Wall Storage
Wall Storage
Utilize the vertical space in your home for increased storage and design with Luminaire's selection of wall storage. Cleverly addressing storage needs for clothes, accessories and books, our solutions will help you get the most out of your space. The sculptural Blow Wall Shelves give you the freedom to create your own installation to show your prized possessions, while the Paperback Wall Shelf uses modular units to create storage for your favorite books.
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/images/products/thumbs/418.jpg An ingenious product that features a strong design and clever function, Gustav Hallen's Arrow Hanger opens to reveal a horizontal hanging ledge. When closed, the Arrow remains on the wall as a graphic object that still features three hooks to hang clothing and accessories. Arrow Hanger Gustav Hallen
/images/products/thumbs/520.jpg Effortlessly dancing between installation art and functional object, YOY Idea's Blow Shelf takes inspiration from a pile of sheet paper being blown in the wind. Made of powder-coated steel, the thin, white shelves are each unique with slight variations in the curves and angles that give the object a sense of movement. Blow Wall Shelf YOY Idea
/images/products/thumbs/1462.jpg Victor Vasilev sculptural Bukva Bookcase upends the archetypal and instead appears as a work of art hanging on the wall. With a rhythmic appearance of five rectilinear panels of different dimensions, the surface of Bukva creates a dynamic series of planes that break up the fixed images of the wall. Bukva Bookcase Victor Vasilev
/images/products/thumbs/1497.jpg Spanish designer Andres Martinez approaches everyday objects with a fresh point of view that unites form and function with wit. In Consola, the ubiquitous console table becomes anything but common thanks to its well-balanced design. Consola Console Table Andres Martinez
/images/products/thumbs/190.jpg Cast from the designer's hand, Harry Allen's series of three wall-mounted sculptural hooks provide a catchall for keys, change, soap, or any small object that needs an offering hand. Hand Hooks Harry Allen
/images/products/thumbs/1391.jpg The Hook from Zone, the Danish design company, is a convenient, tape-mounted hook perfect for hanging bath towels or hand towels in the bathroom or dish towels in the kitchen. The pared down, elegant design of this hook, which comes in a set of two, is typical of Zone's aesthetic, which seeks the congruence that occurs when design and functionality meld. Hook - Set of Two Zone Denmark
/images/products/thumbs/790.jpg With its unique swiveling design, Konstantin Grcic's Jet Mirror Cabinets provides maximum storage without sacrificing space. The pure proportions and minimal design combine in this attractive solution for the bathroom. Jet Mirror Cabinet Konstantin Grcic
/images/products/thumbs/227.jpg A compliment to the intelligently conceived Kali bathroom collection by Doshi Levien, the Mirror Cabinet features glass cantilevered shelves that host other accessories from the line. Innovative in its design and functionality, four glass shelves pass through the side walls of the molded cabinet offering internal and external storage. Kali Mirror Cabinet Doshi Levien
/images/products/thumbs/821.jpg Give your keys an easy to access home in the entryway with XLBoom's Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet. For added convenience, the painted MDF case features a mirror on the door, giving you the opportunity to take one final look before you leave the house. Keywest Mirrored Key Cabinet XLBoom
/images/products/thumbs/1004.jpg Characterized by its fine details and impeccable craftsmanship, the Knax Wall Mounted Coat Rack elevates an everyday item to a new elegant dimension. Knax Wall Mounted Coat Rack Harrit & Sørensen design
/images/products/thumbs/1003.jpg Handcrafted in Denmark, the Knax Wall Mounted Shoe Holder is an innovative and design-driven shoe storage solution. Minimal and discreet, it is ideal to clear up your cluttered closet or hallway. Knax Wall Mounted Shoe Holder - Set of 3 Harrit & Sørensen design
/images/products/thumbs/519.jpg Using the minimum amount of space necessary, Studio Parade's Paperback Wall Shelf is a modular system that creates a stunningly textural display of books and trinkets. With its horizontally regimented shelving, books of nearly every shape, size and binding are given a home and allow the volumes to become the decorative focus of wall. Paperback Wall Shelf Studio Parade
/images/products/thumbs/619.jpg The coat hook becomes an element of style and personality with Peg, Jonah Takagi's colorful wooden accessory. Simple and linear, the hook made in ash wood and painted in different colors. Peg Wall Coat Hook Jonah Takagi
/images/products/thumbs/245.jpg An ingenious approach to cabinet design, Shay Alkalay's Pivot is ideally suited to store small objects and everyday necessities ensuring they are always in the correct place. Supported by two tall legs, the cabinet is secured to the wall and, as the name suggests, features two hinged drawers which pivot outward. Pivot Cabinet Shay Alkalay
/images/products/thumbs/799.jpg Evoking associations with minimal art, the wall-mounted Profil Aluminum Shelf by Jorg Schellmann bears a distinct sculptural appeal. Reminiscent of Donald Judd's aluminum sculptures, this functional piece creates a strong, graphic presence on the wall to display books, accessories and other personal items. Profil Aluminum Wall Shelf Jörg Schellmann
/images/products/thumbs/1603.jpg Free your books from the confines of traditional bookcases with the Randomito Wall Shelf, a modular storage solution with a graphic twist. Designed by Neuland Industriedesign, the hanging bookcase allows for the creation of eye-catching configurations thanks to its reversible modules. Randomito Wall Shelf Neuland Industriedesign
/images/products/thumbs/1498.jpg In Andres Martinez's Recibidor Valet, entryway storage gets a fresh interpretation full of soul to create a comfortable place to leave our personal belongings or take one final glance in the mirror before we rush out of the house. Recibidor Valet Andres Martinez
/images/products/thumbs/433.jpg A witty adaptation of a common object, Maison Martin Margiela's Shoe Tree Wall Hook cleverly repurposes a shoe tree as a hook for the wall. Slightly modified from the original object of inspiration, the "heel" of the shoe tree has been refitted with a hook and the "underside" of the object features mounting hardware for the wall. Shoe Tree Wall Hook Maison Martin Margiela
/images/products/thumbs/1655.jpg Leonard Aldenhoff employs his past training in engineering to create Stedge 2.0, a light and pure system of shelving for the wall. Refined and reduced, the sublime design features thin shelves that are seemingly suspended from a single vertical wire. Stedge 2.0 Wall Shelving System Leonard Aldenhoff
/images/products/thumbs/1443.jpg Ever inspired by equilibrium, London-based Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades works in subtraction to create intelligent and sculpturally elegant objects. Hanging in balance, his T-Square Shelf demonstrates his keen sense of reduction and mastery of simplicity. T-Square Shelf Michael Anastassiades
/images/products/thumbs/561.jpg Jack Smith, one of the founding members of SmithMatthias, is known for drawing inspiration from trivial objects, and through his ingenious Tilt Oak Ladder an everyday object takes on a new purpose. With this piece, a beautifully detailed timber ladder is used to store, hold and display objects. By accessorizing it with the available range of trays and bins, the ladder takes on new purpose like a glove box or valley tray. Tilt Oak Ladder SmithMatthias
/images/products/thumbs/562.jpg The Tilt Oak Shelf works with SmithMatthias' Tilt Oak Ladder to add more effectiveness to the unique storage piece. By accessorizing the beautifully detailed timber ladder with the Tilt Shelf a functional surface is added. Tilt Oak Shelf for Ladder SmithMatthias
/images/products/thumbs/563.jpg The Tilt Oak Tray works with SmithMatthias' Tilt Oak Ladder to add more effectiveness to the unique storage piece. By accessorizing the beautifully detailed timber ladder with the Tilt Tray a new set of functional compartments is added. Tilt Oak Tray for Ladder SmithMatthias
/images/products/thumbs/248.jpg Based on a simple rope structure, the clever Wardrope hanging coat rack has hooks mounted on rope that provide an ingenious storage solution for clothes, bags, or any other item that needs a home. Wardrope Hanging Coat Rack Veronika Wildgruber and Susanne Stofer
/images/products/thumbs/1500.jpg A design solution for everyday life. Andres Martinez's Welcome Set is a versatile collection of sculptural wooden elements that enliven the walls with thoughtful design and considered functionality. Welcome Set Andres Martinez