As architectural elements, lighting fixtures for the wall exhibit a sense of harmony between product and surface through an intrinsic sensitivity to installation, form and function. Luminaire's wall lights and sconces showcase poetic restraint in design and a technical understanding for easy installation and long term function.

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/images/products/thumbs/1484.jpg Agape's 100 Lamp mixes a utilitarian design with refined materials for a charming light that mounts on the wall or ceiling. Inspired by the ubiquitous industrial fixtures found around the world, the simple light fixture utilizes pure geometric forms to create a stunning expression that is anything but common. 100 Wall / Ceiling Lamp Benedini Associati
/images/products/thumbs/1618.jpg Expressing the gracefulness of a single sheet of paper effortlessly gliding in the wind, Ingo Maurer's 18 x 18 Wall Lamp captures the poetry of illumination through its inspired design. The light fixture features an 18x18cm sheet of powder-coated aluminum that acts as a reflector, providing a wash of light on the walls. 18 X 18 Wall Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1715.jpg Finding inspiration in the moon above, Kazuhiro Yamanaka has designed a glowing circle of light that hides an unexpected twist. His Collapsible Moon LED Light can be expanded and collapsed with a simple action, thanks to its photo reflector structure. Collapsible Moon LED Light Kazuhiro Yamanaka
/images/products/thumbs/983.jpg Designed by Ingo Maurer, the Dew Drops LED Wall Light resembles a delicate cloth suspended at one corner. The distinctive lighting piece is instantly recognizable for its flexible transparent sheet that is equipped with rows of tiny LEDs. Dew Drops LED Wall Light Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/1720.jpg The Eclipse Ellipse Wall Lamp by Ingo Maurer brings planets into orbit in a playful display of shadow and light. By allowing users to position the light source and circular shapes to form elliptical shadows, Ingo Maurer invites them to participate in the creative process, demonstrating his affinity for fun and inspiration. Eclipse Ellipse Wall Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/993.jpg Blurring the lines between light and darkness, Edison's Nightmare Wall Lamp is a whimsical sculptural piece. Edison's Nightmare Wall Lamp Harry Thaler
/images/products/thumbs/991.jpg Resembling a minimal folder radiating light from within, the Folder LED Wall Lamp elevates a quotidian design to a sculptural lighting piece. Folder LED Wall Lamp 967 Design
/images/products/thumbs/169.jpg Seeming like more of the architectural structure than an added detail, Hako 2p distributes a beautiful up light. Named for the Japanese word for box, Davide Groppi's wall-fixture is finished in metal gray or matte white and the illumination is created by a halogen bulb. Hako 2P Wall Sconce Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/1676.jpg Arturo Alvarez captures the temporal nature of sand dunes forever changing under the conditions of the wind in a sculptural light. The Kala Wall Sconce features bands of irregular horizontal lines created by folding material onto itself resulting in a textural exploration of light and shadow. Kala Wall Sconce Arturo Alvarez
/images/products/thumbs/458.jpg A new addition to the Kelvin range of task lighting, Antonio Citterio's Kelvin LED wall-mounted lamp provides direct, adjustable light with a double arm and adjustable head in a more environmentally friendly manner. Kelvin LED Wall Lamp Antonio Citterio
/images/products/thumbs/1677.jpg A traditional Japanese packing material from the 16th century gets a new life as a thoroughly contemporary light. Arturo Alvarez's Li Wall Lamp uses an organic pressed cellulose material to evoke gently rolling waves as they saunter on the ocean. Li Wall Lamp Arturo Alvarez
/images/products/thumbs/459.jpg Blurring the boundary between art and functional design, Fabien Dumas and Ingo Maurer have teamed up with Light au Lait, a whimsical wall lamp crafted from a cup, saucer and spoon. The spoon, hanging from a stainless steel chain, may be pulled to turn the light on or off. Light au Lait Wall Lamp Fabien Dumas and Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/460.jpg No matter how conceptual, Ingo Maurer's lamps are witty and delicate. In Lucellino, a fusion of two Italian words, luce (light) and uccellino (little bird), the bulb has grown wings and become a glowing cherub - "because light comes with no noise," Maurer has said. Lucellino Wall Lamp Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/811.jpg A sculptural abstraction of planes, Lahumiere Design's Mini Folio Wall Lamp plays with the concept of a book's pages being turned. Sheets of white-painted aluminum act as pages that grow and shank creating an amazing gradient of light. Mini Folio Wall Lamp Lahumiere Design
/images/products/thumbs/456.jpg Combining graceful lines with honest construction and industrial details, Paolo Rizzotto's Model 265 wall mounted lamp makes adding light to wherever it's needed in a room easy through its adjustable movement. As with all his work, the designer showcases the uniqueness of each individual element, through clean shapes, leaving a sobriety that shuns the superfluous. Model 265 Wall Lamp Paolo Rizzatto
/images/products/thumbs/1719.jpg Ingo Maurer’s Moonati Wall Lamp poetically blurs the lines between artistic sculpture and functional design with its unique form and surprising use of folded paper. The dynamic circular design is supported on an armature of metal wires that gives the textural paper a dynamic shape that resembles that of a crane spreading its wings. Moonati Wall Lamp Dagmar Mombach and Ingo Maurer
/images/products/thumbs/170.jpg A slim tube houses the up or down light, creating an architecturally interesting wall sconce. Ozen, named for a type of Japanese kitchen, artfully combines the elegance and poetic minimalism of Italian designer Davide Groppi into a functional wall light. Ozen Wall Sconce Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/1681.jpg Capturing the beauty found in nature, Arturo Alvarez imagines creative lighting solutions that blend hand-crafted techniques with innovative materiality. In his Planum Wall Lamp, the Spanish artist expresses the transfixing qualities of the ocean, producing a plane of gently rolling waves crafted in his signature mesh textile. Planum Wall Lamp Arturo Alvarez
/images/products/thumbs/813.jpg Playful and sculptural, Lahumiere Design's Rondo Wall Lamp plays with the motion of rotating circles. Light passes between each circle creating gradients and amazing shadows. Rondo Wall Lamp Lahumiere Design
/images/products/thumbs/998.jpg The Sol 1 LED Wall Lamp is a minimal rectangular shaped piece where the light is reflected on the wall resembling a sunrise. Sol 1 LED Wall Lamp Omar Carraglia & Davide Groppi
/images/products/thumbs/1002.jpg Minimal and architectural, the Toast LED Wall Lamp designed by Davide Groppi & Alberto Zattin fits beautifully in any contract or residential space. The lamp is made from metal with a frosted glass diffusor on the top and bottom of the fixture, providing a soft warm light. Toast LED Wall Lamp Davide Groppi & Alberto Zattin
/images/products/thumbs/1328.jpg Providing endless versatility, Frank Oehring's Zac LED Wall Lamp can be angled, tilted, unfolded and pivoted to provide light in a variety of ways. Balancing its functionality is a pure form consisting of two rectangular bars crafted in smooth aluminum for a refined and modern appearance. Zac LED Wall Lamp Frank Oehring