vases Tomita Kazuhiko
/images/products/thumbs/557.jpg Simple in form, the colorful Glass Bottle Vases by Pols Potten are made by hand so each object is slightly unique in form and hue. At first glance, the vases are pure and understated, yet the clarity of form and depth of coloration make the vases special. Glass Bottle Vases Pols Potten
/images/products/thumbs/1246.jpg Soft and round, the Globe Crystal Glass Sculpture is an irregular shape within a shape - a drop of water or a captured breath of air forming a bubble inside. Created by Belgian glass artist Klaar Prims has created a beautiful art object that radiates the essence of emotion, the freely formed mouth blown glass giving shelter to the tender inside. Globe Crystal Glass Sculpture Klaar Prims
/images/products/thumbs/1436.jpg Inspired by the organic forms found in nature, Atelier Passage Secret transforms porcelain into ethereal sculptural objects. Crafted with technical expertise and imbued with a zeal for experimentation, the Graine Vessel captures this natural beauty through its imposing sinuous form. Graine Vessel Yael Malignac & Guillaume Descoings
/images/products/thumbs/1455.jpg Expressions of joy become an artistic installation in Selma Abdon Calheira's Happy Faces Wall Sculpture. With 14 heads of varying sizes, the figurative sculpture adds life to the wall with its exploration of the faces of happiness, love, and excitement. Happy Faces Wall Sculpture Selma Calheira
/images/products/thumbs/898.jpg Greek traditions meet modern and sleek Italian design in the Hidria Water Jug designed by Stefania Vasques for Diamantini and Domeniconi. The exaggerated size of the Hidria Water Jugs allows them to be used creatively as a vase or pitcher. Hidria Water Jug Stefania Vasquez
/images/products/thumbs/1456.jpg Translating to "men of clay," Homens De Barro is a set of seven primitive figural sculptures that poetically represent the prototype of the hard worker. Designed by Brazilian artist Selma Abdon Calheira, these figures portray a fictional story of the simple, courageous people who, despite many setbacks, find the strength to continue thriving. Homens de Barro - Set of 7 Selma Calheira
/images/products/thumbs/1088.jpg Designed by Guy Buseyne, the Illusio Plate is a beautiful decorative art piece made with traditional porcelain making methods in the studio of the renowned Belgian porcelain maestro, Piet Stockmans. Resembling a solar eclipse, the large plate is characterized for its asymmetrically positioned circular indented area with a texturized surface that directly juxtaposes its smooth porcelain edge. Illusio Plate Guy Buseyne
/images/products/thumbs/1182.jpg Bauhaus, Futurism and Brutalism collide in French artist Johannes Beccer's Sculptures. The artist blurs the lines between preconceived norms and ideas replacing traditional fine art tropes with playfulness and subtle irony. Johannes Beccer Sculptures Johannes Beccer
/images/products/thumbs/285.jpg A seamless hemisphere, John Pawson's Bronze Bowl for the Belgian atelier When Objects Work refrains from the use of flatness in the base in order to persevere the integrity of the profile's smooth curve. Filled with sand, the bowl rests steadily on a surface, arousing curiosity. John Pawson Bronze Bowl John Pawson
/images/products/thumbs/891.jpg Made in Paris, the Life Lines Bottle designed by Fanny Richard from yfNA ceramics communicates the poetry and magic of clay work. Handmade with porcelain then glazed inside, the objects resemble old wine bottles with cracks and lines that give them texture and life. Life Lines Bottle Fanny Richard
/images/products/thumbs/1355.jpg Tall and slender, the Lisa Amphore Paper Sculptures appear as statues carved by hand from a solid material. Instead, Brazilian designer Domingos Totora's unique objects are crafted from highly compressed recycled cardboard. Lisa Amphore Paper Sculpture Domingos Totora
/images/products/thumbs/408.jpg Utilizizing historic Thai wood-working techniques to create a stunningly modern yet warm sculptural object, Handsen & Handsen's Mahogany Pots for Belgoflor are texturally rich and intriguing. Use them to add a more personal and natural element to a modern interior for a unique contrast of styles and materials. Mahogany Pots Handsen & Handsen
/images/products/thumbs/1383.jpg Exploring and exploiting the possibilities of porcelain, ceramic artist Marik Korus creates ethereal sculptures that take inspiration from the creatures of the sea. Each of the coral-like Markik Korus Ceramic Sculptures consists of assemblages of delicate porcelain pieces arranged in sinuous patterns which capture the fantasy of nature. Marik Korus Ceramic Sculptures Marik Korus
/images/products/thumbs/1021.jpg Intricate folds of synthetic paper create the Misfold Origami sculpture. From a hexagon just a few inches thick, the Origami cascades down (or sideways) into a tight spiral. Misfold Origami Matt Shlian
/images/products/thumbs/1429.jpg Experience the poetry of motion with Francois Azambourg's Mobile A Deux Helices, a limited edition kinetic sculpture. Crafted entirely by hand in the designer's Paris atelier from wood, piano wire, and concrete, the minimalist mobile is a study in the contrasts between weight and stability, fragility and robustness. Mobile A Deux Helices L'Atelier d'exercices Studio
/images/products/thumbs/568.jpg A study in contrasts and poetics, Francois Azambourg's Monoblade Mobile is set into motion at the slightest touch of air. Made entirely by hand in Atelier Azamboug in Paris, the mobile is part of a limited edition series of exercises in wind. Monoblade Mobile Francois Azambourg
/images/products/thumbs/1194.jpg Playful and poetic, Catarina Carreiras' Optical Wand Limited Edition Sculpture is comprised of a sinuous dome of glass that effortlessly grows from a wooden base. Resembling a butterfly net, the whimsical sculpture acts as a glass cloche to highlight and display food or decor. Optical Wand Limited Edition Sculpture Catarina Carreiras
/images/products/thumbs/1075.jpg Rustic and organic, the Origine Solid Stone Container is characterized for its raw material made of black cosmic natural granite. With an ethereal texture composed of black, gray, and golden veins and variations, the durable material recalls the beauty of nature. Origine Solid Stone Container Henry Timi
/images/products/thumbs/1382.jpg The artistry of the Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures challenges our perception of what wood can look like. Oudet's intricate pieces are handmade, chiefly on the wood lathe, and inspired by the effects of weather, "the action sun, rain, frost" have on natural materials. In Oudet's view, this weathering reveals the inner qualities of substances such as wood and stone and is the impetus for his work. Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures Pascal Oudet
/images/products/thumbs/1199.jpg Originally designed as a permanent installation for the Texture Flax Museum, the Pigeon Service by Christien Meindertsma are now available as a souvenir. Pigeon Service Thomas Eyck
/images/products/thumbs/461.jpg Christoph Finkel's Rillen Vessels showcase the German artist's ability to capture the intrinsic, natural qualities of various species of wood in stunning, sculptural vessels. Initially the result of an incorrect cut into a piece of wood, Finkel began to experiment with the possibilities of deep reveals and undulating lines cut into his vessels resulting in his unique, signature aesthetic. Rillen Vessels Christoph Finkel
/images/products/thumbs/1357.jpg Mysterious and captivating, Naga's Sea Urchin Rattan Sculpture evokes the unique flora and fauna found at the bottom of the sea. Like the underwater creature the sculpture is named for, the decorative object features a spiny body handmade from hundreds of pieces of natural or black colored rattan, giving it a dynamic appearance that begs to be touched. Sea Urchin Rattan Sculpture Naga
/images/products/thumbs/1453.jpg With deep appreciation of his material, German sculptor Lars Zech uses his chainsaw to reveal sculptural forms hidden inside downed trees found in the Black Forrest. The Stone Oak Sculpture is the result of the artist's dialogue with wood sourced from giants trees that have been fallen due to disease, age, or weather damage. Stone Oak Sculpture Lars Zech
/images/products/thumbs/1458.jpg Capturing the essence of human emotion, Belgian artist Ann Vrielinck creates expressive figurative sculptures. In her Striving Sculpture, four abstracted figures become intertwined and contort as they reach together with arms outstretched towards a single upright figure. Striving Sculpture Ann Vrielinck
/images/products/thumbs/872.jpg Best described as a French sculptor and writer Emmanuelle Piquart's Clay People are small hand molded clay busts placed at the end of metal rods that each portrays a different state of mind. The Clay People Emmanuelle Piquart
/images/products/thumbs/1105.jpg The muses of Greek mythology inspire the Muses Sculptures by Belgian artist Renaat Ramon. Made of white ceramic, the abstract objects have been removed of excess ornamentation. The Muses Sculptures Renaat Ramon
/images/products/thumbs/1381.jpg The Pairs Sculptures are charming and evocative pieces by French designer Laurent Trebout. Each of the four sculptures explores the landscape of love with various configurations of porcelain figures perched (bravely, one imagines) on wooden blocks. The Pairs Sculptures Laurent Trebout
/images/products/thumbs/1055.jpg Symbolizing intelligence and wisdom, the Savis Owl designed by Carlo Trevisani is a great sculptural piece for a modern home. The Savis Owl Carlo Trevisani
/images/products/thumbs/1108.jpg Handcrafted following a design by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, The Visitor Sculpture is a series of ceramic figurines finished with only natural elements like clay and color pigments. The Visitor Sculpture - Large Guido Deleu
/images/products/thumbs/1107.jpg Handcrafted following a design by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, The Visitor Sculpture is a series of ceramic figurines finished with only natural elements like clay and color pigments. The Visitor Sculpture - Medium Guido Deleu
/images/products/thumbs/368.jpg Handcrafted following a design by Belgian artist Guido Deleu, The Visitor Sculpture is a series of ceramic figurines finished with only natural elements like clay and color pigments. The Visitor Sculpture - Small Guido Deleu
/images/products/thumbs/1670.jpg With an artistic exuberance, Valentine Herrenschmidt creates calligraphic sculptures from metal wires that are imbued with personality. For her Words From Picasso Calligraphed Frames, the French sculptor uses her preferred medium to turn quotes by the famous artist into decorative accessories for the home. Words From Picasso Calligraphed Frames Valentine Herrenschmidt
/images/products/thumbs/1380.jpg The You & Me Sculpture is a whimsical and touching piece by French designer Laurent Trebout. The sculpture depicts a pair of small porcelain birds perched rather precariously on the edge of a large tree formed of wire. The birds-lovebirds, perhaps?-exude joy and a palpable contentment with each other. You & Me Sculpture Laurent Trebout